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Money Flees China: Foreign Investment Drops 80 Percent

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Big money is fleeing China under economic woes. And a record low tourism rate suggests a concerning trend: people don't want to visit China.
More concerns arise over a secret Chinese bio-lab containing around 20 infectious agents, including COVID-19 and HIV, illegal and hidden in California.
The White House responds to Beijing's call for a nationwide counter-espionage campaign.
Near 40-foot floodwaters submerge a Chinese city. Residents were trapped in flood for days, facing food and water shortages. But reported actions suggest Beijing's concerns are somewhere else.
Topics in this Episode:
  1. Money Flees China: Foreign Investment Drops 80%
  2. Chinese Real Estate Teeters, Empty Houses Pile Up
  3. Chinese Lab in CA Extremely Concerning: Gordan Chang
  4. U.S. 'Concerned' Over China's Counter-Espionage Push
  5. Taiwan Boosts Efforts to Counter Chinese Espionage
  6. The Battle for Rare Earths Needed for Clean Energy
  7. UK Gives Green Light to Large-Scale Lithium Plant
  8. Near 40-Foot Floodwaters Submerge China's Zhuozhou
  9. 'Moment the PLA Revealed Its True Colors': Zhou on the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre