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[MAR 2024] The Best Made in USA Gift Ideas

See this daily updated list of made in USA gift ideas
[MAR 2024] The Best Made in USA Gift Ideas
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There were many holiday promotions and sales this winter, but we took a different approach instead of focusing on the avalanche of discounts from brands worldwide. We decided it was time to champion the land of the free – to back the American dream, craftsmanship, and economy. Sure, some American-made gems might pinch the wallet a tad more than their Chinese counterparts. But remember, quality has its price, and occasionally, a sweet deal too. Keep an eye on this page; we’re constantly adding more American treasures.

Do Americans Prefer Made in USA Products?

Yes, as the data suggests: 70 percent of Americans trust home-grown goods, only 29 percent can say the same for Chinese-manufactured items. The reason? Buying made in America boosts our economy, creates jobs, and stands for quality and craftsmanship. Plus, it means backing manufacturers who uphold America’s labor standards.

Dive into this list and bolster American businesses with your wallet:

SleepEssentials Mattress

Dive into the cloud-like comfort of the Arrangement Recommendation 1 (AR1) latex mattress, our softest yet least popular option, tailor-made for those who adore a plush sleeping surface. This unique mattress features an ultra-soft top layer nestled above two medium-soft layers, all encased in a breathable Tencel fabric cover, chemical free, ensuring a luxurious and supportive night’s sleep. Ideal for side sleepers and individuals with extra weight, AR1 offers a slightly softer alternative to our high-density support foam, providing relief from muscle aches and joint pain. For couples, a customizable size option guarantees ample space for undisturbed rest. While AR1 is a hidden gem for those in pursuit of gentle comfort, we also encourage exploring our more popular models—Arrangement Recommendation 2 (AR2), Arrangement Recommendation 3 (AR3), and Arrangement Recommendation 4 (AR4)—to find the perfect blend of softness and support to elevate your sleep experience to new heights.

Buy it directly on their official website.

Warm your home with 100% American made

Mike Lindell is always looking for ways to solve everyday problems. For instance, towels. You go into stores, the towels feel soft to the touch at first, but then you get home, use them, and find they aren’t absorbent. That’s why he made MyTowels. They actually work, they’re soft, and are absorbent!

And now MyPillow is excited to announce two brand new lines of MyTowels for you to try. What makes these towels great is they are made with a 100% long staple shirpur cotton. This comb, ring-spun cotton is what makes these towels absorbent and softer than ever.

Now, you can get a six piece set for an amazing introductory sale price as low as $29.98 with promo code EPOCH66 You can get the designer premium line for just $20 more! No matter what set you decide on, that’s 50% in savings.

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Premium Annatto Tocotrienol Supplement – Vitamin E Tocotrienols with DeltaGold

Discover the essence of health with our Annatto Tocotrienols Vitamin E supplement, enriched with 300mg of DeltaGold. This easy-to-swallow capsule is designed to significantly enhance your antioxidant defense and support liver, skin, heart, bone, and metabolic health with a potent mix of 90% Delta and 10% Gamma tocotrienols, free from tocopherols. Sourced from the annatto plant and backed by the pioneering research of Dr. Barry Tan, our formula offers a pure, concentrated dose of tocotrienols. Proudly made in the USA, each batch undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure your well-being. Elevate your health regime with just one capsule a day and feel the comprehensive benefits of this powerful Vitamin E supplement.
Buy it directly at their Amazon store.

Mammoth Nation

Mammoth Nation is a pioneering online marketplace that champions the fusion of shopping convenience with steadfast conservative values. They connect members with a curated selection of American companies offering special deals, ensuring you never have to compromise your beliefs for convenience. Born in 2019 from a collective yearning for an alternative to the burgeoning woke culture in mainstream brands, Mammoth Nation provides a space for consumers to align their purchases with their values. Their platform is not just about discounts and deals from fully-vetted retailers; it’s about building a community. Membership unlocks exclusive savings and channels funds into supporting conservative causes and charities. Join us and be part of America’s Marketplace, where your shopping empowers your values and nurtures the causes you hold dear.
Buy it directly on their official website.

Patriot Mobile

Patriot Mobile stands out as America’s distinct Christian conservative wireless provider, delivering robust 4G or 5G nationwide coverage deeply rooted in Christian values like integrity, inspiration, servanthood, courage, and stewardship. They go beyond exceptional wireless service and U.S.-based support, dedicating a portion of every dollar to uphold First and Second Amendment rights, sanctify life, and honor the military, veterans, and first responders. Choosing Patriot Mobile means more than selecting a provider; it’s a commitment to aligning your telecommunications with your core values, ensuring your expenditure promotes constitutional freedoms. Join us at Patriot Mobile, where every connection nurtures a future prosperous in faith and liberty.
Buy it directly on their official website.

VAITE Mens Face Skin Moisturizer with Collagen

VAITE redefines personal care, offering a tailored experience with our face moisturizer and anti-aging cream for men. Specially crafted to combat eye bags and promote a youthful complexion, our cream delivers tangible results within months, coupled with daily softness and hydration. Catering to all skin types, VAITE embraces the uniqueness of each individual, providing a variety of products to meet diverse needs. Crafted in the USA from natural and organic ingredients, our brand is committed to nurturing your skin, ensuring each application is a step towards a revitalized, confident you. Choose VAITE for a personalized approach to skincare, where quality meets individual care.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Allen Edmonds Woodlore Cedar Shoe Trees for Men 2-Pack Made in The USA

Step into a world of refined shoe care with our exquisite Woodlore shoe trees, a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and the key to preserving the elegance of your dress shoes, loafers, brogues, and wingtips. These premium shoe trees, hewn from 100% aromatic cedar, not only maintain the perfect shape of your footwear but also offer a natural defense against moisture, sweat, and odor, keeping them perennially fresh. Our specially curated pack provides two shoe trees, promising unmatched value and quality. Each pair is a work of art, meticulously designed to uphold your shoes’ integrity, prevent leather damage, and enhance longevity. Handcrafted with pride in the USA since 1987, our shoe trees are sourced from the finest red cedar trees in the Arkansas and Missouri Ozarks, celebrated for their superior moisture absorption and enchanting fragrance. Choose Woodlore shoe trees for a luxurious, transformative approach to shoe care, and step confidently, knowing your cherished footwear will remain in pristine condition for years to come.
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The GO-3, The World’s First Travel Water Purifier

GO-3 is a groundbreaking invention and the first of its kind in the world - A Travel Water Purifier that treats water directly in your bottle. Exclusively for Nalgene Brand, this cap is compatible with your favorite Nalgene wide-mouth 1 Liter or Nalgene “On the Fly” water bottles. Chlorine is doing a disservice everywhere - Not just to the human body, but also ruining water. EO3 (or Electrolytic Ozone) takes care of it, purifying your water quickly and efficiently while also leaving it tasting fresh. Forget about complex technologies with the GO-Portable Water Purifier - all you need to do is unscrew a cap, fill up a bottle, screw it back on, turn it upside down and press a button. If you’ve got the money to spend, devote those funds instead to coming up with alternatives to plastic. Get rid of plastic bottles forever! With this pod, not only can the safety and hygiene level rise, but it also removes the smell of rancid chlorine. From common contaminants to our amazing test results, see how effective it is for yourself.
Buy it directly on their official website.

Microplane Zester Grater

Unleash the zest in your cooking with our Microplate grater, your ultimate kitchen companion for adding vibrant citrus flavors to dishes. Crafted in the USA, its ultra-sharp, surgical-grade stainless steel blades masterfully zest citrus while avoiding bitter pith, and are versatile enough for grating ginger, garlic, spices, and more. Magnetic and rust-resistant, it’s a durable addition to your kitchen arsenal. Cleaning is effortless – rinse, brush, or dishwasher-safe, this grater makes your culinary adventures as enjoyable as the dishes you create. Elevate your flavors with ease and precision with our essential zester/grater.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Miracle Care Eye Wash Pads For Dogs And Cats

The Miracle Care eye wash pads for cats and dogs provide a soothing, gentle way to keep your pet’s eyes clean. These non-stinging, sterile wipes, safe for use around the eyes, are perfect for daily cleaning. Convenient and easy to use, each presoaked cotton pad allows for quick debris removal. Squeeze, wipe, and close the lid to keep the pads fresh. Proudly made in Dayton, Ohio, USA, the pack contains 90 single-use wipes, ideal for on-the-go pet care. Please keep your pet comfortable and their eyes clear, whether at home or out exploring.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

RiseWell Natural Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste

Experience a revolution in oral care with RiseWell’s toothpaste, where nature meets innovation. Their unique formula harnesses the power of Hydroxyapatite, a natural alternative to fluoride, to not only remineralize your teeth but also restore their natural whiteness and shine. Say goodbye to sensitivity as Hydroxyapatite gently fortifies your enamel, shielding the nerves underneath. Embrace the purity of 100% clean and safe ingredients with a toothpaste free from Fluoride, Sulfates, Parabens, and Artificial additives. And with each brush, indulge in the refreshing burst of wild mint flavor that leaves your mouth fresh and rejuvenated. RiseWell toothpaste is more than just a choice; it’s a declaration of health and natural beauty for your smile.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Luna Queen Mattress Protector

Enhance your sleep experience with the versatile waterproof bed cover thoughtfully designed to provide unparalleled protection and supreme comfort. Perfectly fitting any mattress size, from twin to king, this cover not only safeguards your bed from all kinds of liquids like water, sweat, and urine but also elevates your sleeping comfort. Integrating Luna AirFlow Technology ensures breathability, promoting air circulation for a calm and restful night. The unique cotton terry surface, noiseless by design, adds to the tranquility, guaranteeing your sleep is peaceful and uninterrupted. This bed cover is a seamless blend of protection and comfort, ensuring your mattress stays dry while you enjoy a serene and comfortable slumber.
Buy it directly at their Amazon store.

Olivia Care Bath & Body Bar Verbena Soap 4 Pack Gift Box Organic

Olivia Care’s bar soap, infused with olive oil and verbena, brings a touch of luxury to your daily skincare routine. Olive oil, renowned for its moisturizing properties, gently soothes skin conditions like eczema and acne, while verbena adds a purifying and brightening touch, reducing puffiness with a refreshing scent. Perfect for all skin types, including sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin, this 100% natural soap, with a delightful fragrance from Provence, France, deeply cleanses, moisturizes, and hydrates, leaving your skin feeling nurtured and rejuvenated. Crafted in the USA with care and consideration, it’s cruelty-free, non-GMO, and devoid of harsh chemicals, ensuring a kind and gentle treatment for your skin. Embracing environmental responsibility, its use also contributes to reducing plastic waste, making this bar soap not just a choice for healthy skin but also a step towards a healthier planet.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

ProStretch The Original Calf Stretcher and Foot Rocker

ProStretch provides an effective solution for heel and foot pain relief, ideal for conditions like plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. Its design isolates lower leg muscles for a deep, injury-preventing stretch. Widely used and trusted in physical therapy clinics and endorsed by the APMA, ProStretch offers a more efficient stretch than conventional methods. It features slip-resistant pads for stability and a unique rocker design for optimal foot positioning, enhancing flexibility and performance. Suitable for adult shoes up to size 12 and supporting up to 250 lbs, it’s made in the U.S.A. and includes a helpful stretching guide. For best use, wear rubber-soled shoes, accommodating even if your shoe extends past the end. ProStretch is a tool and a supportive companion for better leg health and pain management.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda Made in USA

ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda, perfect for fluffier and more delightful baking, is made from fine Grade 1 baking soda in Green River, Wyoming, embodying a commitment to local sourcing and sustainability. This pure and natural baking soda is free of harsh chemicals, gluten-free, kosher, and ideal for organic recipes, earning its place as America’s #1 trusted brand. Beyond baking, its versatility extends to over 100 uses around the home, including cleaning and deodorizing. Dedicated to environmental responsibility, ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda is certified carbon neutral, ensuring every use is as eco-friendly as it is effective.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

The Original Under Cabinet Jar Opener

The Grip, ingeniously designed under-cabinet lid opener, brings a touch of ease and care to your kitchen. Invented by their grandfather over 40 years ago, its v-shape design with sharp dual Carbon Steel Teeth effortlessly tackles any jar or bottle, eliminating the strain on your hands and wrists. This reliable tool, especially helpful for those with weak hands or arthritis, is more than just a gadget; it’s a helping hand in your daily kitchen tasks. Proudly family-owned and made in the USA since 1977, The Grip is a symbol of enduring quality and a testament to the value of supporting small businesses and American craftsmanship.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Septic Tank Treatment

Keep your septic system healthy and efficient with their easy-to-use flushable packets. Just one packet a month breaks down waste and prevents costly backups. Loaded with scientifically selected bacteria, they activate essential enzymes for decomposing waste, ensuring smooth functioning. Eco-friendly and made in the USA, these all-natural packets are safe for all plumbing and septic systems and even work wonders in RVs and boats by controlling odors. A simple monthly flush not only maintains your system but also saves you from expensive repairs, as it effectively turns solid waste into liquid.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Radiate 4 Pack XL 8” Portable Campfire As Seen On Shark Tank

The Extra Large Radiate Portable Campfire, featured on Shark Tank, is the perfect companion for your outdoor moments. This 8-inch fire pit offers a lengthy 5-hour burn, creating a warm, inviting glow with minimal smoke, thanks to its eco-friendly soy wax and paper briquettes. Ideal for any setting, from beach nights to backyard chats, it’s portable, reusable, and easy to use – light it up for a cozy ambiance and then cap it off for next time. Made in the USA, it brings the charm of a campfire to you, hassle-free and ready for all your adventures.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Chapin 20075 Disinfectant Bleach Sprayer

Crafted in the USA, the 1-gallon Poly Tank sprayer by Chapin is a versatile and durable tool for tasks ranging from mold remediation to general cleaning. This sprayer features a chemical-resistant, translucent tank with a wide mouth for easy filling, an ergonomic pump handle, and bleach-resistant seals and gaskets. Its adjustable poly spray nozzle and lock-on poly shut-off enable a customizable and continuous spray, while the SureSpray anti-clog filter, 40-inch hose, and 12-inch wand ensure efficient application. Backed by a 1-year limited warranty and Chapin’s renowned customer support from their Batavia, NY base, this sprayer combines functionality and reliability for various needs.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Blueland Clean Suite Kit

Introducing The Clean Suite: the ultimate solution for conscientious cleaning. With a focus on efficacy and eco-friendliness, this comprehensive set of essentials revolutionizes the way we maintain the homes and care for the planet. Say goodbye to plastic waste and concerns – from tackling grimy dishes, soiled hands, to laundry, this suite delivers without compromise. Crafted from plant-based, environmentally conscious ingredients, it undergoes independent testing, proving its prowess alongside major brands while slashing costs and emissions by bundling everything you need and saving you money. And of course, these formulations are developed and manufactured here in the US.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Stormy Kromer Waxed Tough Mitts

Experience the perfect fusion of style and function with the Waxed Tough Mitts. Made from water-resistant waxed cotton with a goatskin palm for enhanced grip and lined with warm polyester sherpa, this 10 oz. Mitts ensure comfort and warmth in cold weather. They’re stylish and practical in trendy colors like sand, dark oak, and woodland camo, making an excellent gift for anyone braving the chill. Rooted in a century-long legacy, Stormy Kromer continues to craft legendary, high-quality products in the USA, with a lifetime warranty on all caps, reflecting their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop with Unique Liquid Filled Heat Conductive Handle

Zeroll, the trusted ice cream scoop since 1935, offers effortless scooping with its unique handle design that uses your hand’s warmth. Made from durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, this one-piece scoop is easy for right- and left-handed individuals. Its ingenious design, including a color-coded brown end cap, ensures perfect 4 oz portions, giving you more volume per gallon. Zeroll scoops deliver not just ice cream but the best scoop every time.
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Made in USA Longsleeve Black - XL

Flaunt your style with the Bayside black long-sleeve T-shirt, decorated with the striking “DON'T TREAD ON ME” print on the sleeve. Entirely crafted and screen-printed in the USA, this tee epitomizes quality and patriotism. Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, it promises lasting comfort and fit. The subdued print style adds a touch of subtle sophistication, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe. This T-shirt is the perfect fusion of American spirit and effortless style, designed for a regular fit.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Dark Spot Corrector Cream for Face, Body & Sensitive Area

Melinda Dark Spot Remover, ideal for sensitive face and body skin, effortlessly enhances radiance with its natural Alpha Arbutin formula. This cream not only hydrates and corrects hyperpigmentation but also improves skin elasticity and wellness, promoting a clear, even-toned complexion. Infused with a blend of plant-based ingredients, it’s perfect for daily use. Proudly made in the USA, Melinda ensures a smooth, glowing skin journey with expert support always at hand.
Buy it directly at their Amazon store.

