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Capitol Report (Aug. 29): DOJ Already Reviewed Trump Docs; Pelosi Asked About Student Debt Comments

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We’re learning more about the documents seized at former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, what the Justice Department said in its latest court filing, and what difference it could make.
Virginia Gov. Glen Youngkin says he doesn't want his state to follow California's plan to ban gas-powered cars. He called the plan "ridiculous" and says it's an effort by liberal politicians to turn Virginia into California.
To assess whether Virginia will actually follow suit with a law tethered to California EV legislation, Virginia Congressman Bob Good weighs in.
A test rocket flight in part of NASA's plan to put astronauts back on the moon was postponed. The highly anticipated launch faced technical problems.
More than 90 members of the House of Representatives are demanding that Speaker Nancy Pelosi respond to President Joe Biden canceling student loan debt. The Speaker told Congress last year that Biden did not have the authority to grant such wide-reaching student loan relief.
Independent candidate for Congress in Virginia's 8th district Teddy Fikre joins us to discuss the state of the U.S. economy heading into the November elections.

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