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How Can Stem Cells, Exosomes, PRP Combat Arthritis? Why Adult Stem Cells Are More Ethical Than Embryonic

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How can regenerative medicine, like stem cell and exosome treatment, relieve arthritis? Could stem cells help repair a vision-impaired eye or a nerve-damaged spine?
On VitalSigns, Dr. Damon Noto explains to host Brendon Fallon how regenerative medicine can be used to counter osteoarthritis. But the possibilities go well beyond that.
“Within 48 hours, if we’d had the ability to put stem cells into that area of trauma, he may not have been paralyzed,” Dr. Noto says of 1970s–80s Superman star, Christopher Reeve, whose horse-riding accident left him paralyzed.
Dr. Noto is a physical and regenerative medicine specialist who has helped patients recover health and function in joints and other areas through stem cell, exosome, PRP, and related treatments.
“When you have trauma, those stem cells go into that area. And then [they’re] like the foreman telling people what to do: ‘Hey, lay down fibrin here, lay down cartilage here; we need to grow blood vessels!’”
What prospects does regenerative medicine offer for reversing aging and disability in the future? Why hasn’t the technology of stem cells advanced as fast as expected?
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