S RAW SCIENCE Anti-Aging/Wrinkle Face Moisturizer for Women & Men

Raw Science’s Anti-Aging Skin Cream is a hydrating and nourishing moisturizer for both women and men, designed to reduce aging signs and rejuvenate the skin visibly. Suitable for all skin types, this lightweight, non-greasy formula quickly absorbs to firm and smooth the skin. Packed with collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and retinol, it effectively targets fine lines and wrinkles, offering a trusted solution for a more youthful complexion.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

EVERYOUTH Collagen Retinol Face Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid

Everyouth’s Daily Moisturizer Face Cream is a versatile, fragrance-free solution for all skin types, offering deep hydration and anti-aging benefits. Infused with collagen, retinol, and hyaluronic acid effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This lightweight, non-greasy formula, suitable for men and women, blends natural ingredients like avocado oil and aloe vera for nourishment. Proudly made in the USA without parabens or sulfates, Everyouth ensures a satisfying, skin-friendly experience.
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CLARK'S Cutting Board Oil Scrub Brush

This specialized scrub brush, designed primarily for cutting boards, is perfect for applying food-safe mineral oil and wax to wood surfaces, ensuring a lustrous finish. Crafted from natural Tampico fibers for superior cleaning efficiency, it’s made in the USA from high-quality maple, guaranteeing a food-safe, all-natural product. It’s ergonomic, practical, and rugged on residues but gentle on wood, making it versatile for butcher blocks, countertops, and kitchen islands. This brush is an excellent choice for specific and general cleaning needs.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Boka Fluoride Free Toothpaste

Boka’s toothpaste revolutionizes oral care with nanohydroxyapatite (n-Ha), a natural enamel remineralizer that reduces sensitivity and whitens teeth. This non-toxic, 100% biocompatible formula is free from fluoride, sulfates, parabens, and artificial additives, ensuring a gentle detox for your mouth. Enhanced with aloe vera, xylitol, green tea, and mint, it offers a refreshing, invigorating clean. Boka combines the best of nature and science for effective, holistic oral health.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Blue Cross Professional Nail Care

Blue Cross Professional Nail Care, with over 90 years of expertise, offers an exceptional cuticle remover and softener trusted by professionals and beauty enthusiasts. Its enriched lanolin formula softens rigid cuticles and hangnails for healthier, stronger nails. Easy to apply and suitable for various nail types, it’s a must-have for any nail care routine. Proudly made in the USA, Blue Cross provides a complete line of nail care essentials, perfect for both professional and personal use.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Bodhi Dog Natural Dog Cologne

Our USA-made pet cologne is a quick fix for keeping your furry friend smelling fresh. Ideal for busy pet owners, it instantly eliminates odors and leaves a sweet, baby-like scent. It is suitable for all pets and fur types and doubles as a natural conditioner, ensuring a soft, residue-free coat. Ethically produced with sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, it’s a perfect, vet-recommended choice for your pet and the planet.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

NUVADERMIS Caffeine Eye Cream

Discover the eye cream, expertly designed to address wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. Blended with caffeine, retinol, and hyaluronic complex, it elevates skin elasticity, offers hydration, and ensures a youthful glow. Its lightweight nature penetrates deeply without residue, making it perfect for all skin types. As a makeup base comprising high-quality ingredients, this rejuvenating cream becomes an essential part of your daily skincare, delivering anti-aging benefits for a refreshed look, proudly crafted in the USA.
Or visit their Amazon store.

Home and Holiday Shops Christmas Holly with Red Bells Leather Sleigh Bell Door Knob Hanger Made in USA

Home and Holiday Shops offers a Christmas Holly with Red Bells Leather Sleigh Bell Door Knob Hanger, proudly made in the USA. This festive door knob hanger is crafted from leather, adorned with metal plated bells, and measures approximately 7.5 inches in height (19cm). It comes with the original manufacturer’s packaging, although it does not include a box. This charming decoration adds a touch of holiday spirit to any home.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

B-12 Complex from Heritage Formulations

Unleash the potential of the B-12 Complex, a powerhouse blend crafted to invigorate your life. Defy fatigue, sharpen your focus, and enjoy sustained energy without the crash. Find tranquility as stress fades, uplifting your mood and fortifying your mind. This blend, packed with B vitamins and Vitamin C, synergizes to offer these remarkable benefits. Remember, it’s a supplement, not a replacement for medical advice—consult a professional before starting, and maintain a balanced lifestyle for optimal results.
Buy it directly on their official website.

Crisbee Rub Cast Iron and Carbon Steel Seasoning

Choose Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning for unparalleled cast iron care. Experts rely on Crisbee, valuing its effectiveness on new and vintage skillets. Beyond preventing food stickiness, it safeguards your cookware. Ideal for initial seasoning and daily maintenance, Crisbee delivers a consistently non-stick surface. A touch is all it takes to offer a cost-effective alternative to oil. The family-owned, American-made product is committed to 100% satisfaction and the convenience of same-day shipping.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Face Moisturizers from NUVADERMIS

Elevate your skincare routine with NUVADERMIS Collagen & Retinol Face Moisturizer, an age-defying elixir crafted in the USA for both day and night use. Witness the unparalleled power of Retinol and Collagen as they work in harmony to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. Reclaim youthful skin with three pivotal ingredients: Retinol that renews, Collagen that restores elasticity, and Hyaluronic Acid for profound hydration. This cutting-edge formula is more than just an anti-wrinkle solution; it’s a pledge to radiant, firm skin. With simple application and rapid absorption, it fits seamlessly into your daily regimen, offering lasting nourishment. Perfect for all skin types and developed with meticulous quality standards, their face cream assures excellence in every pump.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Softstick Natural Lip Balms from Spero Natural Goods

Get ready to fall in love with Spero Softstick Natural Lips lip balms. These $4 goodies are perfect for stuffing stockings and spreading joy. Packed with natural butters, super oils, and beeswax, the lip balms are all about keeping it simple and effective. They’re a small Alabama company dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients. No non-natural fillers here – they steer clear of ingredients like mica that may claim to be natural but just don’t make the cut. Discover the power of nature with Spero lip balms.
Also check out their official website.

Edible Birdhouses Handmade Unique Wooden Birdhouse Covered w/Birdseed

Discover a unique, resealable wooden birdhouse cleverly coated in birdseed for the feathered friends. Should the seeds be enjoyed to the fullest, you can quickly replenish them. Ingeniously designed to be squirrel-proof, it’s infused with Habanero and Chili pepper flakes, known to deter these playful creatures. Beneath the seed exterior lies a sturdy wooden structure, assured to endure for five years. This limited edition holiday design, crafted in the USA, merges functionality with festive charm.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Luca + Danni Holiday Tree Bangle Bracelet for Women

Celebrate the holidays with their handcrafted Holiday Tree Bangle, an emblem of joy made in the USA. This petite brass-toned bracelet features a festive tree adorned with multicolored ornaments, measuring 2.25 inches wide with a 6.5-inch circumference. Perfect as a Christmas gift, it comes in a special box with an essence card. Luca + Danni’s bracelets, designed to sit atop your wrist comfortably, are a tribute to cherished memories and life’s journey.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Liberty Tabletop Celtic 65pc Flatware Set Service for 12 Silverware

Experience the pinnacle of craftsmanship with the finest quality 18/10 stainless steel cutlery set, 100% made in the USA. This set features a forged knife with a serrated blade, perfect for precise cutting. Each piece boasts a stunning mirror finish, adding elegance to your dining experience. Confidently invest in lasting quality with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty included. Elevate your table setting with this exquisite American-made stainless steel cutlery.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Christmas and Holiday Cookie Cutters 5-Pc Set Made in USA by Ann Clark

Prepare for festive holiday baking with their 5-piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set, proudly made from certified food-safe American steel in the USA. With over 30 years of expertise, the Clark Family specializes in original designs perfect for creative baking. Ideal for any holiday or event, use these cutters to shape cookie dough, fondant, biscuits, brownies, cakes, or even craft clay. Let your creativity shine with fun, themed shapes for all your celebrations!
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Tree-Free Greetings Holiday Card 10 Pack & Matching Envelopes

Discover their pack of 10 high-quality, 5“x 7” holiday cards with matching envelopes. Made in Keene, NH, these cards feature thick, durable cardstock and vibrant designs both inside and out. They’re perfect for sending personal, meaningful messages this holiday season. Eco-friendly and sustainably produced in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, these cards are printed with 100% solar power, using 20% less waste. Keep these artful, budget-friendly cards on hand for a special touch in your holiday greetings.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

The Grace Prayer Bowl

Discover the “Grace” PrayerBowl, a stunning piece of American craftsmanship designed to inspire your prayer life. Each bowl is uniquely handcrafted, featuring a white milk paint finish on the exterior, artfully sanded for an authentic farmhouse feel. Inside, the word “prayer bowl” is delicately etched amidst intricate vines and leaves. Measuring around 9 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches, the size of each bowl varies, adding to its one-of-a-kind charm. You receive a rustic linen bag and 25 elegant heathered grey PrayerCards along with the bowl. Beyond its beauty, the Grace PrayerBowl supports the vital work of A21, a charity dedicated to ending human trafficking, inviting you to join in its mission through prayer and sponsorship. This isn’t just an ornament; it’s a beautiful, meaningful addition to your home, reminding you of the power of prayer and the impact of compassionate action.
Buy it directly on their official website

Oliology Coconut Oil 10-in-1 Multipurpose Spray - Leave in Treatment for All Hair Types

This all-in-one hair treatment tackles ten common concerns, including frizz, split ends, and dullness. Infused with coconut oil, it strengthens, hydrates, and adds shine to all hair types. The formula is botanically enriched, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Made in the USA, Oliology’s product is perfect for achieving smoother, healthier-looking hair with ease.
Buy it directly at their Amazon store.

Experience The Best in Dish Cloths - Soft, Absorbent, Durable (6 Pack)

Enjoy superior quality with this 6-pack of dishcloths from OHSAY USA. Made in America and sold by vets, these soft, absorbent, and durable washcloths are perfect for any kitchen. Crafted from a polycotton blend, they measure 14“L x 10” W and feature a stylish striped pattern. Easy to care for, they are machine washable and come in a convenient rectangular shape. Weighing just 9.17 ounces, this pack is proudly manufactured by OHSAY USA, combining durability and versatility in a compact, no-fuss design.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

MILSPIN Magnus Brass Utility Knife

The Milspin Magnus Utility Knife, expertly crafted by veterans in Columbus, Ohio, exemplifies American manufacturing excellence. Made with durable, high-quality brass, this knife features a convenient interchangeable razor blade system and is easy to use with items like a coin or screwdriver. Ergonomically designed with a thumb groove and textured grip, it ensures comfort and precision. The package includes five extra high-carbon steel blades, ensuring long-lasting functionality and reliability. This brass-bodied knife is an essential, versatile tool for everyday tasks.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

The Teething Key by Eztotz

This USA-made teething ring features a variety of textures to soothe different teething stages for babies and toddlers. Crafted from 100% safe, food-grade silicone, it’s soft yet effective for gum relief and is fridge, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Its easy-to-grip design and multiple pacifier clip attachment points make it ideal for travel. Available in gender-neutral teal, it’s a perfect, practical gift for baby showers and registries.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

SwaddleDesigns Large Receiving Blanket, Ultimate Swaddle for Baby Boys, Girls, Softest US Cotton Flannel, Best Shower Gift, Made in USA, Pink Classic Polka Dots

Wrap your baby in the cozy comfort of SwaddleDesigns’ premium USA cotton flannel blankets, renowned for their baby-soft quality. Generously sized at 42 x 42 inches, these versatile blankets are perfect for swaddling, use as a sunshield, during tummy time, or as a privacy throw. Each features its signature 123 Swaddle label with easy swaddling steps, making it simple for anyone to master the art of swaddling. These blankets coordinate seamlessly with a range of high-quality baby essentials.
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HAV-A-HANK Genuine MADE IN USA Handkerchief 15 inch [5 Pack]

Discover the classic American quality with HAV-A-HANK’s made-in-the-USA handkerchiefs. Since 1946, these 100% cotton handkerchiefs have been a staple, perfect for any situation. Initially stiff, they soften with use, ensuring comfort and durability. This pack includes five 15“ x 15” handkerchiefs, each showcasing superior craftsmanship and supporting American jobs.
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WindowAlert Snowflake Anti-Collision Decal

Protect birds and enhance your home décor with WindowAlert’s pack of four static-cling reflective decals. These decals serve as an effective deterrent, preventing wild birds from colliding with your glass windows and sliding doors. Each window cling is designed with a unique reflective material that shines ultraviolet sunlight as a glowing warning to birds while appearing as frosted or etched glass to humans. For optimal effectiveness, apply once to exterior glass surfaces that are thoroughly cleaned and free from impurities. Trusted since 2003 and pioneered in Bend, Oregon, WindowAlert is your go-to source for preventing bird window strikes, with all decals proudly made in the USA.
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Benebone Zaggler Rolling Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Real Peanut, Made in USA, Medium

Experience a fun-filled game of chase and chew with the Zaggler from Benebone. This durable toy, perfect for super chewers, offers long-lasting entertainment as it rolls around playfully. Made with 100% REAL PEANUTS for an irresistible flavor, it’s a hit with dogs who can definitely tell the difference. Proudly made and sourced in the USA, Benebone guarantees happiness. If you have any issues or just want to chat, their dedicated team is always ready to ensure you and your pup are thoroughly pleased with your purchase.
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RED MOOSE Premium Boot and Shoe Cream Polish

Revive and protect your leather goods with Red Moose’s premium cream polish. Made in the USA, this rich blend of natural waxes, oils, and pigments cleans, preserves, and restores color to shoes, boots, and leather accessories. Easy to apply, it covers scuffs and fills cracks, bringing new life to worn leather with instant, long-lasting results. Ideal for everything from daily wear to weather-damaged items, a little goes a long way in maintaining your leather’s pristine look.
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STORi Chloe Stackable Clear Makeup Holder and Double Organizer Drawer Set

Enhance your space with this American-made makeup organizer and double storage drawer set, crafted from high-quality, BPA-free plastic for durability. Its stackable design is perfect for tidying up bathroom shelves, under-sink spaces, and vanity counters, efficiently organizing everything from makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes to skincare bottles and compacts. Beyond beauty products, it’s also great for arranging office supplies and pantry items. The set includes one makeup organizer and double drawer, each measuring 7.88“ W x 6.63” L x 4.25” H, offering a versatile and practical solution for home organization.
Or visit their Amazon store.

Lodge Cast Iron Loaf Pan 8.5x4.5 Inch

Experience bakery-quality results at home with Lodge’s 8.5 x 4.5 inch cast iron loaf pan. Designed for consistent baking and browning, this pan ensures a lovely crust and high rise for your favorite loaf recipes. Pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil, it’s ready to use right out of the box. Renowned for its durability, this heirloom-quality cast iron bakeware won’t dent, bend, or warp, making it a lasting addition to your kitchen. Proudly made in South Pittsburg, TN, since 1896, Lodge continues its tradition of manufacturing high-quality cast iron cookware in the USA.
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KEY NUTRIENTS 20 Pack Electrolytes Powder Packets No Sugar

Discover the refreshing taste of their popular electrolyte powder variety pack, featuring delightful flavors like peach mango, pink lemonade, cherry pom, and blue raspberry. This calorie- and sugar-free powder is ideal for health-conscious individuals. It’s enriched with 18 essential vitamins and minerals alongside six vital electrolytes, making it perfect for post-workout recovery or everyday hydration. Conveniently mixable with any beverage, the keto-friendly powder is crafted in the USA by the veteran-founded business, ensuring quality and performance to support your active lifestyle.
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California Born Days of Dirt Hair Styling Cream

Get instant, manageable hair with California Born Hair Styling Cream, designed for immediate results on dry, fluffy, or curly hair. Easy to apply to wet, damp, or dry hair, it’s ideal for busy lifestyles. This moisturizing, non-greasy cream hydrates and leaves hair shiny without residue. It tames frizz, adds volume, and suits all hair types, including curly, wavy, or straight. Long-lasting and protective against heat damage, it’s a budget-friendly choice for a salon-worthy look. Conveniently packaged in a travel-friendly tube, it’s perfect for on-the-go styling.
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RED MOOSE Shoe Horn - 7.5 Inch, Solid Steel - Durable Metal, Ergonomic Handle

Effortlessly slip into your favorite footwear with the Red Moose Solid Steel Shoe Horn. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable wear, preserving the shape and integrity of your shoes. Compact at 7.5 inches, it’s perfect for travel, fitting easily into bags or briefcases. This shoe horn is a must-have accessory for anyone who values style and shoe care, ideal for quick changes or on-the-go.
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Ann Clark Professional-Grade Gel Food Coloring Made in USA .7 oz, 12 Colors

