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Is Oatmeal Bad for Your Teeth and Gut? How to Disable Oatmeal’s Phytic Acid

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What’s in oatmeal that could harm your teeth, gut, and digestion—and what can be done to neutralize these risks?
Oatmeal offers a string of health benefits, such as potentially lowering cholesterol and bile acids in the blood. But there is a “dark side” to oatmeal that gets less coverage than its perks.
Nearly a century ago, a study on tooth decay compared the teeth of children who cut oatmeal from their diets to those who continued eating it. The results showed stark differences in their dental health.
While some studies suggest oatmeal has a relatively low impact on blood sugar, this may only be in comparison to a blood-sugar elevator: white bread.
Why should those with irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and arthritis be particularly wary of oatmeal?
What simple ingredient can be added to oatmeal to neutralize its harmful phytic acid?
On VitalSigns, host Brendon Fallon contrasts the wholesome and hidden dark side of oatmeal.
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