Epoch News: CCP Claims Real Estate Market Revival, Reality Proves Otherwise

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Web Staff
May 28, 2020 Updated: May 29, 2020

A survey conducted by the People’s Bank of China, shows that over half of household residents were at the verge of bankruptcy before the outbreak of the CCP virus pandemic. According to claims by CCP’s mouthpiece media, Xinhua News Agency, the real estate market in Beijing is recovering because of increased real estate property sales. But what they failed to mention is that people are desperately trying to sell their homes in order to have money to survive and because they can no longer afford to pay their mortgages..

00:42 CCP Claims Real Estate Market Revival, Reality Proves Otherwise

04:03 Woman Suffers Irreparable Damage After Forcefully Removed by Authorities

06:33 Wife of Detained Human Rights Lawyer Monitored by CCP Authorities

09:05 Young Human Rights Advocate Released from Beijing Prison

12:39 A Mother Tries to Hold Regime Responsible After Losing Daughter to Pandemic

18:59 Biden Center Failed to Disclose Mega Donations by Chinese Regime
Watch Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9x-s3r1Lm9k

20:13 Charts: CCP Virus Numbers

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