Excite your baking artistry with their richly pigmented gel food coloring, perfect for icings, frostings, and batters. Each tube, potent enough to vividly tint icing for 32 two-layer cakes, ensures ample coverage for all your baking projects. The superior gel formula allows precise, mess-free application, a clear advantage over traditional liquid dyes. Free from common allergens like peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, eggs, dairy, soy, fish, shellfish, non-GMO, Kosher, and vegan, it caters to a wide range of dietary needs. This comprehensive 12-pack boasts an array of colors, including super black, super red, royal blue, regal purple, bubblegum pink, pumpkin orange, lemon yellow, leaf green, ocean teal, sky blue, mocha brown, and vivid fuchsia. Proudly manufactured in Ann Clark’s Rutland, Vermont facility, their gel food coloring is a top choice for professional bakers and culinary enthusiasts.
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Eco Lips Mongo Kiss Certified Organic Lip Balm Variety 8-pack with Mongongo Oil & Cocoa Butter to Moisturize Dry Chapped Lips

Experience the luxury of USA-made, all-organic lip balm crafted with a nourishing blend of mongongo oil, fair trade cocoa butter, and organic beeswax for irresistibly smooth lips. This gluten-free and non-toxic formula is free from harmful additives, ensuring safe and effective moisturization. Enriched with Vitamin E, it deeply nourishes and protects your lips from dryness and chapping. Ethically produced, cruelty-free lip balm is made with renewable energy and packaged in an eco-friendly, recyclable tube. Perfect for holiday gifts or a thoughtful appreciation gesture, it comes in a beautifully designed box for gifting and storage.
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LUNARA SKY Lingonberry Spice Soap for Body & Face | Limited Holiday Edition | Gentle Soap – For All Skin Types – Made in USA

Discover the enchantment of Lingonberry Spice Elixir, their limited-edition handmade soap. This cold process soap artfully blends sweet apple, frozen berries, zesty lemon, and balsamic fir with warm notes of cinnamon, clove, and cedarwood, all infused with the refreshing scents of mountain air and musk. Elevate your self-care this holiday season with a unique fusion of nature’s finest ingredients. Embrace this festive luxury with Lingonberry Spice Elixir.
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Pure Country Weavers Irish Fisherman Natural Blanket

Make your gift unforgettable with this Woven Heirloom blanket, perfect for any occasion. This versatile blanket stands out whether it’s a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or a unique gesture for your mother, father, siblings, or significant other. It’s not just a cozy throw for the couch or a chic bed topper, but it can also be a striking wall tapestry, adding an artistic touch to any space. Crafted from a blend of virgin and recycled cotton, it’s eco-friendly and softer with each wash, reminiscent of your favorite pair of jeans. Proudly made in Tryon, North Carolina, at their family-owned mill, this blanket is a testament to American craftsmanship and quality that your loved ones will treasure for a lifetime.
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18pk Made in USA Heavy Duty Plastic Clothes Hangers Bulk

Discover the durability and sleek design of their USA-made heavy-duty closet hangers, available in various pack sizes and colors to seamlessly integrate into any closet space. Crafted from robust materials, these slim-profile hangers feature an accessory hook for added convenience, perfect for organizing ties, scarves, and belts. Rigorously tested to hold up to 10 lbs, each hanger measures 16.7 x 8.7 x 0.35 inches and is designed to support coats, suits, pants, and more efficiently. Choose from versatile color options like white and black, and rest assured with the lasting quality of these space-saving hangers that promise to keep your wardrobe orderly and accessible. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed with their 30-day money-back policy, so you can elevate your closet organization risk-free.
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Danforth Remembrance Poppy Lapel Pin (Red)

The Danforth Remembrance Poppy Lapel Pin handcrafted from premium lead and nickel-free pewter and painted in a vivid red, is an emblem of honor and memory. With its intricate craftsmanship, this delicate pin is a striking accessory and a symbol of respect for those who have served the country. Ideal for adding a splash of color to any attire, it serves as a poignant gift for military personnel and their families, especially on Memorial or Veteran’s Day. Proudly handmade in Middlebury, Vermont, each pin from Danforth results from meticulous work by local artisans, capturing tradition and artistry in every piece.
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Milspin Rhino Bar  Stainless Steel Pry Tool, Keychain Screw Driver, Box Cutter

Crafted for unparalleled resilience, the Milspin Rhino Bar is a testament to American engineering. Forged from premium stainless steel, this compact pry bar tool embodies durability, withstanding heavy-duty use without succumbing to wear. Its versatile nature equips you for various activities—from prying and leveraging to emergency scenarios—ensuring you’re always prepared. Conceived and manufactured by US Veterans, choosing the Milspin Rhino Bar supports a legacy of quality and the brave community that crafted it. Sleek and unassuming, it slips into your pocket at 1.3 ounces, becoming an essential everyday carry for the adept survivalist. The Rhino Bar symbolizes robust simplicity and enduring functionality, whether as a thoughtful gift or a personal selection.
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MOXĒ Smell Training Kit

Made in the USA, the Smell Therapy Bundle includes eight essential oil nasal inhalers for smell restoration and diversification in two sequential phases. Phase 1 aids neural recovery for those with smell impairments, and Phase 2 introduces a broader scent spectrum. The kit has pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, an instructional guide, and a progress log. Consistent usage is critical, and we ensure satisfaction with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
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EZY DOSE Ear and Eye Medicine Dropper

Ezy Dose self-care products simplify cleansing and care routines, bringing efficiency and ease to your daily regimen. It features explicit calibration in 1/4 mL increments for precise measurements. The droppers ensure accurate dosing and can hold up to 1 mL of liquid. Crafted with durability in mind, they are designed for longevity even after repeated use. Ezy Dose is dedicated to helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle with products that support your wellness goals with convenience in mind.
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Bed MadeEZ Bed Maker and Mattress Lifter Tool Helps Lift and Hold The Mattress

The Bed MadeEZ simplifies bed-making by sliding between the mattress and box spring, lifting the mattress for easy linen changes—note it requires a box spring. Its ergonomic design minimizes back strain, with a comfortable handle for one or two-handed use, raising the mattress 4-5 inches. Ideal for fitting sheets and applying bed skirts, this tool is a time-saver for both home and commercial use.
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NO-PEST VENT, Exclusive Dual Door Dryer Vent Cover Outdoor 6 inch

The No-Pest Vent revolutionizes dryer safety and efficiency with its advanced dual-door design, preventing pest intrusion and lint accumulation. This innovative approach ensures an unobstructed airflow that expedites drying reduces energy costs and adheres to stringent building codes. Made with durable American plastic resin and UV protection in Zeeland, Michigan, their vent covers have withstood the test for over a decade. They forego hazardous lint screens, making them the safest, most reliable choice for maintaining a clean and efficient dryer vent system.
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Hammond’s Candies – Hand Spun Peppermint Candy Canes

Hammond’s Candies, a staple in Denver for over a century, has grown from Carl T. Hammond, Sr.’s small family business, into an iconic brand with a steadfast dedication to quality. Known for confections made from scratch, we prioritize the finest ingredients, handcrafting each batch to ensure pure, sweet goodness. Local sourcing where possible, their candies are more than just treats; they represent a legacy of excellence and a commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. The factory isn’t just a place of production but a community hub, inviting visitors to tours, parties, and memorable moments. The pursuit of crafting the finest candies is as much about delighting their customers as it is about honoring the vision that has kept families returning for generations.
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Beverage Buddee Can Cover

Enjoy a cleaner sipping experience with Beverage Buddee, which can cover perfectly fitting standard US cans with a 2.13” diameter. This pack of four, in assorted colors, easily snaps onto your drink to prevent spills, keep out dust, and protect against contaminants. They’re designed for a snug fit on smooth-topped cans, compatible with straws, and are top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Please note that they are not suitable for ribbed or oversized cans.
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Professional Cornhole Boards

Experience top-notch cornhole play with ACE Red Zone’s USA-made boards. Crafted for durability and performance, these tournament-grade boards feature UV-protected, peel-proof surfaces and are constructed from robust 3/4-inch Baltic Birch plywood. The set includes two hefty, stable boards designed to stay in place, ensuring your game is professional.
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Flitz Multi-Purpose Polish and Cleaner Paste for Metal, Plastic, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Jewelry, Sterling Silver

Flitz’s multi-purpose cleaner delivers a powerful cleaning and polishing performance on various surfaces, such as metal, plastic, and chrome, effectively tackling tough stains like rust and tarnish while being gentle for daily use. Perfect for everything from kitchen countertops to automotive detailing, it safely removes contaminants without being toxic, abrasive, or flammable. Crafted with advanced German formulas and proudly American-made, Flitz is a testament to the family-owned company’s legacy of quality and safety.
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Jefferson Street Ceramics - Made in USA - Ceramic Pie Weights

Expertly handcrafted in the USA, the pie weights ensure your crust stays put during blind baking. Made from 100% natural American stoneware clay, these weights prevent crust shrinkage and bubbling. The durable ceramic is water- and oil-resistant, meaning there is no mold or odor absorption, and it can withstand temperatures up to 2200 degrees F. After use, simply clean and store the 2.4 lb of half-inch diameter beads in the included reusable cotton mesh bag – ample for two 7-inch shells or a single 10-inch pie crust.
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Red Land Cotton Luxury Sheet Set

Experience Red Land Cotton’s luxury: Entirely crafted in the USA from cotton grown on their family-owned Alabama farm. The sheets, with their unique yarn and crisp percale finish, promise unparalleled comfort. Every set includes a flat sheet, a deep-set 16-inch fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, with Split King variants featuring twin XL sheets. Seamlessly blending tradition with modern elegance, they’re hand-sewn at the Red Land Farms. Available in colors ranging from natural flecked cotton to pristine white, these sheets, woven at a sturdy 140 thread count, echo the timeless charm of 1920s bedding while ensuring lasting comfort.
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Premium Leather Valet Tray from The Tulip Tree USA

Discover the ultimate organizer with the USA Handmade Premium Leather Valet Tray, a versatile and stylish addition to any space. This exquisite tray, available in a rich Burgundy Gold color in the Large size, is meticulously handcrafted in the USA from premium leather, ensuring elegance and durability. It is designed with practicality and features brass snaps that allow it to fold flat for easy storage or transport. Not just an organizer, this tray also serves as a dice rolling basket, perfect for board game enthusiasts. Its deep design keeps your dice contained and your game space tidy. Whether you’re organizing small valuables, rolling dice, or simply adding a touch of sophistication to your decor, this tray will instantly make your life more beautiful wherever you are.
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Pinnacle Mercantile Authentic Military Woobie

Crafted in the USA, this authentic woobie poncho liner is made with 100% ripstop nylon and 100% polyester batting, adhering to NSN 8405-01-672-8526 standards. Showcasing an OCP camo front with a tan reverse, it’s 91.5“ x 65.5” and includes eight sets of 9” nylon ties. Easily machine-washable, it’s versatile for enhancing ponchos, makeshift shelters, or as a sleeping bag. Supporting a more significant cause, Pinnacle Mercantile is a 501(c)3 non-profit that proudly employs blind Americans.
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BetterVent Indoor Dryer Vent Kit

BetterVent’s premium indoor dryer vent kit captures lint, dust, and pet hair using a double filter system, ensuring a healthier indoor ambiance. Made in the USA, this energy-efficient kit reduces costs and drying time, returning warm air to your room in colder months. Its unique Safety Vent Flap automatically opens if the dryer overheats, signaling when maintenance is due. The kit includes instructions, mounting tools, calibration weights, and two filters but excludes the transition duct hose. Ideal for electric dryers, it offers a water-free, easy-to-maintain solution for homeowners and renters alike.
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Apolla The Joule Barefoot Compression Sock for Men and Women

Apolla’s Joule socks, provide patented compression for optimal circulation and recovery. With 20-30 mmHg compression, they’re perfect for arch support and conditions like plantar fasciitis. Featuring knit-in cushioning at critical pressure points, they’re ideal for daily wear, athletic activities, or travel. Recognized on Good Morning America and proudly made in the USA by a female-owned company, Apolla sets the standard for foot comfort.
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Exotac ripSPOOL Lightweight Bushcraft and Survival Complete Field Repair Kit and FireCord Lanyard for First Aid, Fire-Starting, Tool Creation, Fishing, and Navigation Tasks, Made in The USA

The ripSPOOL is your essential, lightweight field companion, expertly crafted for diverse tasks like first aid, fire-starting, and navigation. With over 60 ft. of high-strength, 30 lb. synthetic line, it’s ideal for mending gear or makeshift fishing. Its 50-inch multi-use repair tape can patch up items or serve as fuel, while the neatly stored #16 sail needle is perfect for sewing. Additionally, the Firecord lanyard features a unique core that doubles as fuel. With ripSPOOL, you’re always ready for the unexpected.
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READYWISE - Powdered Eggs Bucket, 144 Servings, Emergency, MRE Food Supply, Premade, Freeze Dried Survival Food for Hiking, Adventure & Camping Essentials, Individually Packaged, 25 Year Shelf Life

ReadyWise emergency food kit, a compact yet comprehensive bucket packed with 144 servings. The highlight? Gourmet-quality freeze-dried powdered eggs, marrying taste and nutrition with an impressive 25-year shelf life. Preparation is straightforward: add water, stir, and enjoy within 15 minutes. Whether for emergencies, hiking, or camping, their dehydrated meals, sealed for freshness, offer more than sustenance; they promise a delightful dining experience. With ReadyWise, you’re not just opting for emergency provisions but a blend of taste and dependability. Rely on ReadyWise for gourmet preparedness.
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Redfeather Snowshoes Trek 35 SV2,Green

Experience the next level in snowshoe design with their SV2 Bindings Snowshoe. Equipped with the cutting-edge SV2 Binding, it ensures a snug, easy-to-adjust fit using a single-pull handle. Lightweight yet resilient, its rip-stop vinyl deck guards against punctures, while the Biothane hinge elevates the tail with each step, enhancing speed and mobility. For unmatched stability, aluminum crampons are strategically positioned at the front and rear, accompanied by an ice shield to ward off snow build-up. The V-Tail frame, crafted from premium 6000 series aircraft aluminum, promises unparalleled maneuverability in deep snow.
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Introducing the Ludwig Scandinavian-Type Whipper Mini Whisk, meticulously crafted from 100% USA-made, premium stainless steel. This whisk is FDA, ANSI, and NSF approved, ensuring the highest quality for food contact. We prioritize your family’s health, so we chose the best stainless steel, even if it comes at a premium. The whipper features an 8“ handle and a 1 3/4” diameter, perfectly designed for optimal use. Proudly made in the USA, it’s the perfect blend of durability and elegance.
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Lip Balm Container Tray Kit with Fill Tray and Spatula

Experience premium, USA-made quality with their PBA-FREE food-grade lip balm containers and fill tray. This set includes a filling tray, spatula, and 50 clear containers for effortless DIY lip balm creations. The durable, non-toxic containers ensure no leaks, making them ideal for lipsticks, chapsticks, homemade lip balms, lip glosses, sunscreen sticks, and more.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Berkland Golf Club Polish

Elevate your game with the golf club cleaner, expertly crafted to rejuvenate steel, aluminum, and zinc clubs. Effortlessly eliminate scuffs and rust, enhancing your club’s appearance and performance. With an intuitive design that starts coarse and finishes fine, this formula revitalizes without pricey services. Made in Florida’s golfing heart, it ensures long-lasting club shine and top-tier performance. For dedicated golfers, it’s a game-changer in club care.
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Baby Banana Yellow Banana Infant Toothbrush

Introduce your baby to the Baby Banana Toothbrush, the perfect teething companion. Crafted for tiny hands and sensitive gums, soft silicone bristles offer gentle gum relief. Made from durable, food-safe silicone, it’s freezer-friendly and dishwasher-safe. With its unique “peel” grip, it’s easy for little hands to hold, and it can be attached to a binky strap. Proudly made in the USA, it’s BPA and phthalate-free. As your baby’s teeth emerge, use a touch of baby-safe toothpaste, gradually teaching them brushing habits under supervision. Ideal for ages 3-12 months and is available in various colors.
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Crisbee Stik® Cast Iron and Carbon Steel Seasoning

Trust in Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning, the go-to choice for cast iron enthusiasts, whether for brand-new or cherished vintage skillets. So, what’s the importance of seasoning? It ensures your cast iron remains non-stick, food-friendly, and protected. With Crisbee, you can achieve and maintain a pristine, non-stick skillet surface. Crafted from a premium blend of Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil and Beeswax, it’s not only practical but also economical. Just a dab ensures perfect seasoning every time. Experience 100% satisfaction with this family-owned, proudly made-in-the-USA product that ships out on the same day.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Sari/Blue Sky Earrings, Ornate Cobalt & Powder Blue Pewter Teardrop Earrings

Introducing Danforth’s Sari / Blue Sky & Blue Earrings, handcrafted in the USA. These lightweight, teardrop-shaped earrings, measuring 1 7/8” high, showcase an intricate azure and cobalt flower surrounding a powder blue center, offering a blend of artisanal beauty and contemporary style. Their hypoallergenic French wires ensure comfortable wear. Perfect as a gift for any special occasion, they enhance various kinds, from bohemian to classic. Pair with Danforth’s Sari Blue Sky Necklace for a coordinated look. Cherish this Middlebury, Vermont-crafted piece as a testament to artisanal craftsmanship.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

