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Capitol Report (July 13): US Official Admits to Plotting Coups in Foreign Nations; Inflation Exceeds Expectations

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Inflation is as bad as ever, with the latest data showing it's soaring at a 40-year high. What does it mean for everyday Americans, and what are President Joe Biden and lawmakers saying about it?
With inflation numbers exceeding expectations, the president and Congress are trying to figure out ways to ease soaring prices. It's reported that the president is considering removing tariffs on Chinese goods. But will the ends justify the means?
As illegal immigration continues to reach record highs, Biden has pledged billions to invest in border infrastructure, while also touting a record high in giving out work permits. What is Congress's response to the White House's latest plan to quell illegal immigration?
Biden makes his first trip to the Middle East with his first stop in Israel. What is the current state of U.S.-Israeli relations, and what is the president trying to accomplish on his trip?
A former senior U.S. official says he helped plan foreign coups, while arguing that what happened on Jan. 6, 2021, was not one.

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