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How to Make the Perfect Granola Recipe (Sugar-Free) | Eat Better

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There’s almost a whole grocery store aisle dedicated to processed cereals. They save us time, but healthy they are not. They’re packed with:
Empty calories Added sugars Added dyes Unhealthy oils Sodium Artificial preservatives And some cereals even contain an ingredient called butylated hydroxyanisole. It’s an ingredient found in antifreeze and commonly used to preserve freshness. So, in other words, what you are eating is not fresh.
I’m going to show you an all-natural granola recipe that the whole family will love. We’ve had this in our family for over three generations and cook it over and over again.
The combination of creamy oats, dates, apricots, and coconut work really well. They all come together with the added benefit of nuts and seeds to create a delicious and easy breakfast or snack.
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