CELL PHONE SEAT – Phone & Cup Holder Made in USA 

Introducing the Cell Phone Seat: a seamless, USA-made phone holder designed for your cup holder. Easily fitting holders 3-4 inches in diameter, it accommodates most phones and ensures unobstructed access to charging ports. Crafted from durable plastic, it allows both horizontal and vertical phone positioning without the need for magnets, suction cups, or hinges. Simple to use, it doesn’t obstruct your view, making it the perfect driving companion. Experience a clutter-free drive with the Cell Phone Seat.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

14k Solid White Gold Pendant Necklace with Natural Blue Sapphires and Natural Diamond Flower Pendant

Embrace elegance with Galaxy Gold’s USA-crafted 14k White Gold Pendant Necklace featuring distinctive blue sapphires and a diamond flower pendant. Each piece, meticulously crafted in Los Angeles, highlights the unique color variations in every gemstone. Perfect for September celebrants, this exquisite necklace is available in various gold tones and comes nestled in a luxurious black velvet box, ready for gifting. They offer detailed appraisals upon request, affirming the unparalleled quality and uniqueness of your selection, while their service commitment ensures a seamless, satisfying acquisition experience.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

Original 51-Piece State Magnet Collector’s Set

Embark on a visual journey across America with the 29.3“ x 19.6” robust metal display board, accompanied by 51 uniquely crafted 3-D rubber state magnets. Each magnet, averaging 1.25“ x 1.5”, is a vibrant showpiece of iconic landmarks and routes, all made with pride in the U.S.A. This interactive set, designed for easy wall installation, brings your travel memories to life. It seamlessly aligns with their Classic Magnet “Small State Map Magnet” series, inviting you to celebrate each adventure with a colorful, tactile keepsake.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

DANFORTH Four Leaf Clover Keychain (Green)

Discover a touch of luck with Danforth’s Four Leaf Clover Keychain, meticulously handcrafted from lead-free pewter in the heart of Middlebury, Vermont. This exquisite piece, measuring 1 1/2“ tall and 1 1/4” expansive, captures the essence of Irish tradition and the universal symbol of good fortune. Beyond its elegance, it’s a meaningful keepsake that connects individuals to their Irish roots or affinities. Perfect for gifting, this keychain is more than an accessory; it’s a daily reminder of love, friendship, and heritage. Each creation is a tribute to refined American craftsmanship, resonating deeply with enthusiasts of Irish culture and symbols of luck.
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2-pack Plastic Squeeze Bottles for Sauces

Discover the convenience of the USA-made, BPA-free condiment bottles. Crafted from high-quality, food-safe HDPE, these versatile, translucent squeeze bottles serve all your needs, from kitchen condiments to craft materials. They feature precision, leak-proof caps, and a design that’s both reusable and dishwasher-safe, ensuring practicality and longevity. Simplify your daily tasks with these essential, multi-use tools packaged in an economical set for your continued satisfaction.
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Mood Lips Lipstick pH Color Changing Made in the USA (Green)

Experience transformative, long-lasting lip color with the Mood Lips Lipstick. Designed for 12-hour wear, this unique formula keeps your lips moisturized all day with Vitamins A, C, & E and Aloe Vera and changes color based on your lips’ pH. Watch in delight as purple turns to berry red, brown to reddish-brown, blue to pink, green to bright pink, and red to reddish-pink, giving you a personalized shade. Beyond the color magic, enjoy peace of mind with the waterproof, smear-proof, and smudge-proof lipstick that stands firm against everyday elements, even your mask. Proudly made in the USA, we’re confident in their product’s ability to satisfy you; however, we offer a full refund within the first 30 days of purchase if it doesn’t meet your expectations.
Or visit their Amazon store.

Beautyblender® | Original Blender Makeup Sponge

Elevate your beauty routine with the premium, aqua-activated makeup sponge, designed to double in size when wet and minimize product waste. This multi-use beauty blender, perfect for applying everything from foundation to highlighter, combines a precision tip with a broad, soft surface for quick, effortless application and impeccable finish. Crafted with non-toxic, water-soluble dyes, this durable sponge is gentle on the skin, offering up to six months of practical use. As a testament to their commitment to ethical beauty, USA-made sponges are cruelty-free and vegan. Although it may shed dye initially, the iconic pink beauty blender ensures a non-transferable, stellar application, making your makeup routine as flawless as your finished look.
Buy it directly on their official website or visit their Amazon store.

50 States USA Photo Map - Frame Optional 

Embark on a personalized journey with the USA Photo Map, a keepsake that allows you to add photos to each of the 50 states, crafting a tapestry of memories. With their easy-to-use online Map Maker, you can effortlessly crop your cherished images to fit individual states, then print them at home or send them directly to nearby supply stores for added ease. Maps, available with or without a frame, are 36“ x 24” to fit standard frames and come with a customizable outer border in various colors. Each map is thoughtfully designed with three mat boards:
  • A stylized outer edge shaped like the U.S.
  • A contrasting white inner wall with state cutouts for your photos
  • A background mat labeled with each state’s name
It’s not just a map; it’s your story waiting to be told.
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Shower Steamers Aromatherapy - Shower Bombs Made in USA

Immerse yourself in a rejuvenating aromatherapy experience with the USA-made eucalyptus and mint shower steamers, meticulously crafted to transform your daily routine into a blissful aromatic escape. Each steamer envelops you in mood-lifting scents, offering a perfect balance between calm and invigoration. Ideal for gifting, these indulgent steamers are a universal symbol of self-care, appealing to both men and women alike. Dive into the refreshing embrace of the menthol and eucalyptus infusion, representing the pinnacle of relaxation and pristine American craftsmanship, all without the concern of artificial dyes.
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Pink Butcher Paper Roll With Dispenser Box

Indulge in the excellence of their American-made, Homegrown pink butcher paper. Perfectly safe for food, this paper is devised using food-grade materials, ensuring an untainted, authentic flavor for your culinary delights. Its enhanced wet strength guarantees durability, no matter the juiciness of the task. Presented in a handy, reusable dispenser box with a built-in cutter, the Bryco Kraft Butcher Paper promises ease with every tear, making your kitchen endeavors seamless. It stands apart, unbleached, and entirely free of wax or coatings, offering nothing but pure flavor preservation. Moreover, their environmentally mindful packaging is designed for easy refilling with any 18-inch Bryco butcher paper rolls, ensuring sustainability without compromising quality.
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Burt’s Bees for Pets Deodorizing Dog Grooming Wipes

Embrace the natural care of Burt’s Bees for Pets, America’s leading pet grooming brand*. The deodorizing dog wipes, formulated with refreshing apple and eucalyptus, offer a delightful way to combat odors and keep your pet fresh without artificial fragrances. The quilted texture ensures a thorough clean, effortlessly lifting dirt and excess fur from your dog’s coat. These wipes are lovingly crafted with 98% natural ingredients, reflecting their commitment to responsible pet care. Join many happy pet owners who trust Burt’s Bees for gentle, natural grooming solutions.
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Patriotic Pins Waving American Flag Hat & Lapel Pin

Showcase your patriotic spirit with the meticulously designed pin featuring the iconic 50 stars and 13 stripes, accentuated with vibrant red, white, and blue enamel paint. Each hook, anchored in durability with a brass gold plate base, undergoes rigorous quality control to meet your highest standards. The robust clasp ensures secure attachment to any garment, from lapels to backpacks, sustaining its grip under any circumstances. Presented in an elegant gift box with a travel pouch, it’s ready for gifting or safe storage. This exquisite piece, a testament to over a century of craftsmanship excellence from Hamilton Jewelers, epitomizes American quality and timeless value.
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LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set 12 USA made Fizzies, Shea & Coco Butter Dry Skin Moisturize, Perfect for Bubble Spa Bath.

Indulge in the ultimate spa experience with their unique 12 handcrafted bath bombs, each designed to inspire relaxation and rejuvenation. Freshly made in California with top-tier, domestic natural ingredients, these luxurious bath bombs promise a soothing, therapeutic touch perfect for nourishing normal to dry skin. Expertly concocted by a team passionate about quality spa experiences, each bomb is individually wrapped ready to be gifted. The set is the go-to choice for thoughtful presents, making occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, or any special moment unforgettable. Elevate your gesture of love and appreciation with the promise of a serene, delightful bath experience.
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SimplyVital Face Moisturizer Collagen Cream

Discover the rejuvenating power of SimplyVital’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream, expertly formulated with retinol, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Dive into youthful radiance as this lightweight moisturizer diminishes fine lines, hydrates intensively, and revitalizes your complexion. The USA-made elixir in a GMP-certified facility stimulates natural collagen production, harnessing your skin’s inherent healing power. Trust in their commitment to your beauty and satisfaction, with a dedicated support team ready to ensure your happiness with every purchase.
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Amish Origins Drawing Salve Ointment

Discover the soothing efficacy of Amish Origins Drawing Salve Ointment, your go-to solution in a 2 oz jar for various skin concerns. This salve is a multifunctional marvel, from the swift treatment of boils, splinters, and bee stings to providing relief from cyst discomfort and poison ivy or oak reactions. Beyond its drawing capabilities, it serves as an exceptional anti-itch cream. Every ounce is a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and maximum-strength formulation, designed for immediate action and comfort. Made in the USA, their salve is the epitome of Amish Origins’ commitment to quality, harnessing nature’s purest ingredients for remedies that you can trust. Embrace a solution steeped in authenticity and simplicity with each use.
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USA Made Premium Leather Valet Tray

Indulge in the elegance of a luxurious design with the top-grain leather vanity tray. This exquisite tray, accented with felt lining and brass snaps, provides a stylish solution for organizing personal items like watches, coins, keys, and jewelry, effortlessly decluttering your desk, bedside table, or countertop. Beyond its sophistication, it’s designed for portability; unsnap the corners to flatten it for easy travel or storage. This versatile valet tray isn’t just a treat for yourself but also a thoughtful gift for any occasion, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving, or birthdays, offering loved ones a chic way to secure their valuables.
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Christmas Softies Natural Sprinkles

Experience the joy of guilt-free, radiant Supernatural Softies sprinkles, thoughtfully crafted without artificial elements. The colors, derived from plants, avoid common allergens, embracing a healthier, modern baking ethos. They sidestep traditional confectioner’s glaze for a vegan-friendly sparkle, all created with care by the female-led team in the USA. Every sprinkle shows their commitment to quality, ethics, and culinary delight.
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Collagen Face Cream with Airless Pump - Collagen Botanical Stem Cells Cream for Skin with Retinol, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid - Anti-Aging Day & Night Face Moisturizer Cream

Elevate your skincare routine with InstaSkincare’s Collagen Retinol Stem Cell Cream, a meticulously crafted formula blending the rejuvenating powers of stem cells, collagen, and retinol. This premium cream visibly lifts and reinvigorates the skin, fortifying its elasticity and aiding its natural healing process. Designed for seamless integration into your day and night routines, it provides unrelenting nourishment, safeguarding your skin around the clock. Each application indulges the skin with profound hydration and revitalization, a testament to their devotion to natural ingredients and gentle formulations suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Entrust your skin to InstaSkincare’s unparalleled commitment to quality and innovation, stepping confidently toward a luminous, youthful glow.
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PEET, Advantage Plus 4-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer with Fan & Heat Settings

Experience the ultimate footwear care with the PEET Advantage Plus, engineered to dry and deodorize shoes or boots efficiently. This silent yet powerful device preserves your footwear and revitalizes comfort by handling two pairs simultaneously or accommodating various accessories with extra PEET DryPorts. Select from multiple drying modes, with rapid 1 to 4-hour cycles, tailored for diverse materials like leather or synthetics. Trust in longevity with their 5-year warranty, solidifying PEET’s commitment to elevating comfort and convenience. Register promptly after purchase and embrace a world of fresh, ready-to-wear footwear daily.
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US Acrylic Newport 20 ounce Unbreakable Plastic Stackable Water Tumblers in 4 Coastal Colors

Discover the perfect blend of durability and style with American-made, 12-piece set of 20oz textured glasses. Crafted from high-quality, health-conscious plastic, these glasses are essentials for diverse environments, from your first apartment or dorm room to poolside gatherings or patio dinners. Their robust design makes them ideal companions for outdoor entertaining, be it camping or on an RV adventure. Boasting dimensions of 3.50“ Diam x 6.00” H, these glasses don’t just offer reliability; they bring a touch of elegance to any setting, making everyday occasions a tad more special.
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Bee’s Wrap - Assorted 3 Pack

Discover the sustainable switch to Bee’s Wrap, your versatile companion for eco-friendly food storage. These reusable wraps, crafted in the USA from certified organic materials, offer a practical alternative to single-use plastics, suitable for everything from kitchen prep to on-the-go needs. Each size serves a purpose, accommodating anything from small produce to large dishes. The warmth of your hands molds the wrap for a snug, breathable seal, ensuring freshness. Easy to clean and maintain, these wraps promise a year of reliable use with proper care, merging environmental responsibility with daily convenience.
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American Stockyard - Organic BBQ Sauce

Take your grilling artistry to the Master level with American Stockyard’s “Texas Hill Country” BBQ Sauce, the perfect embellishment for everything from pork and chicken to seafood and vegetables. Its rich, peppery blend makes it an ideal gift for culinary enthusiasts. This sauce invites you to journey through America’s vibrant flavors right from your backyard, boasting a craft quality that celebrates the nation’s rich culinary traditions. Designed for diverse palates, their BBQ sauce is a tribute to America’s cherished barbecue culture, promising to enhance your dishes with authentic, sophisticated flavors.
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FreshJax Organic Spices (Toasted Onion: Organic All-Purpose Seasoning)

Take your dishes effortlessly to the next level with Toasted Onion, the perfect blend for when you crave flavor without the fuss of chopping and cleaning. Ideal for enhancing everything from soups to gourmet quinoa, this hassle-free touch adds culinary magic to your meals. Beyond convenience, each sprinkle supports FreshJax’s mission against childhood hunger, with hundreds of thousands of meals donated. Enjoy this Jacksonville-crafted seasoning, knowing it’s organic, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO, blending social good with supreme flavor.
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Exotic Sands Art in Motion Md21 - Colored Sandscapes

Discover the dynamic beauty of their Moving Sand Pictures, where robust double-strength glass meets a quality knotty cherry wood frame. Each turn creates a unique landscape, thanks to sand suspended in air bubbles, presenting an array of colors and layers for a captivating 3-D effect. The collection offers distinct, enchanting variations: Ocean Blue’s deep hues with blue glitter, Summer Turquoise’s vaibrant green shades, Sunset Orange’s warm tones with a touch of copper, and Arctic Glacier’s serene clarity with an icy sparkle. These pieces promise continual rejuvenation and tranquility in any space.
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Universal Descaling Solution for Keurig, Nespresso, Delonghi and All Single Use Coffee and Espresso Machines

The ultimate coffee machine care with their efficient, gentle descaler—a necessity for enhancing flavor and longevity. Universally compatible, this eco-friendly solution works seamlessly with all single-use coffee and espresso machines, including Keurig, Nespresso, Delonghi, and beyond. The unique formula tackles limescale and mineral deposits and prevents corrosion, significantly extending your machine’s efficiency and service life. This descaler is crafted for all, whether for automatic, manual, commercial, or cappuccino machines. Made with pride in the USA, each pack provides two bottles, supporting four uses overall. Regular maintenance every 2-3 months is recommended for optimal results, ensuring a consistently exquisite coffee experience.
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CHANNELLOCK HP-4ECP 4pc Hook & Pick Set

Enhance your toolkit with their precision set, comprising four expertly designed picks: a 180-degree full hook, straight pick, 90-degree pick, and complex probe. These tools boast compact, 3-inch round shafts, ideal for intricate work. The handles are engineered from high-performance materials, offering exceptional abrasion protection, impact resistance, and chemical tolerance. Crafted from robust high-alloy U.S. steel, the blades undergo rigorous vacuum heat treatment, creating a harmonious balance between hardness and resilience. The polished, vibrantly coated shafts are non-porous and corrosion-resistant, reflecting their unwavering commitment to quality that professionals and enthusiasts trust.
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Marshalltown Lift Lender Carry All

Experience effortlessly handling bulky items with the Marshalltown Lift Lender, your essential multi-purpose tool. It is engineered for optimal comfort and efficiency; its sturdy plastic build withstands heavy-duty use, while its ergonomic ergonomic grip reduces hand strain. Ideal for contractors, homeowners, and movers, it simplifies the transportation of cumbersome construction materials — ladders, plywood, or drywall — and elegantly transitions to assist in everyday tasks, such as carrying groceries or prying open buckets. Beyond convenience, it’s a proactive measure against back strain and injuries. As a product of superior craftsmanship made in the USA from global materials, the Lift Lender promises reliability in your hands.
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TALON GRIPS Adhesive Pistol Grip Compatible with Sig Saur P365 X-Macro 

