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Can Hormone Therapy Prevent Breast Cancer and Boost Women’s (and Men’s) Health?

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Can hormone therapy stave off breast cancer? Can optimizing estrogen and progesterone prevent Alzheimer’s disease?
Hormone replacement therapy specialist Dr. Terri DeNeui presents the health benefits to women and men of hormone optimization on VitalSigns with Brendon Fallon.
Is hormone therapy only for women struggling with menopause? Is it dangerous to start too early or to continue hormone therapy too long?
Dr. DeNeui counters common misconceptions of hormone therapy, based on her clinical practice and the emerging hormone-therapy research. This includes unpacking the idea that hormone therapy is only for women.
“When we optimize testosterone in men and women, they say that it's like the dimmer lights were on and somebody kind of gradually turned the lights back on and you can see again.”
Dr. DeNeui is a board-certified nurse practitioner, specializing in hormone replacement therapy, preventive wellness medicine, and functional medicine. She is the founder of EVEXIAS Health Solutions.
If hormone replacement therapy can help prevent diseases like breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, why isn’t it being used more widely and beyond the limited timeframe of menopause?
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