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China Still Main Source of Fentanyl in US

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Chinese fentanyl is pouring into the United States. It’s moved through Mexican cartels, and with implicit permission from the Chinese Communist Party.
The White House appeals to the private sector to beef up defenses against cyberattacks, while experts say China is actively engaged in war with the United States.
China revives old claims about the origin of the pandemic. Beijing accuses the U.S. military of bringing the infection to Wuhan, but one report says otherwise.
The United States is reportedly allowing Huawei to buy auto chips, even though the blacklisted Chinese telecom firm was flagged over concerns Beijing could use it for spying.
The pressure to get citizens vaccinated is rising in China. Some governmental organs and state-owned companies are now ordering employees to persuade others to get the shot. If they fail, they can expect a pink slip.
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