Enhance your shooting accuracy and speed with their US-patented, stick-on pistol grip, meticulously engineered for a seamless, OEM-quality fit on your firearm. Providing an optimal balance between comfort and control, these grips are a mere 0.5mm thick, preserving the natural feel of the gun in your hands while significantly improving traction for faster, more precise follow-up shots. Crafted for durability and trusted by professionals—including law enforcement and military personnel—our grips promise an unrivaled performance, whether you opt for the rubber texture for concealed carry or the granulate option for open holster carry. Installation is swift, leaving you with a lasting upgrade that bolsters confidence and safety for years of reliable use.
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Lube-N-Walk Original Treadmill Lubricating Kit Since 1998

Made in the USA and endorsed by top treadmill manufacturers, Lube-N-Walk is your go-to solution for treadmill maintenance. This easy-to-use kit features a patented 24-inch applicator wand that effortlessly applies the right amount of 100% silicone lubricant, ensuring comprehensive coverage without the mess or the risk of over-lubrication. More than just a lubricant, Lube-N-Walk cleans as it greases, removing dirt while safeguarding your treadmill’s motor, belt, and electronics from potential damage. This preventive care system not only wards off expensive repairs but also extends the lifespan of your treadmill components, making it an indispensable tool for treadmill owners.
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Mendota Pet Check Cord Leash

Mendota presents professional-grade training lines and super cords, trusted by experts for command training and hand retrieving. Their “Super” training cord uniquely resists burs, enhancing field training. Crafted from durable, multi-filament polypropylene roping, these UV-coated lines prevent decay and fading, providing a comfortable grip. Available in various lengths and widths to suit any training need, robust cords promise efficiency and longevity, backed by Mendota’s lifetime guarantee. Elevate your training experience with cables designed for optimal performance and reliability.
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Versa Gripps® Xtreme

Experience enhanced workouts with Versa Gripps, the ultimate accessory for practical strength training. These durable, quick-release wrist straps are made in the USA and offer exceptional support and a unique no-slip grip. Their innovative design alleviates hand strain and promotes focus on targeted muscle engagement. Versa Gripps revolutionizes lifting, transforming grip fatigue into an opportunity for unparalleled performance. Measure your wrist for the perfect fit and prepare for a superior training experience.
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Just Ripe Nutrition Fruits and Veggies Supplement

Discover vitality with Just Ripe Nutrition’s Whole Food SuperFood supplements, a robust blend of nature’s finest fruits and vegetables. Free from artificial additives, these vegan, purity-focused capsules are a powerhouse of antioxidants and essential nutrients. They support your well-being, enhance skin health, bolster the immune system, and nurture digestive comfort. Their comprehensive formula meets the everyday nutritional needs of both men and women, harmonizing with various lifestyles to energize and fortify the body’s natural defenses. Experience rejuvenation simplified, all in one convenient daily capsule.
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Better Jewelry 14K Yellow Gold West Indian Bangle w. Spear Ends 

Crafted in the USA, this exquisite 14K yellow gold West Indian bangle is a testament to timeless elegance. With a substantial weight of 36 grams, this luxurious piece is notable for its intricate decorative patterns adorning the thick band, while the smooth, spear-like ends exude a sense of strength. The bangle is further enhanced by a delicate, coiled rim tracing its entire circumference, adding a subtle, captivating detail. At 7.5 inches, this distinguished piece makes a bold statement, embodying cultural richness and premium craftsmanship.
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DANFORTH - Maple Leaf Fall/Autumn Earrings

Celebrate autumn’s splendor with Danforth’s USA-crafted Maple Leaf earrings. These exquisite 3/4” pieces perfectly encapsulate the season’s essence, adding a touch of elegance to any fall event, from cozy gatherings to festive Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations. Their vintage amber allure pairs effortlessly with any attire, enhancing everyday and formal looks. Thoughtfully designed, these lead-free pewter treasures make charming, unique gifts, embodying the rich harvest theme. Each pair, meticulously hand-forged by Vermont artisans at Danforth, speaks volumes about commitment to quality and timeless beauty.
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The Hat Depot Made in USA Cotton Twill 5 Panel Flat Brim Genuine Leather Brass Biker Board Cap

Embrace comfort and style with The Hat Depot’s USA-made biker board cap, meticulously crafted from premium 100% cotton (with patterned variations featuring 60% polyester and 40% cotton). Designed for the active individual, this cap is the quintessential accessory for many activities, including skateboarding and water sports, promising breathability and enduring comfort. The lightweight, UV-protective cotton fabric and a genuine leather brass buckle closure contribute to its universal appeal, offering an adjustable, snug fit without compromising style. Its distinctive 5-panel structure with a 3“H front crown and a 2.75”L brim combines functionality with fashion, available in various colors to complement any sporty or casual ensemble. This versatile, flat-brimmed cap, synonymous with vibrancy and quality, enhances your wardrobe, effortlessly matching your energetic lifestyle. Explore more stylish headwear options by searching for “The Hat Depot” on Amazon.
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Bonsai Soil Premium All Purpose Blend

Empower your bonsai trees to thrive with their specially formulated, ready-to-use soil blend, crafted from premium non-organic materials to suit all bonsai varieties. This meticulous mixture facilitates optimal fertilizer absorption due to its superior aeration qualities and maintains the perfect balance of moisture retention and drainage to safeguard against over-watering. Enjoy the cost-effectiveness of their product, as each durable, resealable bag contains 2.2 quarts of premium soil, ensuring you get more value for your investment. Proudly made in the USA, they prioritize your satisfaction and stand ready to provide a swift refund or replacement if their soil blend falls short of your expectations.
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EAROS Sport High Fidelity 20dB Acoustic Filters Hearing Protection for Sports

Experience the pristine balance of unparalleled sound fidelity and critical noise reduction with EAROS. Crafted under the guidance of leading audiologists and acousticians, these advanced earplugs safeguard good quality, allowing you to engage in conversations and appreciate ambient acoustics authentically, free from excessive noise. Utilizing patented technology, EAROS is engineered to replicate the ear’s natural resonance, providing a genuine auditory experience while comfortably nestled deep within the ear canal, ensuring a snug, almost invisible presence. Beyond the promise of durability and reusability, these earplugs come with multiple tip sizes to cater to your unique fit, all presented in environmentally conscious packaging. Embrace the confidence of a sound investment, knowing you’re covered by a no-questions-asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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Enso Rings Classic Legend Silicone Ring

Introducing the Enso Legends Silicone Ring, inspired by age-old myths crafted in their Utah hub. Perfect for every gender, this stackable band offers a timeless appeal, whether matching with your partner or seeking complementary shades. Measuring 6.6mm wide and 1.75mm thick, it blends style with comfort, ensuring a snug fit even on days when your fingers might swell. For those on the move, its safety-centric design, featuring Anti Ring Avulsion Technology, guarantees peace of mind. Dive into the legacy of Enso, the trailblazers of premium silicone rings, and enjoy the confidence of a lifetime warranty covering wear and tear. With Enso, you’re not just wearing a ring but donning a legend.
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Takeya Patented and Airtight Pitcher 

Enjoy refreshing beverages with the versatile, BPA-free plastic pitcher, perfect for everything from iced tea to smoothies. Its airtight and leakproof design makes it ideal for upright and sideways storage, efficiently handling temperature extremes. At Takeya USA, pride themselves on their premium collection of hydration solutions available in various sizes, from water bottles ranging from 18 to 64 oz to 1 and 2 Qt beverage makers and pitchers. Committed to innovative and sustainable hydration solutions, their products, influenced by over 55 years of Japanese design heritage, prioritize your on-the-go lifestyle, ensuring you stay relaxed and refreshed.
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Soluna Solar Eclipse Glasses

Crafted in the USA by NASA’s trusted manufacturer, American Paper Optics, Soluna Glasses are the choice of millions and carry the American Astronomical Society’s ISO approval. These glasses ensure optimal eye protection during solar viewings, with lenses that block 100% of harmful rays and 99.999% of intense visible light. Prepare to be mesmerized by the annular eclipse on October 14th, 2023, and the rare Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024—a spectacle not seen again in the USA until 2044. With Soluna, enjoy these celestial events in unmatched clarity and safety.
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LilyAna Naturals Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness

Elevate your eye care with the rosehip and hibiscus blend, meticulously formulated to erase puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles. This swiftly absorbing cream hydrates and lifts, bestowing a youthful allure to your gaze. Enjoy the immediate alleviation of eye bags and uneven tones and the diminished appearance of crow’s feet and fine lines, ensuring day-long hydration. Crafted with pure vegan ingredients, it’s free from harmful chemicals and steadfast in its commitment to cruelty-free practices.
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WaterRower Ash Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor

Crafted by Yale and US National Team Rower John Duke in the mid-'80s, the WaterRower is the pinnacle of rowing simulators. Made in the USA, its elegant design pairs with ethically sourced Appalachian Ash wood for a natural finish. Experience the genuine sensation of rowing as the water-filled flywheel offers fluid resistance—the harder you row, the more challenging it becomes. This low-impact, full-body workout engages 84% of your muscle mass, efficiently burning calories. With dimensions of 82“ L x 20” H x 22” W and weighing 103.5 lbs (filled), it’s designed for easy upright storage. Enjoy peace of mind with their 1-year warranty, extendable to 3 years, and reliable US-based support.
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Zip Top Reusable 100% Silicone Baby + Kid Snack Containers

The Zip Top containers are made in USA from 100% non-toxic platinum silicone, ensuring a safe, BPA and plastic-free storage solution. Easily usable in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave, their user-friendly design features soft zippers for kids and adults. The single-piece structure ensures hassle-free cleaning, and its durable nature prevents tears. Championing sustainability, one Zip Top replaces over 5,000 disposable bags. The set includes a 4 oz snack container, ideal for snacks and meal prep. It’s the perfect registry gift!
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Blossom Hydrating, Moisturizing, Strengthening, Scented Cuticle Oil, Infused with Real Flowers

At Blossom, they elegantly intertwine the enduring elegance of flowers with daily beauty rituals. The signature cuticle oil, imbued with real flowers, nurtures nails while pampering dry cuticles through the magic of essential oils. Whether you lean towards the gentle embrace of floral scents like lavender and rose or the zestful touch of fruity ones like cherry or grape, we’ve got you covered. And for the Amazon fans, we’ve crafted exclusive scents like Coconut and Raspberry. Proudly rooted in the USA, the products radiate natural purity: cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan. But that’s just a glimpse. Dive deeper into the Blossom universe and discover a diverse range, from lip gloss to highlighter powders, all infused with floral finesse.
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Friendship Lamp® Classic Design

Connect effortlessly with loved ones, no matter the distance, using Friendship Lamps. These unique lamps are more than just decorative pieces; they’re bridges to your cherished ones. With a tap, your touch lights up another lamp miles away, sending a warm “hello” or a comforting “thinking of you.” Ideal for families, distant friends, and even college students, these lamps come with a broad palette of over 250 colors, adding a personal touch or a playful game element. Set up is a breeze with Wi-Fi connectivity, and for added convenience, there’s the Friendship Lamp app, allowing you to send that special touch even when you’re on the go. Proudly handcrafted in Wichita, Kansas, USA, each lamp carries the signature of its creator, underscoring its authenticity and craftsmanship.
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No-Mes Fingernail and Toenail Clipper Gift Set

Experience a revolution in nail care with their uniquely patented design that conveniently catches nail clippings and ensures easy disposal. Say goodbye to the swiveling handles of ordinary nail clippers. The method guarantees easy-to-hold control and precision ground-cutting edges for a flawless nail-trimming experience. As an added feature, the fingernail and toenail clippers come equipped with a built-in laser-cut nail file. This embodiment of American ingenuity isn’t just functional but also a distinctive gift. Backed by an unconditional lifetime guarantee, the product is 100% made in USA.
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Anovina 6XL Shower Steamers Gift Box

Experience nature’s pure essence with Anovina’s shower steamers, handcrafted in the USA without artificial fragrances. Instead, they’re infused with only the purest of essential oils, offering the luxury of a bath bomb in a quick shower. To elevate your aromatic experience, we’ve enhanced these steamers with menthol. With a palette of six refreshing scents, including orange, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemongrass, and lavender, each shower becomes a spa-like retreat. Place the steamer away from direct water flow for optimal enjoyment, and let the warm water unleash a rejuvenating aroma that transforms your shower space.
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Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch

The whiskey smoker kit, with its patent-pending design (29/832,869), seamlessly combines form and function. Crafted from premium oak, it’s capable of infusing rich smoke into drinks within seconds and elegantly fits a variety of cocktail glasses. Beyond the visual appeal, every aspect, from the aged oak wood chips (which last for over 100 cocktails) to the sophisticated packaging, caters to the discerning whiskey enthusiast. The kit comes with an oak smoker, refillable premium torch, wood chips, and three stainless steel screens, all presented in a luxurious gift box. It’s the ideal handcrafted gift for those with a refined palate.
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Minimalist Wallets from Dango

Discover the Dango D03 Dapper EDC Wallet, the epitome of minimalist elegance and efficiency, proudly made in the USA. Crafted with precision, this slim wallet is lined with 6061 aerospace aluminum, a testament to its durability and refined aesthetics. Meticulously assembled with water-resistant DTEX material and strengthened with mil-spec bolts, it boasts an anodized finish that’s as tough as it is striking. Its rail system showcases a tri-fold pocket design, holding up to 14 cards. Need to stash some extra cash? The integrated elastic band comes to the rescue, doubling as a secure wallet enclosure. With an ID window for convenience and RFID blocking technology to safeguard your sensitive data, this wallet seamlessly marries style and functionality. Every piece is hand-assembled, subjected to rigorous quality checks, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Experience the sleek sophistication of the Dango D03 Dapper EDC Wallet – where durability meets design.
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Body Scrubs from Bare Botanics

Discover the transformative power of Bare Botanics Unscented Body Scrub, handcrafted in Madison, WI. This all-natural sea salt exfoliator works wonders, bidding adieu to dull, flaky skin, revealing a radiant, rejuvenated you. But it doesn’t stop there. Enriched with a blend of moisturizers like Jojoba oil, Argan oil, and Aloe Vera, it eliminates the need for post-shower lotions. Dive into 24oz of pure, skin-loving goodness, devoid of dyes, synthetic fragrances, and harsh chemicals. Each container, complete with a charming wooden spoon, is hand-poured and beautifully packaged, making it a delightful gift. But don’t just take their word for it - their glowing reviews echo their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re pampering your feet, legs, or hands, embrace the Bare Botanics experience for skin that feels and looks absolutely fabulous.
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Scoreboard Combo Set for Cornhole, Ladder Golf, Wiffle Ball and More

Upgrade your game-day experience with the Game Day Stick & Sip Scoreboard Combo Set. Designed for both indoor and outdoor games, this versatile score tower seamlessly fits into soft and hard terrains, ensuring you never lose track of the score. Crafted from robust materials, it’s built to withstand the harshest game-day conditions. With double-sided graphics, both players and spectators can stay updated. Beyond scoring, it boasts two conveniently placed drink holders, ensuring refreshments are always within arm’s reach. Whether it’s cornhole, ladder golf, or wiffle ball, the color-coded score clamps make tracking points a breeze. Made in the USA, this is the perfect companion for any sports enthusiast who appreciates a blend of functionality and fun. With Game Day Stick & Sip, enjoy a seamless game experience, and let the drinks flow!
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Electric Wax Melter for Candle Making by Bare Botanics

Elevate your candle-making craft with Bare Botanics’ Electric Wax Melter, a DIY game-changer. This 16lb wax melter, designed to perfect the art of candle creation, boasts features like a heat-resistant handle for secure pouring, a non-stick interior for hassle-free cleaning, and a charming brass spout hand-attached with pride in Madison, Wisconsin. Unlike the traditional double boiling method, melting pot simplifies the process: add your choice of wax, heat, mix in fragrance or dye, and pour. Capable of holding a substantial 256oz of wax, imagine crafting 32 8oz candles in one go! And if you’re new to the world of candles, fret not. While each box comes with a detailed guide, seasoned team is just a message away, eager to impart their wisdom and passion. Dive into the delightful world of candle-making with Bare Botanics.
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Mousepad Chessboards from WE Games

Get tournament-ready with the WE Games Mousepad Chessboard, which meets the stringent proportions standards set by the World Chess Federation and the US Chess Federation. Sized perfectly at 20 inches with 2.25-inch squares, this board boasts algebraic notations, making game analysis a breeze. Its portability is unmatched - lightweight, and designed to fold compactly. Crafted similarly to a mousepad, it has a non-slip rubber base ensuring stable gameplay on any surface. The board’s design is both attractive and practical; showcasing a walnut and maple wood grain print, it is also washable, ensuring longevity. Beyond the board, chess offers vast cognitive benefits, enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills among children. WE Games has been at the forefront of creating top-tier traditional games since 1977, prioritizing quality and community engagement. Every purchase supports the Toy Foundation, assisting children in facing life’s adversities.
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Bean Bags from Big Joe

