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Capitol Report (Sept. 13): Whistleblower Says Twitter Indifferent Over Chinese Spy; Stock Market Crashes

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The latest inflation numbers are in. How are prices moving and what does the administration say amid pressure from Republicans?
On Capitol Hill, Sen. Lindsay Graham proposes a national abortion ban. What’s in his bill, and who's supporting it?
The former security chief testified before the Senate. He said Twitter executives were unmoved when he told them a Chinese spy was working for the company.
The Department of Justice agrees on one of former President Donald Trump's picks for a special master. The special master will review documents the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago.
Election irregularities are present in any vote, but when does it cross the line into election fraud? Former naval officer and cyber expert Greg Stenstrom joins us to discuss.
Amtrak is canceling some of its cross-country routes because a freight rail strike is expected on Friday. Many Amtrak routes rely heavily on freight railroads.

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