Epoch Times Issues Statement on Sample Edition Distributed by Canada Post

January 25, 2021 Updated: January 31, 2021

Updated on Jan. 31, 2021

The Epoch Times is an independent, non-partisan media outlet that reports honestly and objectively and has won multiple journalism awards.

In early January 2021, The Epoch Times published a 28-page sample edition distributed to select areas by Canada Post to grow our readership and subscription base. Sampling is a common and established practice in the publishing industry. Thousands of those who received our sample paper have sent us positive feedback.

The sample edition includes a collection of our articles on national and international news, opinion, health, culture and other lifestyle content, as well as a 10-page special report on the Chinese Communist Party’s persistent efforts to influence, and infiltrate, Canada and the West, including Canadian politicians.

“I have admired the publishers of Epoch Times for many years. Their courage, commitment, and perseverance in telling the truth of the Chinese Communist Party is much needed in the world today. I respect them and applaud them,” former Canadian Senator Consiglio Di Nino said this week.

The Epoch Times was first established by Chinese immigrants in North America and is well known for breaking many of the most important China-related social, political, and economic news.

Claims that criticism of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) incites hatred and racism against the Chinese people are akin to saying criticism of the Nazis is the same as criticizing the Nazi regime’s victims.

We love China and the Chinese people. The CCP does not represent the Chinese people or China. Understanding the difference between the CCP and China is vital and will eliminate racial tension, as people come to understand that our criticism is of the CCP, not the Chinese people.  We understand the dangers of communism more than most because we lived through it.

Some media outlets have put out inaccurate reports that misrepresent our sample paper. For instance, some articles have accused us of publishing misinformation, but none of them have pointed out any factual problems in our reporting. No example of a single sentence or paragraph is offered. They simply throw negative labels at us.

Some media have quoted competing media’s hit pieces on The Epoch Times, with some calling us a far-right media. To a media that’s leaning left, we may seem to be on the right. We believe we are neutral and independent.

The independent media watchdog AllSides, which does its assessments based in part on a “blind bias survey”, evaluates us in this way: “The Epoch Times bias rating is Lean Right, though perhaps close to Center. Much of The Epoch Times’ reporting is balanced; a slight right-wing bias is mostly displayed via story choice.”

The CBC—whose interviewee for their last hit piece on us later told The Epoch Times that the CBC was pursuing “narrative-driven” reporting (read more here)—has inaccurately reported that we are covering “the QAnon conspiracy theory.” CBC is insinuating that QAnon has been a focus for us, while CBC itself has covered it more than we have.

A quick search for “QAnon” on Jan. 29 on the CBC.ca website showed 251 results. A search on TheEpochTimes.com website showed 53 results, far fewer than CBC. In the early days of the QAnon phenomenon, we had just two articles about it. Later on, as this issue was covered more widely by other media, we also had more coverage, such as “Twitter suspends over 70,000 QAnon accounts,” etc.

Canada is a country that understands and defends freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Some media have reported that there are calls for Canada Post to stop delivering our sample edition, including by two mail carriers who don’t want to deliver our paper.

Canada Post and its related government ministry have indicated that delivery of neighbourhood mail is subject to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is within Canada Post’s mandate to distribute any mail that is properly prepared and paid for. Canada Post has rightly stood by its mandate.

We find it baffling that some media outlets don’t consider the dangers of a few individuals deciding to censor mail and determine for others what they can or cannot read.

In recognition of our outstanding reporting, our publisher was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Our U.S. reporters have won numerous awards by the Society of Professional Journalists and the New York Press Association.

We have been growing very fast exactly because readers like our fact-based reporting. But in reporting the facts, we may contradict some commonly accepted narratives, including about China.

Reading us can be a liberating experience. We invite people to read our sample edition and give their own objective account of what we are about.

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