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5 Chinese State Companies to Delist from NYSE

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Five major state-owned Chinese companies are about to delist from the New York Stock Exchange. China’s regulator says it’s by choice, but an ongoing U.S.-China debate may suggest otherwise.
Some officials say investment company BlackRock is putting climate issues at the top of its agenda—even above making a profit for U.S. pension funds.
Beijing has stopped talking about its economic goals for the year, hinting at a worsening Chinese economy. And the problem is spilling over into the job market.
The United States, Indonesia, and some allies held a joint military exercise. China condemned the drills as looking for conflict, while a top U.S. admiral said the opposite.
Topics in this episode:
  1. 5 Chinese State Companies to Delist from NYSE
  2. States: Blackrock Puts Climate Above Pensions
  3. Home of 'Made in China' Products Under Lockdown
  4. Tibet Capital Orders Static Management in Risk Areas
  5. Torrential Rain, Flash Floods Strike North China
  6. Millions Unemployed in China's Hard-Hit Job Market
  7. U.S., Indonesian Forces Hold Joint Military Drills
  8. Beijing Launch Cyber Attack Against Taiwan
  9. Americans Funding Chinese Firms Has to Stop
  10. Seoul Still Recovering from Fatal Floods
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