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Media Must Stop Giving Notoriety to Mass Shooters, Say Victim’s Dad & Researcher

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It seems that mass shootings come in clusters, and there have been many in the news of late, which begs the question: Is press coverage a contributing factor? How should the media cover these horrific events? Tom Teves lost his son Alex 10 years ago in the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, and he’s been on a mission ever since. He founded No Notoriety to tell the media to stop giving endless coverage to shooters.
Then, in America Q&A, we ask if you think the media should report in detail on every mass shooting?
Next, professor Greg Perreault studies news coverage of these events. He says we should treat mass shootings like a virus and be aware that they can catch.
Finally, last week, The Epoch Times field-tested an entirely new format for political debates in Tennessee's 5th District Republican primary. There were no gotcha questions by newscasters; instead, substantive questions were asked by a panel of highly qualified, subject matter experts. And there was none of that petty take-down banter between candidates either.
You can watch it here: EpochTim.es/NTDNewAmericanWay.
In light of that, in our second America Q&A, we ask if you think the usual format for political debates works?
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