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with the Big Joe Classic Bean Bag Chair in a vibrant Sapphire Smartmax. Whether you’re an adult looking for a nostalgic seating solution or a child searching for the ultimate cozy corner, this classic bean bag shape, made in the USA, is the ideal pick. Thanks to its thoughtful design, featuring a handy handle, transporting it from room to room is a breeze. Worried about accidents? With its durable, stain-resistant SmartMax fabric, cleaning up spills is hassle-free. Unlike other bean bags that are either too packed or too slack, the Big Joe Classic is filled just right to guarantee maximum comfort. Attention to detail is evident in its double-stitched construction and dual zippers, ensuring safety and durability. Proudly designed and filled in the USA, the Big Joe is more than just a bean bag; it’s a statement of quality and comfort.
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Path Lights from Greenfield

Introducing the Greenfield PL3TBR Weatherproof Path Light - an embodiment of quality, durability, and style. Proudly crafted in the USA, this UL-listed luminaire boasts a resilient weatherproof design, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. Constructed with a die-cast zamak alloy, it’s finished with a durable powder coat that resists corrosion, ensuring it retains its pristine bronze look throughout its lifespan. Featuring three 6” diameter tiers, it’s designed with a 1/2 NPS female thread mount and supports up to 75 Watts. With a legacy that dates back to 1981, Greenfields stands as a prominent manufacturer and retailer, specializing in unique middle-eastern products and spices, and this path light is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space with Greenfield’s trusted quality.
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Mushroom Protein Bars from Balanced Tiger

Elevate your protein intake with Balanced Tiger’s Organic Functional Mushroom Protein Bars, made in the USA. This 12-bars variety pack offers four distinct flavors, each infused with one of four beneficial mushrooms, ensuring you reap the full benefits of each. From Lions Mane for focus to Cordyceps for endurance, get your daily 1500mg dose in a delectably sweet, satisfying bar that tastes nothing like the mushroom you’re thinking of. Vegan, gluten-free, and low in natural sugar, these bars cater to modern nutritional needs without compromising on taste. And if you aren’t impressed? 100% refund guarantee has you covered. Dive into a world where superfoods meet convenience and savor the unparalleled quality of responsibly sourced, certified organic ingredients. Say goodbye to mushroom capsules and powders, and hello to your new on-the-go supplement in the form of a snack!
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Facial Sponges from Impresa

Get ready for a rejuvenating skincare experience with the Eco-Friendly Buff Puff Facial Sponges! Expertly crafted in the USA from recycled materials, these exfoliating face scrubbers are designed to provide a deep, yet gentle cleanse. Efficiently remove excess oil, grime, and dead skin cells while being kind to the environment. With every gentle scrub, you’re not only revitalizing your skin but also championing a cruelty-free, eco-conscious lifestyle. Easy to use, just pair with your favorite cleanser, and voilà – radiant, youthful skin is yours! Plus, with a pack of 10, you’re always prepared for that perfect cleanse.
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Judee’s Scrambled Egg Mix

Meet Judee’s Scrambled Egg Mix, the epitome of convenience and quality, an indispensable companion for your travel, camping, or that spur-of-the-moment brunch with friends. With a simple formula of rehydration, this mix brings the luscious taste of genuine eggs and dairy straight to your plate. And it’s not just about scrambled eggs; think wraps, omelets, quiches, and even the humble french toast batter. What makes this even more exceptional? It’s crafted with heart, right in the USA, under strict UEP certified humane conditions, packed in a gluten-free haven ensuring optimal freshness. While the packaging has seen a transformation since 2009, rest assured, the soul of the product remains unwavering – pure, potent, and utterly delicious.
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Electrolyte Powder Packets from Key Nutrients

KEY NUTRIENTS Electrolytes Powder isn’t just any hydration solution; it’s a powerhouse formula designed for the movers and shakers. Tailored for those with an active pulse on life, this no-calorie, sugar-free, Tropical Peach Mango concoction is loaded with six essential electrolytes and a dozen vital vitamins, ensuring one stays not just hydrated but thrives on vitality. And the cherry on top? Mix it with any beverage, hot or cold, and voila - an instant, refreshing drink ready to be savored anywhere, anytime. Crafted in the USA by a veteran-founded enterprise, it’s not just about hydration; it’s about powering lifestyles.
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Compasses from Brunton

Journey with confidence using Brunton’s TruArc Compass - the dependable choice for both beginners and experienced navigators. Built for universal travel, this compass boasts advanced navigation that resists magnetic interference better than any rival, ensuring consistent direction without losing its polarity. The TruArc Global Needle system makes this compass accurate in both the northern and southern hemispheres, making it a truly global companion. Proudly crafted in Brunton’s Wyoming facility, this USA-made instrument offers both imperial and metric scales. The tool-free declination feature not only makes it a fantastic learning tool but also a reliable EDC (every day carry). Navigate with precision thanks to its 2-degree resolution and Inch/CM scales. Navigate the world confidently with Brunton’s TruArc Compass.
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Sharpening Stones from DMT

Discover the power of precision with the DMT FWFC DuoSharp Diamond Sharpening Stone. Designed for the discerning user, this 2-stage sharpener is your go-to for everything from household knives to garden tools. With its dual diamond stone surface, you can quickly restore neglected edges with the coarse side or hone any blade to a razor-sharp finish with the fine side. Conveniently compact and lightweight, it’s perfect for on-the-go tasks — whether you’re at home, camping, or working in the garden. Say goodbye to messy oils; this sharpener delivers impeccable results dry or with just water. Made in the USA and favored by professionals for its unmatched quality, this sharpening stone promises consistent performance and lasting durability.
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Hex Wrenches from Bondhus

Introducing the Bondhus 22199 Hex L-wrench DoublePK - the pinnacle of precision and strength. This comprehensive set includes long arm L-wrench sizes ranging from .050 to 3/8” and 1.5mm to 10mm, ensuring you’re equipped for any task. Expertly crafted with precision cut ends, these tools guarantee full engagement, making your work efficient and accurate. Proudly made in the USA using Bondhus’s unique Protanium steel, these wrenches boast a strength that’s up to 20% superior than competitors. The ProGuard Finish not only ensures longevity but is also five times more effective in warding off rust than other leading brands. And with a lifetime warranty, should it ever fail, we’ve got you covered. Invest in the best with Bondhus and let your tools be the last thing you worry about.
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Insulated Drinking Glasses from Homestead Choice

Elevate your drinkware collection with USA-made Insulated Drinking Glasses. Designed for modern households, these 16oz clear tumblers are not just versatile, they’re durable too. Whether it’s iced coffee, hot tea, or a refreshing juice, these BPA-free Tritan tumblers are microwave, freezer, and top-rack dishwasher safe, streamlining your kitchen routine. With double-wall insulation, they’re not only shatterproof but also resist condensation, ensuring your hands remain burn and sweat-free. Ideal for daily use, they’re a stylish and practical replacement for fragile coffee mugs and glassware. This 4-pack offers incredible value, doubling as a blank canvas for stickers or as classy tableware for guests. Give them as thoughtful gifts or simply enjoy them in your home. At Homestead Choice, they stand by the durability of their tumblers, and their promise to you ensures lasting quality.
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Bath Bomb Making Kits for Kids from DIY Gift Kits

Dive into the enchanting world of bath bomb creation with the DIY Gift Kits Bath Bomb Making Kit! This delightful, hand-packed USA-made set lets both kids and adults craft 12 unique, all-natural bath bombs, turning ordinary baths into rejuvenating spa experiences. Boasting 100% pure essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus, it promises authentic aromatherapy magic. Mix in Epsom salts, enjoy the therapeutic benefits, and let the provided tools guide you in making the perfect bath bomb. Designed for fun, creativity, and relaxation, this kit isn’t just a craft—it’s an experience. Gift the joy of hands-on creativity and cherished self-care moments with this unparalleled bath bomb-making kit. Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just because! And of course made in USA.
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Portable Campfires from Radiate

Experience the future of campfires with the Radiate Portable Campfire, as seen and endorsed on Shark Tank’s Season 9. Compact, weighing just 4lbs and measuring 8” wide, it’s your ultimate travel-friendly outdoor fire pit. Whether you’re camping, at the beach, on a road trip, or simply in your backyard, Radiate delivers up to 3 hours of cozy warmth, minus the mess or fuss. Proudly made in the USA, it’s crafted from recycled soy wax and paper briquettes, championing eco-friendliness. Lighting it is as easy as a candle, and when you’re done, just slide the lid to extinguish. No mess, no embers, and no firewood hunting. Just simple, clean warmth wherever you roam. Choose Radiate for a hassle-free, eco-conscious campfire experience.
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Soil Mix from Perfect Plants

Introducing the All Natural Succulent and Cactus Soil Mix by Perfect Plants, masterfully crafted right here in the USA. Experience the organic freshness and professional blend that offers the optimal balance of air, moisture, and nutrient retention. Born from the expertise of growers at Perfect Plants Nursery, this mix ensures the ideal conditions that every succulent craves. Say goodbye to over-watering; the blend promises impeccable water management, ensuring just the right drainage for your cherished plants. Comprised of garden coir, composted pine bark, perlite, and sand, it’s versatile enough for all succulent types. And convenience? It’s packed in an easy-zip, resealable bag, ensuring freshness for multiple uses. Opt for the best; give your succulents the Perfect Plants touch.
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Leather Belts from Vera Forma Leatherworks

For the discerning gentleman seeking the pinnacle of durability and style: Discover the Vera Forma Leatherworks Top Grain Leather Belt. Crafted from 100% genuine full grain leather, this black belt doesn’t just make a statement—it stands resolute against the test of time. Made with pride in the USA, its robust design is tailored for everyday carry, promising utmost comfort without compromising strength. Ideal as your go-to work belt, its durability is matched only by its classic appeal. And purchasing is a breeze with a clear sizing guide: simply order two inches larger than your pants size. Invest in a belt that’s worth every cent and exudes American craftsmanship; choose Vera Forma Leatherworks.
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Judee’s Buttermilk Powder

Elevate your culinary delights with Judee’s Buttermilk Powder—your versatile go-to for dishes that call for a buttermilk touch. Whether it’s biscuits and gravy, creamy soups, or ranch dressing, enjoy the perfect tang and tenderness it imparts. Creating a cup of liquid buttermilk is as simple as combining water with the powder. Specially crafted in the USA in a dedicated gluten-free facility, it promises purity and freshness, conveniently packaged in a stand-up, resealable pouch. With only one ingredient—Sweet Cream Buttermilk Powder—it’s a testament to Judee’s commitment since 2009 to delivering pure, allergen-aware ingredients. Whether you receive the newest packaging or the classic design, rest assured, it’s the same premium product within.
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Skillets from Lodge Cast Iron

Discover the timeless charm of Lodge’s 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet - a kitchen staple designed for culinary mastery. From beginners to expert chefs, this USA-made skillet offers unparalleled versatility across all cooking surfaces, be it oven, stove, grill, or open flame. Thanks to its seasoned touch with 100% natural vegetable oil, enjoy an improved, natural non-stick surface with every use. Concerned about rust spots? It’s merely oil yet to fully carbonize. A quick scour and seasoning will have it as good as new! Its exceptional heat retention guarantees even cooking, making it a pan-frying and roasting delight. Lodge, a family-owned brand since 1896, not only champions quality but also values community and environmental responsibility. Embrace a true American legacy with Lodge - where each culinary creation is cast to last.
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Rocking Chairs from Polywood

Elevate your outdoor space with the POLYWOOD Presidential Rocking Chair in sleek black. Designed for ultimate relaxation, this rocker boasts a contoured seat, wide arms, and back-friendly slats. Say goodbye to common wood issues as this chair neither splinters, cracks, chips, peels, nor rots, even under environmental stresses. Forget about tedious maintenance tasks like painting or staining; this rocking chair remains pristine without them. It effortlessly repels stains, including wine and condiments, ensuring a clean look with just soap and water. Proudly made in the USA, this chair isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment backed by a 20-year limited residential warranty.
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Table Knives from Cutco

Experience the gold standard in culinary precision with the Cutco Table Knives Set. This set includes four of Cutco’s top-performing knives, elegantly housed in a dishwasher-safe tray. Boasting a remarkable 8.4-inch length with 3.4-inch Double-D serrated edge blades, these knives effortlessly slice through even the most robust foods. But they’re not just for steak - from salads to butter spreading, their versatility shines. Many customers celebrate this knife for its unmatched sharpness, lasting durability, and impeccable balance. Ensuring convenience, the storage tray can be mounted on a wall or tucked into a drawer, making these knives readily accessible for any meal. Crafted with 440A high-carbon stainless steel blades and durable thermo-resin handles, these knives are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Embodying the proud Made in America label, Cutco doesn’t just champion American manufacturing but commits to sustaining local jobs and delivering unparalleled quality. Plus, with the assurance of the Forever Guarantee, investing in Cutco means equipping your kitchen with tools that are built to last.
Also check out their official website.

Top Load Washers from Speed Queen

Experience the time-tested reliability with the Speed Queen TC5003WN 26” Top Load Washer. Evoking nostalgic memories of grandma’s efficient washer, Speed Queen brings back the classic clean with aggressive wash action. Their commercial heritage, spanning over a century, guarantees reliability that’s measured in decades. And practicality? There’s no lid lock, so if you’ve missed a sock, simply pop the lid and toss it in, even if the cycle has begun. Time is valuable, and with Speed Queen’s rapid cycles, laundry won’t monopolize your day. Out-of-balance loads aren’t a challenge for this machine; thanks to commercial-grade components and unmatched technology, every cycle runs to completion. Being a proud subsidiary of Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, Speed Queen boasts a lineage of creating industry-leading laundry equipment for over 100 years, all meticulously crafted in their Ripon, Wisconsin facility. Their sterling reputation is a testament to their commitment to long-lasting and high-quality machines, making Speed Queen a premium choice in washers.
Or get it on their official website.

Socks from Darn Tough

Support your feet with the Darn Tough Style #1466 Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Socks. These US-made wonders aren’t just socks; they’re a fusion of durability and comfort, wrapped in the unmatched warmth of merino wool. Boasting a unique Micro Crew Height, these socks peek perfectly above your hiking boots. Composed of 63% Merino Wool, 35% Nylon, and 2% Lycra Spandex, they promise an end to sweaty, stinky feet with their moisture-wicking capabilities, offering year-round weather performance. Savour the ultra-smooth feel of True Seamless technology and rest easy with a lifetime guarantee—because Darn Tough means business. Navigate every terrain confidently, knowing every pair is tested rigorously in Northfield, Vermont. Upgrade to all-weather reliability, choose Darn Tough.
Also check out their official website or visit their Amazon store here.

Bags from Duluth Pack

Attention adventure seekers and style aficionados: Experience the unbeatable blend of heritage craftsmanship and modern flair with the Duluth Pack Crossbody Sling. Crafted in the heart of Minnesota, this USA-made, unisex treasure is not just a bag; it’s a statement echoing Duluth’s legacy since 1882. Revel in premium American leather that doesn’t compromise, maintaining its elegance and resilience in even the harshest Midwest weather. Whether you’re navigating urban streets or rugged trails, trust in Duluth’s timeless design and unmatched durability. In a world of fleeting trends, choose the lasting quality of Duluth Pack—buy it once, cherish it for life.
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Soap from Bend Soap Company

For those seeking pure, simple, and luxurious skincare: Experience the magic of 100% natural, handmade Goat Milk Soap, crafted right here in the USA, fresh from a farm in Bend, Oregon. Historically adored by royalty like Cleopatra, goat milk offers unparalleled moisture, ideal for eczema, baby skin, dry patches, and sensitive skin alike. Their recipe? Fresh Goat Milk, combined with Coconut, Olive, and Palm oils. Nothing more. Absolutely no fillers like soybean, canola, corn oils, dyes, alcohols, parabens, phthalates, or GMOs. Embrace skin wellness, backed by the dedication of the Johnson family of 10. If you’re ever in Bend, drop by to meet the hands that crafted your soap. Treat your skin; choose Bend Soap Company.
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Reusable Cups from Rolling Sands

Elevate your party game with Rolling Sands’ Reusable 16oz Turquoise Party Cups - now in a 2 pack with snap-on clear lids. Proudly made in the USA, these BPA-Free cups aren’t just sturdy; they’re a nod to the environment, designed for repeated use to curb landfill waste. Simplify your drink prep with internal volume indicators at 1oz, 5oz, 12oz, and 16oz, and enjoy versatility with its double-wall construction, perfect for both hot and cold beverages. Cleanup’s a breeze—just pop them on the top shelf of your dishwasher. Experience the next-gen party cup that marries tradition with sustainability; choose Rolling Sands.
Also check out their official website or Amazon store here.

Screwdriver Kits from Ampco Safety Tools

When safety and American craftsmanship are valued, take note: Dive into a world of ultimate safety with the Ampco Safety Tools M-39 Screwdriver Kit. This isn’t your ordinary toolkit—it’s specifically designed to be Non-Sparking, perfect for environments laden with flammable substances. Worried about sensitive magnetic equipment? Fear not, for this kit is also Non-Magnetic, making it ideal for MRI rooms and high-tech Clean Room settings. And if that wasn’t enough, it boasts a resilience against even the harshest conditions, being Corrosion Resistant. Proudly made in the USA and beryllium-free, it’s Factory Mutual Approved. Equip yourself with the best; choose Ampco Safety Tools.
Also check out their official website or other products on Amazon here.

