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Facts Matter (Nov. 8): New Study Finds Efficacy of 2 Vaccines Drops Below 50%. One of them to Only 13%

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On Saturday, a federal court of appeals officially blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for private businesses. They did so because the judge believes that there may be serious constitutional issues with the rule.
Meanwhile, a new study found that the effectiveness of all three of the vaccines available in America decreases dramatically over time—with two of the vaccines being less than 50 percent effective after six months.
And it’s exactly news like this that is having more organizations push for vaccine boosters.
For instance, the NBA is now recommending that the players in the league either get the booster shot—or, once again, face restrictions.
Lastly, you might already know that the CDC’s website recently underwent a very quiet revision. Without much fanfare, the CDC changed the definition of the word "vaccine." It now officially no longer means that you are immune from infection.
That was several months ago. However, these newly released emails give us a glimpse into the thinking of the officials who made this alteration.
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? Restraining Order:
? New Study:
? Swedish Study:
? NBA:

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