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NTD Good Morning (Nov. 21): Twitter Reinstates Trump; Arizona Attorney General Demands Report on Voting Machine Problems

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Let the people decide! That was the spirit behind the Elon Musk Twitter poll on whether or not to restore former President Donald Trump's account. But does he want to return?
The Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs election saga continues: The Arizona Attorney General’s Elections Integrity Unit has questions about what went down in Maricopa County and it demands answers.
The Republican Jewish Coalition held an event in Las Vegas from Nov. 18 to Nov. 20. Many GOP presidential hopefuls showed up—all except one.
Topics in this episode include:
1. Twitter Restores Trump Account 2. Republican Jewish Coalition Weekend Event in Las Vegas 3. Arizona Attorney General's Office Demands Answers 4. Suspect Identified in Colorado Nightclub Shooting 5. Western New York State Slammed With 6 Feet of Snow 6. 5 Migrants Die in Capsized Boat 7. Former Disney CEO to Return 8. FTX Owes Over $3 Billion to Top 50 Creditors 9. Deadly Earthquake in Indonesia 10. HK Chief Executive Tests Positive for Covid 11. Ecuador Beats Qatar at FIFA Opening Match 12. Chicago Lights Festival Kicks off Holiday Season 13. Christmastime in Paris
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