Elvis Presley’s Only Grandson Is All Grown Up, and He Looks Just Like ‘The King’

July 17, 2019 Updated: July 17, 2019

Hold on to your autographed paraphernalia, folks, because there’s been another Elvis sighting; the King of Rock and Roll has not left the building!

Elvis Presley poses with his trademark pout for a studio portrait (©Getty Images | Liaison)

Okay, maybe we spoke too soon. We know that Elvis Presley passed away in August of 1977, leaving behind his wife Priscilla and their only child, a daughter named Lisa Marie. Little Lisa Marie was only 9 years old when she lost her father.

She grew up to marry and have children of her own, but Elvis never had the chance to meet his grandchildren.

Elvis with his bride, Priscilla Beaulieu, after their wedding in Las Vegas on May 1, 1967 (©Getty Images | Keystone)

If he had done so, he would have known that his legacy was in good hands. Every grandchild in some way emulates their iconic grandpa, but Elvis’s grandson, in particular, is the absolute spitting image of the late music legend.

Benjamin Storm Keough is the son of Lisa Marie and her first husband, the musician Danny Keough. The couple married in 1988 and had two children; Golden Globe-nominated actress Danielle Riley, 30, (who goes by “Riley Keough” in the film industry), and Benjamin Storm, now 26 years old.

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It was Lisa Marie who exposed fans around the globe to the visual resurrection of her heartthrob father on June 21, 2019; she posted a family photo from Riley’s 30th birthday party on Instagram.

“Mama Lion with cubs,” the proud mom wrote next to a sweet, black-and-white photo. In the photo, the mom of four is cuddled close with all of her children, dressed up and united in celebration of Riley’s special day.

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Mama Lion with cubs ❤️🖤💚💙🦁🥰

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Riley and Benjamin stand to her left, and twins Finley and Harper take the foreground. But take a look at the picture; it won’t be long before your eyes are drawn to Benjamin, and for good reason. This is the grandson we are talking about, and the likeness to Elvis is uncanny!

The family bond is tight between Lisa Marie and her only son, too. In 2009, Benjamin and his mom got matching tattoos in honor of Mother’s Day, and Lisa Marie explained the attractive design to her fans on Twitter. “It is a Celtic eternity knot,” she wrote. “Ben (my son) and I got it together in the same place on Mother’s Day 3 years ago.”

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Flashback!!!! Backstage with Ben @opry on 8/21/12❤️

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Benjamin is more than just a loving son and lookalike; he’s a talented musician in his own right, too. According to the Daily Mail, at the age of just 17, Benjamin was offered a $5 million record deal by Universal to make up to five albums. Do we smell a rock and roll revival? Well, perhaps not.

“The music will be nothing like Elvis,” Benjamin stated, speaking at the Inspiration Awards for Women in London’s Belgravia in 2009, “nothing like him at all.” As no updates have yet been released, the world is still waiting in eager anticipation.

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Flashback!!!! With Ben at Sun Studios filming @goodmorningamerica at Sun Studios on 5/12/2012 during the release of ”Storm & Grace”.

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One thing is for sure; the 26-year-old musician certainly inherited his grandfather’s rock and roll attitude, famous pout, and mischievous blue eyes. However, he has preferred to keep out of the limelight and it’s Lisa Marie’s social media share, not his, that has turned Benjamin into an overnight viral sensation.

She knows it, too! In a 2012 interview with CMT, Lisa Marie admitted, “He does [look like Elvis]! He was at the Opry and was the quiet storm behind the stage,” she laughed. “Everybody was grabbing him for a photo because it is just uncanny.”

“Sometimes I am overwhelmed when I look at him,” the doting mom revealed. So are we, Lisa Marie!

Do you see the family resemblance?