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Coast-to-Coast Parents Reject Progressive Agenda in Schools; NY Sued for Medical Racism

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In liberal San Francisco this week, three far-left school board members were voted out of a job in a landslide recall election. Eric Eggers, vice president of the Government Accountability Institute, describes the growing backlash against the progressive take-over of schools boards and teachers unions.
Then, in America Q&A, we ask people across the country if members of Congress should be banned from investing in individual stocks, given the potential for insider knowledge.
And in New York, race is now a factor in deciding who gets potentially life-saving COVID treatment. Two caucasian men say this is race-based discrimination, which is illegal under the Constitution. They are suing New York State Health Commissioner Mary T. Bassett, and New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. We speak with their lawyer Anastasia Boden, a senior attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation.
Finally, in our second America Q&A, we ask people across the country what “cryptocurrency” means to them.
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