Flatware Sets from Liberty Tabletop

Those with a flair for American excellence: Feast with pride using the Liberty Tabletop Annapolis 20 Piece Flatware Set. Crafted from the pinnacle of stainless steel quality, 18/10, this set is a testament to domestic sourcing and supreme craftsmanship, proudly made in Sherrill, NY—the lone flatware manufacturer on American soil. Not only is each piece a heavyweight champion in durability, but they also promise a hassle-free clean-up, thanks to their dishwasher-safe feature. And forget about rust; it’s a word that doesn’t exist in Liberty Tabletop’s dictionary. Elevate your dining experience with a set that includes everything you need for a party of four. Opt for the best; choose Liberty Tabletop.
Also check out their official website or Amazon store here.

Puzzles from Springbok

For those with an appreciation for classic American craftsmanship and tranquil evenings: Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Springbok’s 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, “Cabin Evening Sunset.” Sized perfectly at 30 by 24 inches, every piece is precision-cut to guarantee a snug, heirloom-quality fit. But it’s not just about the picture; it’s about the feel. With uniquely crafted, thick-cut pieces—18% thicker than most—each piece is a tactile experience unto itself. What’s more, with a heart for the environment, Springbok ensures each puzzle boasts non-toxic soy-based inks and 100% recycled board materials. Proudly made in Kansas City, Missouri since 1963, and backed by a no-worry warranty, this puzzle is not merely an activity, it’s a slice of American tradition. Dive into nostalgia and a challenge; choose Springbok.
Also check out their official website or Amazon store here.

Leg Rockers from Montana Woodworks

People with a taste for authentic American craftsmanship, this is for you: Dive deep into the soulful ambiance of the Rockies with the Montana Woodworks Glacier Country Collection Log Rocker. Handcrafted meticulously in Montana using genuine lodge pole pine, this rocker doesn’t merely offer a seat; it offers an experience. Its tension-relieving ergonomic design is not only suitable for most adults but promises extended comfort with its contoured seat and back slats. With traditional craftsmen investing in an eight-step finish, the wood exudes deep hues and rich tones, making it a centerpiece in any setting. Built to last with mortise and tenon joinery, this is an heirloom piece backed by a 20-year warranty. Elevate your living space with this masterpiece from the heart of America.
Also check out their official website or Amazon store here.

Flashlights from Maglite

Attention those who value genuine craftsmanship and reliability: Experience the unparalleled power and durability of the Maglite LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, cloaked in a sleek Universal Camo pattern. Crafted from resilient aluminum and fortified with weather-resistant seals, this flashlight isn’t just any light—it’s an advanced lighting tool, meticulously anodized to combat corrosion. Whether you’re camping, fishing, or hunting, its powerfully projecting beam guided by a diamond knurled design is your trusted companion. Rooted in decades of Mag expertise and innovation, it’s a beacon of quality, revered by professionals and everyday users alike. Plus, rest easy knowing your investment is shielded by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Illuminate your adventures with the best; choose Maglite.
Also check out their official website or Amazon store here.

Eder Flags Made in USA

Elevate your patriotism with the Eder Flag, exclusively crafted in the USA. It’s not just any flag—it’s a testament to timeless craftsmanship, boasting bright, fade-resistant colors that shimmer even in the gentlest breeze, thanks to its heavyweight 200-denier bunting. Its durability is unmatched, featuring reinforced corners, vertical stitching, and sturdy headers adorned with solid brass grommets. For those who cherish longevity and unparalleled quality, this flag, steeped in a century-old tradition of American excellence, stands as a symbol of pride and endurance. Get yours and let it fly high!
Photo: Amazon
Photo: Amazon
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Baking Pans from USA Pan Bakeware

Introducing the USA Pan Bakeware Half Sheet Pan—an essential tool for every baking enthusiast. Made right here in the USA from commercial-grade, heavy gauge aluminized steel, this pan promises both durability and performance. Its unique corrugated surface ensures even baking by facilitating optimal air circulation, while the proprietary nonstick America coat—free from PTFE, PFOA, and BPA—guarantees effortless release of your favorite baked goods and a breeze of a cleanup. Sized perfectly at 17.25 x 12.25 x 1 inches, it’s a product of the Bundy family’s six-decade legacy in high-quality bakeware. Choose the best; choose USA Pan.
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The Ballcap Buddy

For those who appreciate a pristine cap, meet the Ballcap Buddy: the U.S.-crafted, patented solution to safely and efficiently clean baseball caps without warping their shape. Born from a dad’s determination over 30 years ago to refresh his son’s cherished baseball cap, this ingenious tool is both durable and flexible, designed to accommodate both kids’ and adults’ hats. Whether you’re washing in a machine or using your dishwasher’s top rack, the Ballcap Buddy ensures your caps maintain their integrity. Plus, its effortless lock and unlock feature makes cleaning a breeze. Here’s to reviving old favorites without compromising their form!
Check out the Ballcap Buddy or see their Amazon store here.

Sheet Sets from Red Land Cotton

Indulge in authentic American luxury with the Red Land Cotton Luxury Sheet Set. Crafted from 100% homegrown cotton on their family farm in Alabama, these sheets promise you a heavenly sleep, reminiscent of a time-tested 1920s design. Prioritize quality and trustworthiness; every stitch, from seed to sheet, is meticulously overseen in the USA. Not just a symbol of lavish comfort, their “Natural” fabric holds the genuine hue of its harvest, free from dyes or bleach, ideal for sensitive skin. It’s not just bedding; it’s an experience in heritage, luxury, and authenticity. Make the switch today and sleep in pure, American-grown elegance.
Check out the Red Land Cotton Luxury Sheet Set or visit their Amazon store here.

Survival Kits from Vigilant Trails

When venturing outdoors, there’s a fine line between comfort and survival. Enter the Vigilant Trails® Survival-Pocket Sewing Kit Stage-1: not just a sewing kit, but an essential in the truest sense. From tents to thick leather, it provides sturdy tools to tackle challenging repairs, ensuring your gear is always in top form. Designed for efficiency, its straightforward setup ensures swift solutions when in a bind. Despite its robust capabilities, its lightweight and compact design, resistant to crushing, won’t weigh you down on adventures. And with their steadfast 24/7 customer support and satisfaction promise, it’s more than a purchase - it’s a smart investment for those who know the value of being prepared.

Kids Products from Step2

Introduce your toddler to the joy of culinary play with the Step2 Best Chefs Kids Kitchen Play Set. Designed for ages 2-5, this interactive set, complete with realistic lights and sounds, boasts a detailed kitchen ensemble – from a molded-in sink and oven to a refrigerator. Beyond aesthetics, its 25-piece accessory set promotes role play and social development. Despite its comprehensive features, it’s compact and lightweight, ensuring easy assembly and mobility. With built-in storage options and crafted from durable, double-walled plastic, it promises longevity without compromising on aesthetics.

Leather Goods from Col. Littleton

Discover the epitome of American craftsmanship with Col. Littleton’s Full-Grain Leather Billfold Wallet. Handcrafted in the USA from premium steerhide leather, this classic wallet embodies tradition and quality. With its optimal size of 3.25 inches tall by 4 inches wide, it’s not just about style but also function. Their commitment? Each piece undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring it upholds the grand Americana standard, and arrives elegantly packaged, making it more than just a purchase, but a true experience.

Kids’ Shirts from Shirts That Go

Introducing Shirts That Go - where style and imagination meet. Their shirts aren’t just any kids’ tees; they’re a journey into the world of vehicles. Made in the USA from an ultra-soft ECO Triblend, each shirt showcases realistic designs of everything from steam trains to rockets. And because comfort matters as much as style, they’re crafted from a breathable blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon. A little warning though: their sizes tend to be snug, so you might want to order up. What’s more, they’re proud to be a small business committed to eco-friendly practices, using water-based inks for each vivid print. Whether your little adventurer dreams of soaring planes or roaring monster trucks, Shirts That Go is here to fuel their fantasies.

Jewelry from American West Jewelry

Discover the essence of the American West in this sterling silver ring masterpiece by Carolyn Pollack. Infused with the vibrant spirit of the Southwest, this ring showcases a striking Lapis Lazuli gemstone that not only magnifies your spiritual awareness but sharpens your mental acuity. Enriched with native-inspired concha flowers and a classic oxidized finish, it’s a perfect homage to tradition for the modern Boomer. Designed in the heart of Albuquerque, this environmentally conscious gem is more than just jewelry—it’s a piece of history. And with their unbeatable 30-day return policy, your investment is risk-free. Treat yourself or a loved one to this timeless gift, packed with a touch of romance and a lot of soul.

Adjustable Dumbbells from PowerBlock

Rediscover the vitality of your youth with the PowerBlock Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbells. This all-in-one strength solution not only condenses 16 pairs of weights into one, but it’s also crafted with the durability of yesteryears - promising years of reliable use. Quickly fine-tune your workout from 5 to 50 pounds with an easy adjustment system, all within a compact design perfect for those on-the-move moments. Plus, as you progress, simply expand with their additional kits. It’s your turn to experience seamless, space-saving, and enduring fitness excellence.

Knives from Rada Cutlery

Experience an American tradition in your very own kitchen with the Rada Cutlery Oak Block 7 Pc Knife Set. Painstakingly crafted since 1948, this set offers seven indispensable knives, each radiating both function and elegance. From the robust oak block to the satin-finished brushed aluminum handles, every detail speaks of legacy. Gift it to remind someone of cherished family meals or bring it home for unmatched culinary precision. And remember, it’s not just a purchase; it’s a lifelong commitment backed by a hassle-free guarantee. Because excellence, like tradition, never wavers.
Alternatively, rekindle the American spirit in your kitchen with the Rada Cutlery Cooking Essentials Knife Set. Designed with tradition and your needs in mind, this set boasts three of Rada’s top-performing knives, each forged from surgical-grade T420 high carbon stainless steel, ensuring precision with every slice. The brushed aluminum handles don’t just gleam; they promise a grip reminiscent of heirloom quality. Proudly made in the heart of America since 1948, embrace a legacy of excellence that guarantees value for every dollar. Elevate your culinary journey today!

Backpacks from Tough Traveler

It’s high time to embrace both style and durability! Introducing the Tough Traveler TouCom Laptop Backpack, an authentic American creation by New York’s renowned bag craftsmen since 1970. Crafted for the discerning individual, it boasts a protective compartment, ensuring your up-to-16” laptop remains safe and snug. Not to mention, its thoughtfully designed extra-thick and wide straps guarantee unmatched comfort, making it perfect for any journey, whether daily commutes or longer adventures. In a world of fleeting trends, choose a backpack that’s made to last.

Blocks Toys from Beka Blocks

Let’s transport back to a simpler era, where toys encouraged genuine creativity and stood the test of time. Beka Wooden Blocks, crafted with utmost passion in the heartland of America - Saint Paul, Minnesota, are more than just toys; they’re a testament to enduring quality. Unlike fleeting modern toys, these blocks are meticulously carved from hard maple, ensuring they last generations, while leaving a minimal carbon footprint. With 68 diverse pieces, watch as they ignite imagination, hone logic, and sharpen hand-eye coordination in your young ones. As Beka’s ethos goes: cultivate creativity, stand by quality, and deliver unwavering reliability. Rediscover the joys of timeless play.
Check out the Beka Wooden Blocks.

Emergency Survival Food Storage from Legacy Premium

For the savvy who knows the value of preparation, behold the ultimate in survival food storage. Packed with a whopping 22,240 calories, their 60-serving stash boasts a diverse range of 15 delectable, easy-to-prepare entrees. Why settle? Legacy’s offering stands unrivaled in value - with the lowest cost per calorie-filled day and pound of food. And here’s a comforting tidbit: their servings are up to twice the size of competitors, yet they’ve been crowned the best tasting in the market. Certified GMO-free, designed for a 25-year shelf life, and safely sealed in 4-serving Mylar pouches, these meals are made right here in the USA. Whether you’re hitting the trails or preparing for unforeseen emergencies, all you need is water to unlock the taste and nutrition. Secure peace of mind and top-tier quality with their Emergency Survival Food Storage. Preparedness, after all, never goes out of style.

Hats from Stormy Kromer

For those who value both function and style, enter the Stormy Kromer Mesh Hiker. Picture this: a sun-soaked fishing day at the lake or an adventurous trail walk, all without a worry about the glaring sun. Crafted with a potent UPF 50+ protection, this hat ensures your sunny escapades remain burn-free. The 2-1/2” brim isn’t just about style; it deflects sun rays while the breathable mesh promises a cool head, no matter the heat. Worried about it flying off? The leather chin cord ensures your hat stays put. And here’s the deal-sealer: Stormy Kromer’s century-old legacy of authenticity and commitment. Hand-sewn right in Michigan, it’s not just a hat; it’s a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and a lifetime of reliability. Trust in a legend that stands the test of time.
Check out the Stormy Kromer Mesh Hiker or visit their Amazon store here.

Lawn Chairs from Lawn Chair USA

Recapture the magic of those carefree summers with Lawn Chair USA’s reincarnation of America’s beloved folding lawn chair. Expertly crafted by a family-owned business right here in the USA, these lightweight aluminum chairs scream nostalgia while boasting modern UV-resistant webbing—ready for countless sun-soaked afternoons. With their easy-fold design, portability becomes a breeze, whether you’re headed to a beach bash, a tailgate, or a backyard BBQ. And with over 30 vibrant color combinations, express yourself and make every outing a memorable one. It’s not just a chair; it’s a classic American experience reborn.

Candles from Crossroads Candles

When you appreciate the nostalgic aroma of days gone by, Crossroads delivers the scent of golden memories with their Buttered Maple Syrup® Scented Candle. Imagine the richest, most comforting aroma enveloping your space, and that’s precisely what you get with this 26-ounce masterpiece. Crafted meticulously from top-tier blended paraffin, it promises between 120 to 140 hours of consistent burn, ensuring those cherished moments last even longer. Two lead-free wicks guarantee a clean burn, capturing the essence of premium fragrance at its finest. And here’s a testament to authenticity: this isn’t just another factory churn-out. Founded by two brothers in 2003, Crossroads is a family affair that’s obsessed with quality. So, indulge in a brand that encapsulates heritage, craftsmanship, and a scent that feels like home.

American Flags by Valley Forge

Looking for a flag that truly honors Old Glory? Valley Forge delivers with this 3‘ x 5’ masterpiece, 100 percent made in the USA, and sporting that authentic “Certified Made in U.S.A.” badge to prove it. Crafted from sustainable cotton, its sewn stripes and embroidered stars pop with vibrant, long-lasting colors. Secure it on a 6' flagpole using the heavy-duty brass grommets and let your patriotic spirit shine. Remember, this isn’t just a flag—crafted by a family-run business since 1882, it’s a symbol of national pride, honoring the American way. Show your stripes, fly that flag, and embrace the legacy of Valley Forge—the premier name in flags.
Check out the Valley Forge American Flag or visit their Amazon store here.

Food Dehydrators from Excalibur

Do you cherish memories of sun-dried tomatoes and homemade jerky? Then the Excalibur 3900B Electric Food Dehydrator is your time machine. With a massive 15 square feet of drying space across 9 trays, you’re looking at the Cadillac of dehydrators. Dial-in precision? Absolutely. Its adjustable thermostat ensures every morsel gets its optimal drying temperature, from the crunchiest veggies to the most succulent meats. Boost your health and make those enzymes sing; their “low & slow” method enhances nutrition. And forget the tedious task of tray-rotation; Excalibur’s patented tech does the heavy lifting. Dive right in with the included Guide to Dehydration, and discover the art of perfect drying. Proudly made in the USA, this machine is every homesteader’s dream.

Tape from Gaffer Power

When it comes to the gold standard of tapes, Gaffer Power’s Premium Grade Gaffer Tape has you covered. Born and bred in the USA, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill tape— it’s the same professional-grade tool used by the pros. Whether you’re safeguarding your prized gear, tidying up those pesky cables, or tackling quick fixes around the house, it clings reliably yet peels off cleanly, leaving no sticky residue behind. Discreet, water-resistant, and easily tearable by hand, it’s a must-have for every toolkit. Buy with confidence, knowing that this authentic gaffer tape comes with a satisfaction-backed guarantee. Fix it once, fix it right.

Exercise Bikes by Keiser

Unlock the ultimate indoor cycling experience tailored just for you! Dive into the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle, an American-made triumph that marries meticulous quality control with elite design. Whether you’re 4’10” or a towering 7’, the industry’s first V-Shape Frame adapts flawlessly, mimicking the feel of your favorite road-bike. With the M Connect, seamlessly sync with top fitness apps, transforming every ride into an immersive journey. And it’s not just about performance; its simple elegance ensures minimal upkeep and makes it an enviable centerpiece, whether at home or in the gym. Elevate your fitness game, complete with all the essentials including a media tray, stretch pads, a protective floor mat, and the groundbreaking M Connect Display. Your ride to peak fitness awaits.
Check out the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle or visit their Amazon store here.

