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Capitol Report (Dec. 22): Omicron Becomes Dominant Strain Across US Amid Test Kit Shortage

Amid skyrocketing Omicron cases, the country is facing a national shortage of test kits. The White House plans to mail out 500 million at-home test kits for free.
Questions still remain over the Chinese regime’s handling of the virus outbreak. We sit down with Ohio Congressman Bill Johnson to discuss the Chinese Communist Party's unfair trade practices and their culpability in the global pandemic that continues to plague the world.
It looks like President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill is dead after swing vote Sen. Joe Manchin's latest comments. The White House says they're still open to negotiations and Sen. Chuck Schumer is pledging to bring it to the floor for a vote even if it won't pass. But why?
With gas prices still painfully high, the United States is now relying on foreign countries, like Russia, for oil imports. We talk to energy expert Jerry Simmons to track down some of the root causes.
The Secret Service is investigating the potential theft of $100 billion in pandemic relief money.
There is Christmas spirit in the nation's capital. We'll bring you a look at a holiday display that took the whole year to complete.
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