Engaged 21-Year-Old Man Dies From Septic Shock, Family Gives Warning

January 9, 2018 Updated: January 9, 2018

A 21-year-old man from Pennsylvania has died from septic shock.

Kyler Baughman seemed to be healthy and active before he suddenly passed away, his family said.

“He was into physical fitness. He was going to school to be a personal trainer,” his mother, Beverly Baughman, told WPXI.

Beverly said her son’s health complications were spurred on by flu complications and influenza.

“Organ failure due to septic shock caused by influenza,” she said. “It doesn’t seem real.”

According to the CDC, septic shock, also known as sepsis, “Is the body’s extreme response to an infection. It is life-threatening and without timely treatment can rapidly cause tissue damage, organ failure, and death.”

“Most people recover from mild sepsis, but the mortality rate for septic shock is nearly 50 percent,” states medical website Mayo Clinic.

When Beverly returned to his family for the holidays last year, his mother said he was not looking in the best condition.

“We saw him the 23rd for our family Christmas get-together and we noticed he wasn’t feeling well,” Beverly told WPXI. “He looked rundown and had a bit of a snotty nose.”

Kyler spent time with his family again on Christmas night before returning to work the next day.

But he left work early to come home due to feeling sick.

“He kinda just laid down and went about his day and that was the day he was coughing and said his chest hurt, he had a mild cough,” his fiancée, Olivia Marcanio, told WPXI.

However just days later, Kyler’s health took a turn for the worse. His fever was running on and off, irregularly.

On Dec. 27, he went to Westmoreland County emergency room, then was flown to UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh. He died less than 24 hours later.

Marcanio posted a touching photo of them together, reminiscing about their first date.

“In the car, I just cant wait, to pick you up on our very first date,” she wrote in a Dec. 30 post.

Now the family is warning others and hoping to save someone else in a similar situation.

“Try and know your body. Don’t let things go,” his father, Todd Baughman told WPXI. “Whenever you have a fever for multiple days, don’t let it go, get it taken care of.”

Beverly said her son ignored his sickness, thinking it would go away.

“I think people need to pay more attention to their bodies,” she said.

Kyler’s last public post on his Facebook was a photo of him and his fiancee.


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