Puzzles by Heritage Puzzle Inc.

Craving the tranquility of coastal vibes? Dive into Heritage’s Coastal Moonrise and feel the ocean breeze from any corner of your home, every day of the year. Featuring Peter Doran’s mesmerizing beachscape, not only is this a puzzle, it’s a work of art, thanks to Heritage’s dedication to partnering with top-tier artists. Constructed right here in the USA, the exceptional quality guarantees a seamless, picture-perfect finish - a result worthy of any living room display. Rest assured with the Heritage guarantee: if a piece goes astray, they'll make it right, ensuring your tranquil coastal scene remains unbroken. And as a bonus? This isn’t just any puzzle – it’s their top-selling beach masterpiece, promising hours of peaceful assembly as you piece together the stunning coastal moonrise. Enjoy the serenity!
Check out Heritage’s Coastal Moonrise puzzle or visit their Amazon store here.

Coffee Makers from Aeropress

Imagine savoring the most tantalizing cup of joe wherever life takes you: Introducing the Aeropress Clear Coffee Press - where innovative engineering meets your caffeine cravings. With a patented 3-in-1 brew technology, this isn’t just any coffee maker; it’s the fusion of the French Press, Pourover, and Espresso techniques. Expect a flavorful, grit-free cup that surpasses even the most pricey machines. Leave the bitterness behind and relish in the richness of every sip. Made with shatterproof Tritan, this press is not just robust but a stylish addition to any coffee ritual. And for those on-the-go moments or those dreadful hotel coffees? This lightweight marvel guarantees barista-quality brews on your travels. Plus, its easy cleanup and chic design make it an instant gift favorite. Elevate your coffee experience!
Check out the Aeropress Clear Coffee Press of visit their Amazon store here.

New Balance Shoes

Attention to all style-conscious boomers who remember when quality and craft meant something: New Balance’s Made in US 990 V5 Sneaker isn’t just another shoe; it’s a testament to legacy. This iconic sneaker, with its blend of pigskin and mesh, echoes classic running silhouettes while effortlessly transitioning from your morning jog to a night on the town. The ENCAP midsole isn’t just about fashion; it ensures your feet enjoy unparalleled support from dawn to dusk. Concerned about ankle support? New Balance has you covered with a dual-density collar foam. These shoes aren’t just about fleeting style; they’re built to endure with a blown rubber outsole, ensuring every step resonates with comfort. And let’s top it off with a nod to patriotism: proudly made in the USA for over 75 years, representing craftsmanship you can believe in. Walk in heritage, stride with pride.



Check out the New Balance’s Made in US 990 V5 Sneaker in Men’s or Women’s or check out their Amazon store here.

Cutting Boards by Virginia Boys Kitchens

Stop compromising in the kitchen. Virginia Boys Kitchens delivers an Extra Large Walnut Cutting Board - masterfully crafted in the USA from 100 percent sustainable wood. Ready-to-use on arrival with a pre-seasoned coconut oil finish, this board’s knife-friendly surface promises precision without dulling your blades. Its robust build ensures no warping or cracking - a lasting investment for your culinary endeavors. And the cherry on top? Every purchase plants a tree, with a money-back guarantee to boot. Elevate your kitchen game.

Mattresses from Ghost Beds

Stop settling for average sleep. The GhostBed Ultimate – a 10-inch marvel – is precision-engineered with three specialty foams, ensuring you pressure relief, top-tier durability, and zero pesky motion disturbances. And that instant cool-to-the-touch sensation? It’s not a luxury; it’s a promise. American-made with CertiPUR-US credentials, this bed-in-a-box not only screams quality but guarantees no-hassle setup. Elevate your sleep game; your back (and sanity) will thank you.

Pillows from Hullo

For the discerning sleeper who won’t settle for anything but authentic comfort: Introducing the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow. Crafted with certified organic twill and filled with USA-grown buckwheat hulls, this pillow promises an unparalleled, chemical-free sleeping experience without the use of foams or feathers. Its unique design ensures continuous airflow, guaranteeing a refreshingly cool slumber throughout the night. And with its top-notch hidden zipper, you can adjust the loft to match your comfort level perfectly. Handcrafted in the USA, this pillow is more than a sleeping accessory; it’s a nightly investment in pure, undisturbed rest.
Check out the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow or visit their Amazon store here.

Footwear by Allen Edmonds

Stepping out in style? Let’s talk classics. The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford isn’t just a shoe; it’s a statement. Crafted in the USA with 100 percent genuine leather, this lace-up oxford sports a sleek cap-toe balmoral design that’s timeless. The premium calfskin lining? Pure luxury. And with its single oak leather sole and 360-degree Goodyear welted construction, it promises durability that matches its class. Dress to impress, gentlemen.
Check out the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford or visit their Amazon store here.

Mattresses from Tuft & Needle

If a restful night’s on your wishlist, Tuft & Needle’s got your back. Their Original Queen Mattress isn’t just foam—it’s genius. Designed from real customer feedback, it cradles where you crave relief and supports back and belly sleepers. Fed up with waking in a sweat? The combo of cooling tech and breathable foam says goodbye to that nuisance. Whether you’ve got a bunky board or an adjustable frame, this mattress fits the bill. And here’s the kicker: any questions, any time, their top-notch team is on standby. Rest easy, you’re in good hands.

Kitchenware from Nordic Ware

Looking to dazzle at your next fall gathering? Check out the Nordic Ware Seasonal Squares Pan. Not just another baking pan—it’s a nod to the American heartland. Divvy up your treat into nine intricately designed portions featuring the best of autumn – think gourds, wheat, and falling leaves. And with its trusty American-made, aluminum craftsmanship, expect even baking and a swift cleanup every single time. It’s not just about baking; it’s about making an impression.
Check out the Nordic Ware Seasonal Squares Pan or visit their Amazon store here.

Pots by Finex

Skip the flimsy saucepans and invest in FINEX 1-Quart Cast Iron Sauce Pot. Made in the USA and pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, this pot offers even heat and a durable, enameled finish. Measuring 16“D x 14”W x 4"H and weighing 4 pounds, it’s a versatile and long-lasting kitchen staple you'll pass down to future generations.

Signature Kitchenware from Wolf Gourmet

Upgrade your kitchen game with the Wolf Gourmet Precision Electric Griddle. This isn’t just a griddle, it’s a 200-square-inch, stainless steel marvel with red knobs for pinpoint temperature control. With a robust 150-watt output, your food cooks quickly and evenly. Forget regular nonstick—this coating is next-level. This heavyweight champ measures 17“D x 17.63”W x 8"H and weighs 21 pounds. If you’re serious about cooking, this is the only griddle you need.

Nags Head Hammocks

Ditch the flimsy hammocks and upgrade to the Nags Head Gateway Mist Sunbrella Quilted Hammock. Made in the Carolinas, this 13 feet by 55 inches hammock is fade-resistant, thanks to its Sunbrella top and DuraCord bottom. Its Cumaru spreader bar ages gracefully, while the Rolled Rim Grommets and galvanized steel hardware add unbeatable durability. Holds up to 450 pounds. Have a relaxed time.

Hammocks from Pawleys Island

Skip mediocre hammocks and elevate your downtime with the Original Pawleys Island DURACORD Rope Hammock. USA-made and roomy at 13 feet by 55 inches, it holds 450 pounds, and is perfect for two. DURACORD rope delivers unmatched durability and weather-resistance. Comes with lasting extension chains and tree hooks, all in a sophisticated antique brown. Experience top-tier relaxation.

Eyewear from American Optical

Skip generic shades; AO Original Pilot Sunglasses are U.S. military pilot-approved since 1958. USA-crafted to military specs, these frames combine vintage style with modern durability—100 percent UVA/UVB protection and impact-resistant lenses. Features a lifetime warranty and allows helmet-on ease. For eyewear that’s as authentic as you, choose AO.
Check out the AO Original Pilot Sunglasses or visit their Amazon store here.

Shinola Detroit Watches

It’s time for wrist elegance with a twist of rugged Detroit grit. Meet the Shinola Detroit Runwell 47mm. Crafted with a solid stainless steel housing, it boasts a crystal-clear sapphire face that’s not just striking, but robust. Coupled with a genuine leather strap and powered by Shinola’s signature Argonite 715 quartz movement, this watch isn’t merely about keeping time—it’s about owning it.

Randolph Handcrafted American Eyewear

Upgrade to Randolph USA’s Aviator Sunglasses for top-tier, military-grade eyewear. Made in America, featuring Matte Chrome frames and SkyForce™ Nylon Lenses with anti-glare tech. Each pair is handcrafted through a 6-week, 200-step process and comes with a lifetime warranty. Includes a hard case and microfiber cloth. Make a silent statement of unmatched quality.

SimpleShot Slingshots

Elevate your game with SimpleShot’s Scout XT Slingshot. American-made and versatile, it’s crafted from durable polycarbonate and comes with high-performance latex bands. Suitable for various shooting styles and ammo types, this set includes a frame, clay ammo, spinner target, replacement bands, and a microfiber pouch. Quick band replacement with new FlipClipsX. Ideal for hunting or target practice, it’s the MVP of slingshots.

Yoga Mats from JadeYoga

Get a grip with the JadeYoga Harmony Mat—3/16” of natural, open-cell rubber for stability and comfort. Made in the USA and eco-friendly, this mat isn’t just better for your yoga; it’s better for the planet. Each purchase plants a tree, adding to the 2.5 million already planted by the company. Elevate your yoga and your health.
Check out the JadeYoga Harmony Mat or visit their Amazon store here.

Pouches from Flowfold

Meet Flowfold’s Essentialist Zipper Pouch: 4.5 x 3.5 inches of lightweight, American-made organization. Hold keys, cards, and more in this 100 percent recycled, waterproof polyester pouch. Attach it easily with a corner gear loop and enjoy the peace of mind from its lifetime warranty. Slim down and smarten up—this is your ultimate carry-all.

Notebooks from Ezra Arthur

Upgrade your notes with the Ezra Arthur Small Notebook in Whiskey finish. Hand-stitched in the USA and covered in premium Horween Chromexcel leather, it features top-tier Tomoe River paper. Ideal for fountain pens and sized at 5.45 x 3.75 inches, it’s not just a notebook—it’s a pocket legacy.
Check out the Ezra Arthur Small Notebook or visit their Amazon store here.

Beard Butter by Live Bearded

Introducing Live Bearded’s Beard Butter - the Executive edition. This ain’t just for the boardroom warriors; it’s for every man who commands his journey, all while rocking that rich scent of leather, vanilla, and cedar. This USA-made marvel does the triple-duty: moisturizing, styling, and conditioning without that greasy aftermath. All-natural ingredients? You bet. Upgrade with the full arsenal—from Beard Wash to the Boar’s Hair Brush—and let that mane reach its zenith. Not satisfied? They’ve got your back, with a no-nonsense lifetime guarantee.
Check out Live Bearded’s Beard Butter or check out their Amazon store here.

BBQ Grills by PK Grills

Hey Grillmasters, let’s talk authentic flavor. Dive into the PK Grills PK300-BCX, a top-notch portable charcoal BBQ grill and smoker combo. Forget propane or pellets; we’re diving deep into the rich, unmatched taste of charcoal grilling. Its sleek durahinge design, combined with a unique capsule shape and four-point venting, puts you in the driver’s seat—whether you’re going low and slow or hot and fast. And with a spacious 300-square-inch cooking surface—now 3 inches taller—your grilling ambitions, from ribs to Thanksgiving turkey, are endless. This isn’t just a grill; it’s a grilling experience.
Check out the PK Grills PK300-BCX or visit their Amazon store here.

Water Bottles from Nalgene

Need a trusty sidekick for all your adventures, be it the gym or the great outdoors? Enter the Nalgene Tritan Narrow Mouth Water Bottle—in a refreshing seafoam shade no less. Its design lets you chug without splashing, and believe us, this bottle’s tougher than it looks. Virtually unbreakable and leak-proof, it’s perfect for both your piping hot coffee or ice-cold lemonade. Not only is it BPA-free (so no nasty chemicals), it’s got measurements on the side for easy reference. And here’s the kicker: Nalgene isn’t some newbie. With 70 years under their belt and proudly made in the USA, you’re not just getting a bottle, you’re owning a legacy.

Gardening Hoes from Rogue

For the discerning gardener who won’t settle: The Rogue Hoe Prohoe is more than just a garden tool—it’s a powerhouse. Boasting a 5.75-inch precision-sharpened steel blade, it effortlessly breaks new ground and revamps your rows, saving you time and energy. Perfectly balanced, this “just right” hoe feels natural in both men’s and women’s hands. Navigate between plants with its unique, ultra-sharp design. And rest easy, this is a lifetime investment, with a no-questions-asked guarantee. Crafted for those who demand the best.
Check out the Rogue Hoe Prohoe.

Gardening Tools from Wilcox

For those who demand gardening prowess and rugged reliability: Step up to the Wilcox All-Pro 350W 13” Weeder. Crafted with unbeatable 16 GA. stainless steel, it promises an unyielding performance without the worry of bending or breaking. Its one-piece design boasts a sharp “V” end for digging out the most stubborn weeds, ensuring your garden remains pristine. The no-slip grip provides undeniable comfort, making it an indispensable tool not only for gardeners but also for campers and hunters. Backed by a lifetime warranty and proudly made in the USA, this weeder ensures you’re investing in unparalleled quality and durability.
Check out the Wilcox All-Pro 350W 13” Weeder or visit their Amazon store here.

Fishing Rods from G. Loomis

For the seasoned angler who appreciates precision and durability: Dive into the unmatched excellence of the E6X JIG & Worm Casting fishing rod. Thanks to its cutting-edge Multi-Taper Design, the rod boasts an array of micro-tapers within its overall taper, giving you the perfect harmony of strength at break points and agility everywhere else. Crafted with a one-of-its-kind custom rolling table, this rod strikes an impeccable balance between resilience and top-tier performance. With an optimal lure weight of 5/16-3/4 and line weight of 14-20, you’re equipped not just with a fishing rod, but a masterfully engineered tool built to elevate every fishing expedition.
Check out the E6X JIG & Worm Casting fishing rod or visit their Amazon store here.

Boots from Abilene

Ladies, step into the epitome of classic Western allure with the Abilene Women’s 9050 Western-Boots. Crafted from 100% smooth cowhide leather, these iconic boots, made right here in the USA, promise lasting comfort with their Airride Comfort System. With a shaft that extends a graceful 11 inches from the arch and a tastefully pronounced 1.5-inch heel, these boots not only make a statement but ensure that every step you take is cushioned. The pointed toe silhouette adds a touch of vintage elegance, while the Dri-Lex lining keeps your feet feeling fresh. Finished with a 3/4 single-stitched welt, these boots are a marriage of style, comfort, and durability. Every stride you take echoes tradition and timeless charm.

Hats from Stetson

Step into the wild with the Stetson Men’s Bozeman Outdoor Hat, a perfect blend of rugged durability and timeless style. Crafted from soft, water-resistant wool, it boasts a wide brim and a classic pinch front crown, accented with an elegant leather hatband. The internal Drilex sweatband ensures a snug, comfortable fit, making it your ideal adventure companion. Whether trekking through trails or casting a line, the lightweight yet robust Bozeman offers protection and an iconic look for every outdoor pursuit. Elevate your adventure wardrobe with the confidence and charm of the Bozeman.
Check out this Stetson hat or visit Amazon 

Toolboxes from Proto Tools

For the discerning boomer who remembers when tools were built to last, enter the PROTO TOOLS J9975R 20in General Purpose Double: an epitome of rugged American craftsmanship. Born from the ingenious minds at Proto Tools, innovators since 1907 and the masterminds behind the industry-standard combination wrench, this toolbox is the culmination of over a century of expertise. Crafted from robust steel with a powder-coated finish, it promises durability while the 40-lb weight capacity ensures it can hold its own in any workshop. And while other tools might bend or break, Proto Tools stand the test of time, heat-forged and nickel-plated for relentless resilience. If you’re seeking the gold standard in hand tools, it’s not just a toolbox; it’s a Proto.

Snacks from Quest Nutrition

For those who crave the crunchy satisfaction of tortilla chips without the guilt - enter Quest’s Tortilla Style Protein Chips. Not just any chip, these pack in a whopping 18-20g of protein with a mere 3-4g net carbs, infusing your snacking with high-quality dairy proteins for body nourishment. They’re baked, not fried, ensuring that golden crunch without the oily aftermath. Whether you’re on a road trip or at the gym, they’re your perfect travel companion. Dive into the spicy variety pack and rekindle your love for chips, the smarter way.
Check Quest’s Tortilla Style Protein Chips or see their Amazon store here.


We have removed the following products or brands because we discovered that they were not Made in USA. We regret this error. - BeginAgain Toys - Woolrich Olsen - Gerstner International - Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven - Grace and Stella’s Eye Cream
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