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JP Sears: Is Idiocracy the Gateway Drug That Leads to Communism? Can Comedy Be the Antidote? | ATL:NOW

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“Idiocracy is the gateway drug that leads to communism,” says comedian JP Sears.
Before the spring of 2020, Sears said he took America’s freedoms for granted. It wasn’t until the pandemic that he became aware of the extent of government and media corruption, hypocrisy, and brainwashing.
“[When we] try to deny reality, it literally makes us insane, because reality is a force of nature that no human being—no matter how narcissistic they are—they cannot overpower reality,” says Sears. “Yet, with so much of the propaganda out there, so much of the wokeness, so much of the corrupt agendas, they're trying to convince people to not believe in reality anymore, instead believing the narrative.”
Sears has since decided to harness his career as a comedian to “speak up for freedom” and alert others to the threat of communism, which he says masquerades as “equity” and “wokeness.”
“In order to make someone laugh—a joke or a skit, it has to be based on some kind of truth. Otherwise, it doesn't connect with people. And if it doesn't connect with people, they won't have the emotional response of laughing,” says Sears.