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James Lindsay: The Real Strategy Behind the Trump Indictments | ATL:NOW

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The Trump indictments are not merely to harm former President Donald Trump or to distract from growing Biden family scandals, says James Lindsay.
They’re part of a fifth-generation warfare strategy from Saul Alinsky's "Rule for Radicals," Mr. Lindsay argues.
"What you're seeing is an escalating provocation to tell the American people: 'We're going to take Trump down. We're going to persecute our political opponent … You might as well treat America as a banana republic and give up on it. And maybe even it's time for you to take to the streets and have another Jan. 6 and rally for Trump in some way that they're going to be able to funnel into some kind of action that they can move the ball with—just like they did with Jan. 6."
Mr. Lindsay is the founder of the New Discourses, author of “The Marxification of Education” and “Race Marxism,” and one of America’s leading authorities on radical leftist writings and ideologies.