EpochTV Review: COVID-19 Vaccine—More Harm Than Good?

November 2, 2021 Updated: November 2, 2021


In this installment of The Nation Speaks, “Vaccine Victims Get Silent Treatment; Doctor Risks All to Oppose Mandates”, host Cindy Drukier weighs in on how some people are being negatively affected by the vaccine and how Americans feel about vaccine mandates.

The video begins with the host explaining that all drugs have side effects and these are discovered during the rigorous testing process and human trials. The COVID-19 vaccine which has not been tested enough also has side effects and some of them are devastating.

Unfortunately, not much is being done to document and help these people. Drukier interviews former NFL player Ken Ruetgers whose wife suffered neurological damage after receiving her Moderna vaccine. Within 48 hours of getting her first dose, she began experiencing swelling of her lymph nodes and then pain and tingling in her face and head. In a few more days, the pain spread to her arms and legs and still remains. She was diagnosed with neuropathy, but her symptoms remain a mystery for the most part. Since she works in social services, she was part of the early rollout of the vaccine. In addition to the pain, she has also experienced a great deal of fatigue on a daily basis.

She went online and started doing research, found a doctor who reported some of her patients were having negative side effects from the drug as well as others who had taken the vaccine. They started a Facebook group that grew to 4,000 to 5,000 members.

Drukier reiterates that one would expect government agencies such as the FDA and CDC to be doing extensive research and documenting these cases of these vaccine side effects, however, this is not being done. Reuetgers says he thought once he reported these bad side effects to the proper agencies, they would document and provide treatments for affected patients, but this has not been the case and nothing has really changed. He states, “We still want to be heard, believed, seen, and helped.”

In the next segment of the video, Drukier explains that scientific studies show that people who have recovered from COVID build up a natural immunity to the virus. This immunity is more powerful and more effective than the vaccine. Some countries are accepting natural immunity as an alternative to a vaccine passport.

America Q & A

In the America Q & A segment of the video, the question is asked, “Should people get fired for not getting vaccinated even if they have natural immunity?” Out of the people they asked, the answers were varied.

Some felt that vaccine mandates infringe upon personal freedoms, while others thought vaccination should be mandated in the interest of public health and yet others thought it should depend on the type of job you have. For example, those in the health care industry should be vaccinated but a farmer would not need to be because they do not work with the public.

Some of the people interviewed mentioned that they had adverse reactions when they got the vaccine and others stated that if you have natural immunity, you should not need the vaccine.

Vaccine Victims Get Silent Treatment; Doctor Risks All to Oppose Mandates l The Nation Speaks [Full Episode]

Watch the full episode here 

Citizens United For Freedom 

Drukier is then joined by Dr. Christopher Rake who was an anesthesiologist at the UCLA Medical Center and founder of Citizens United for Freedom (CUFFSUA.ORG). This group of concerned citizens began as a grassroots movement to preserve freedom of bodily autonomy and to peacefully fight against vaccine mandates and restore our personal rights in America. Their website www.cuff-usa.org is a valuable resource of scientific and legal information as well as lists of contacts for legislators, representatives, and congressmen.

In addition to this is a job board with freedom-oriented employment opportunities. Also on the website is a call to action for American citizens to participate in a national shutdown on Nov. 3 of law enforcement, EMT, health care, transport, and retail workers in support of not requiring the vaccine or testing. They are also opening clinics where vaccination is not required to receive services.

Rake was put on unpaid leave and escorted from his job after showing up without being vaccinated. He speaks passionately about his resolve for his cause and states, “This is what happens when you stand up for freedom, and when you show up to work, willing to work despite being unvaccinated. This is the price you have to pay sometimes. What they don’t realize is that I am willing to lose everything. Job, paycheck, freedom, even my life for this cause.”

Drukier asks him to explain why he is against taking the vaccine. He responds by explaining that in addition to it being unethical for one doctor to make a decision on what is best for the health of millions of Americans, there are medical reasons as well. He advises there has not been enough time to do proper testing to determine the safety of the vaccine. Most vaccines take 15 to 20 years to do all the proper safety tests and trials to make sure it is safe for all types of people with different health issues. With the COVID-19 vaccine, they are testing it on lab animals at the same time that it is being released for human use.

The other medical concerns that he talks about is the protein that the mRNA vaccine induces the body to produce that is injurious to the rest of the body. He states it is these spike proteins that are largely responsible for all the problems with blood clots that people are experiencing who have been vaccinated. Another statistic that Rake mentions is a study in the New England that showed that 104 women out of 127 pregnant women who were vaccinated in the first trimester lost their babies. This is a staggering 82 percent.

Call To Action

Rake has dedicated himself to this cause and calls for all American citizens to stand up against all forms of tyranny whether medical or otherwise. People put a lot of faith in doctors, so it is unethical for them to spread misinformation, such as by Dr. Anthony Fauci about other COVID-19 treatments. He decided not to use religious exemption because he wanted to take a stand for all people regardless of religion.

The catalyst that made Rake decide to take action was when he saw that our basic rights were being taken away more and more. The interview concludes with him talking about the sacrifices his grandfathers made fighting in World War II and says it is now his generation’s turn to fight for God-given, not government-given rights and return America back to the ideal that was intended by the founding fathers.

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