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Biden Casts Doubt on Pelosi's Taiwan Visit Plan

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President Joe Biden appears to be casting doubt on Nancy Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan next month, as the House Speaker receives threats from Beijing but bipartisan support at home.
Dangerous encounters, priorities surpassing counterterrorism—America’s top military chief and Britain’s intelligence head issue warnings about dangers posed by China.
The organizer for a New York-based event gets a message from suspected Chinese authorities—including a death threat.
Chinese companies have been buying more and more U.S. farmland. A congressman is trying to stop it, but he’s facing pushback.
Topics in this episode:
  1. Biden Casts Doubt on Pelosi's Taiwan Visit Plan
  2. Pentagon Head Raises Alarm on China China Military Threat
  3. China Now a Top Priority for British Intelligence
  4. UK Hopefuls Sunak, Truss Debate Over China Stance
  5. Panel Organizer Threatened by Alleged CCP Member
  6. Chinese Exports to Russia Soar in 2022: Data
  7. Rep. Newhouse: Chinese Purchase of U.S. Farmland 'Concerning'
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