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Dr. Tracy Beth Hoeg: 10 Types of Misinformation in Peer-Reviewed COVID-19 Paper Decrying Misinformation | ATL:NOW

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Recently, one of America’s leading medical journals, the Journal of the American Medical Association, published a peer-reviewed paper studying the propagation of “COVID-19 misinformation on social media by physicians in the US.”
The article is riddled with major errors, labels true information as misinformation, and “exemplifies how relying on the government to decide what's true versus false can be so problematic and can cost lives,” argues Dr. Tracy Beth Høeg, a physician epidemiologist.
She works in private practice and also has a position at the department of biostatistics and epidemiology at the University of California–San Francisco.
“It's very disturbing that [this paper] passed through the peer review process and was published,” Dr. Høeg says.
In this episode of “ATL:NOW,” she breaks down 10 key errors in the piece. She wrote a substack with the details, in preparation for this interview.