EpochTV Review: The Specter of Forced Organ Harvesting

September 25, 2021 Updated: September 25, 2021


In this episode of “Crossroads” entitled “State-Sanctioned Killing for Organs Could Spread Beyond China If Not Challenged: Dr. Torsten Trey,” the host Joshua Philipp interviews the founder of DAFOH (Doctor’s Against Forced Organ Harvesting).

For years, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has engaged in the practice of forced harvesting of human organs. Dr. Trey reviews this practice and its foray into the issue of the violation of human rights.

The Europa Health Journal released a report regarding this practice which chronicled the survival stories of people who were forced to endure this persecution. These included people that were forced into detention and labor camps. The reason that this practice is so common in communist China is because organ donor numbers are down, so this is the CCP’s solution to the problem of providing human organs for Chinese natural citizens.

State-Sanctioned Killing for Organs Could Spread Beyond China if Not Challenged: Dr. Torsten Trey | Crossroads [Full Episode]

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Organ Tourists

Another piece to this disturbing puzzle is that China allows people from other countries to come into China to purchase these organs. The China Tribunal in 2019 conducted an independent investigation and found plenty of evidence to support these claims and ruled that crimes against humanity had been committed against these victims. This report was also presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The host begins the interview by posing the question to Dr. Trey of how widespread this practice is in China. Dr. Trey answers that forced organ harvesting is happening all over China especially in its detention camps, which are located throughout the country. This is controlled by the government, and they seek out people of all levels of society to be involved in this practice. The host calls this “genocide for profit” and Dr. Trey readily agrees. The people who are having these crimes committed against them are considered enemies of the CCP and this is one way of eradicating them. The CCP has been trying to get rid of these “enemies of the state” since the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Since incidents like Tiananmen Square are looked upon with criticism from other countries, the CCP uses the organ harvesting as a more hidden way to commit the genocide. He also reveals that the most persecuted of the groups are Falun Gong practitioners. Falun Gong is an ancient Chinese spiritual practice consisting of simple, slow-moving meditation exercises and teachings based on the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. This repels the state-sanctioned practice of atheism, deceit, and violence by the CCP, so these people along with other groups are persecuted for their beliefs.

The host then asks Dr. Trey to describe the process as related by survivors. The doctor then tells of people being forced to undergo medical tests and then taken from detention centers to hospitals where their organs are harvested. Many are killed on the operating table after the removal of the organs. Also reported by people were instances where they were called to detention camps to identify family members that they were told had passed away, however they were healthy with no issues the day before. The relatives also said that some of the organs were missing. Dr. Trey also explains that the practitioners of Falun Gong have been tortured in prison camps for years and many of them died as a result. The reason that they started using these people for organ harvesting instead of just killing them is the money that the CCP can make off of the sale of the organs, whereas before there was no financial incentive.

In the next segment of the video, the fact that the media turns a blind eye to this practice is discussed. Dr. Trey says that this is due to ignorance and silence, because the CCP is bribing the media and others to keep this quiet so that no one challenges China and the practice can continue. There has been some international support to stop organ harvesting. Congress passed House Resolution 343 and the European Parliament passed a written declaration in 2016 condemning the practice. There has also been a petition to present to the United Nations Council. The petition has 3 million signatures so far. Now, all of these people and nations that are against this practice need to come together to get China to stop. The evidence is more than sufficient for direct intervention on China’s soil.

How Does This Affect the Rest of the World

So, how does this affect other nations? First of all, China’s main objective is to dominate other countries and put them under CCP control. In this case, they want to be the major player in the field of transplants. In the West, we follow ethical medical practices with the good of the patient at the forefront. Unfortunately, this can cause delays for those who need organs and they must be placed on a waiting list. Because China bypasses all of the steps that are taken for consensual transplants, it makes it impossible for the West to compete with them in this field. This puts China in a position to be a trendsetter in doing transplants. This is very disturbing considering the disregard for ethics that China has. This would lead to a collapse of the ethical standards that are valued now. Dr. Trey also reveals that many medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies are being pulled into the business of transplant tourism, which continues to be on the rise.

The video concludes by the host explaining that “large-scale genocide” is going on in China. People are being killed for their organs and China is being financed by foreign businesses. While some government officials acknowledge that this is happening, nothing is being done to stop it on a large scale. If this continues, this practice will most likely spread to other countries as China rewrites the standards of organ transplants. Dr. Trey and his organization are holding a summit to memorialize the victims of organ harvesting and to introduce standards to bring world leaders together to stop these crimes against humanity and lift the silence by giving the victims a voice.


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