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Dr. David Bell: The 100-Day Vaccine Profit Model and New 'Disease X' Pandemic Preparedness Plans | ATL:NOW

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With rumblings and rumors about new mandates and new shelter-in-place policies, what’s really going on? What might future vaccine rollouts look like? What are new "Disease X" pandemic preparedness plans all about?
In this episode of “ATL:NOW,” we’re joined by Dr. David Bell, a public health physician, former World Health Organization (WHO) officer and scientist, and a senior scholar with the Brownstone Institute.
“We have this huge industry being set up to surveil for variants. And the model that they are pushing for public health is that they will find variants. They will lock people down. They will mandate or allow them to have a vaccine to get their freedom back. And then the vaccine will make a vast profit. And then the cycle will go around, they'll find another variant. And this is a future that is sort of mapped out,” Dr. Bell argues.
“It'll be very hard to get out of once we have things like central bank digital currency or programmable currency where, if you don't get the vaccine, they could stop you buying groceries. And we've seen this sort of thing already in Canada. It's talked about by the Bank of International Settlements. These aren't conspiracy theories.”