EpochTV Review: Vaccination: Science or Speculation?

December 18, 2021 Updated: December 20, 2021


Cindy Drukier hosts this episode of The Nation Speaks entitled, “False Security. Why Vaccination Can’t End the Pandemic with Dr. Paul Alexander”. Vaccination protocols and effectiveness are examined as well as how people feel about strict vaccine mandates as well as children and COVID-19.

The video begins with Drukier talking about understanding how viruses work. How they affect us, how they replicate and how they spread. These are questions that come to the forefront of people’s minds when there is a pandemic. It is up to our leaders to create policies in response to the pandemic. To do this with any rate of success, policies and protocols should be based on science and not assumption. Drukier points out that COVID protocols and policies are currently based on the assumption that 100 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated including children. This is based on yet more assumptions which are:

1. Vaccinations prevent people from getting and transmitting COVID

2. The risk of COVID is equal for all people including children

3. Unvaccinated people endanger others which creates the need for mandates

4. Fully vaccinated people pose no danger to others

5. Vaccines wane in their efficacy, so boosters are needed which are safe

6. Vaccines are more effective than natural immunity, so those who have gotten COVID and recovered still need to be vaccinated

7. Other therapies are ineffective, so vaccination is the only way to stop the pandemic

8. These assumptions are backed by studies and analyses

The host then welcomes Dr. Paul Alexander of the Brownstone Institute an expert in epidemiology as well as evidence-based medicine. He was former President Donald Trump’s advisor on the coronavirus.

Drukier asks Alexander to define evidence-based medicine. He explains that evidence-based medicine is an approach to decision making that relies on a body of evidence that is very systematic and laid out in such a way that other scientists can reproduce the methodology to see how the conclusions were drawn and if they were based on the whole body of evidence and that nothing important was missed. This makes the decision a trustworthy one based on all of the best possible evidence.

He uses lockdowns and school closures and explains how within two months of these, the evidence was there that they were not effective in stopping COVID and also mask mandates were ineffective. It became clear that decision-makers were not making decisions based on the evidence that was there. If the policy is ineffective and causing catastrophic problems, it should be revisited, and a new policy put in place. This was not done with those mandates and policies.

Alexander also points out that a cost-effective analysis should be done where the costs and benefits are weighed for several different policies to determine the one that should be implemented. None of the task forces here or abroad have done this. He stated there are two studies from the Brownstone Institute that show that the vaccine is not effective against COVID and the new variants. The same is true for the boosters that are being given. When a virus mutates, the vaccine is no longer effective, however natural immunity continues to fight the virus no matter the mutations which make it the best way to eradicate the virus.

All the evidence shows that the vaccine has failed, yet Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that the definition of fully vaccinated will be changed to include the boosters, so people will have to take the boosters to move about in society.

Alexander states that more time and studies to determine the safety of the vaccines and boosters. The assumption that everyone has the same risk factor for the virus including children is incorrect. He explains that children have the immunity to fight the virus naturally and they do not need the vaccine. People with the highest risk are those who are elderly and those who have other medical problems. He also brings up the point that the FDA did not insist that the vaccine makers produce the evidence that their vaccines were safe, and they were not told to go back to the lab until such time as they were able to produce these results.

Another fact that many do not know is that those who have been vaccinated are at risk of getting COVID during the winter months. It facilitates entry into the cells and then replication occurs. The FDA did ask them about antibody dependence, but it was not done. There is another risk of other viruses being more easily transmitted and affecting people who have taken the COVID vaccine. Alexander stated that these are great areas of grave concern.

False Security and Why Vaccination Can’t End the Pandemic: Dr. Paul Alexander l The Nation Speaks [Full Episode]

Watch the full episode here.

The next question that Drukier asks Alexander is why fully vaccinated people are given more freedoms than unvaccinated people especially in light of the fact that vaccinated people can still get and transmit the virus. Alexander answers this question by stating that studies have been done showing that the risk factor for getting and transmitting the virus is the same for vaccinated and unvaccinated people and the viral load is the same.

He states, “We need to step back and stop the insanity. We need our task force members in Canada and the United States and these people to look at the science. We are trying to understand what is happening here and how to fix it. They are looking at what they want to look at for political reasons. We are looking at it from a scientific point of view. We are looking at the full body of evidence and evidence is clear that there is a problem with the vaccine.”

We are seeing vaccinated people still getting the virus when we were told that people who got the initial two shots would be protected against the virus, but this has not proven to be true. More and more things are being added to this like more boosters, mask mandates, and continued social distancing. A pandemic can only be calmed down or stopped when the chain of transmission is cut.

Alexander says we will never be able to get to full immunity by using these vaccines. He states we should not vaccinate children but let their natural immunity do its job. There is evidence to suggest that vaccines might actually subvert the body’s ability to fight the virus with natural antibodies. This would see our children very vulnerable. When the public was asked how much they knew about the effects of COVID on children, answers varied and not many were sure how many children have been affected and some thought children should be vaccinated, and some thought they should not.

The video ends with the host stating that these vaccines are creating a false sense of security and that we should not rely on them to stamp out the pandemic.

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