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Can Concussions in Football, Other Sports Cause Parkinson’s? How to Keep Underage Players Safe | Featuring Dr. Barry Jordan

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Player concussion is common in football, ice hockey, and other collision sports. Could this lead to Parkinson’s disease and other neural diseases in later life?
On Vital Signs, host Brendon Fallon asks (unaffiliated) neuro-trauma consultant for the NFL, Dr. Barry Jordan, about the dangers of tackle football. Dr. Jordan is also a team physician for USA Boxing.
The potential for football-player concussion to cause brain trauma has long been known. However, a recent Boston University study may be the first to indicate a significant link between playing tackle football and developing Parkinson’s disease.
How effective have recent measures to improve player safety been? What can be done to protect children who play collision sports, like football, ice hockey, and soccer?
And when serious injury does occur, what steps can be taken to minimize the damage? Regenerative medicine specialist Dr. Damon Noto explains the potential of regenerative medicine, like stem cell and exosome treatments, to buffer against brain damage.
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