Elon Musk Says Cybertruck Mirrors Required by Law, but Will Be Easy to Remove

By Benzinga
October 19, 2021 Updated: October 19, 2021

Tesla Inc.’s hotly anticipated Cybertruck will begin production in Gigafactory Texas in late 2022 according to the company. It is racing to market to meet other electric pickup rivals such as the Ford Motor Company Electric F-150 or the General Motors Company Hummer EV.

But after a video earlier today showed a Cybertruck prototype with side rear-view mirrors, some fans complained because the original, iconic look had a distinct lack of them.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s responded on Twitter to the complaints.

The hope is that regulation can catch up and allow the mirrors to be replaced by cameras, which would improve drag and extend electric range, or assist in off-road driving scenarios where the mirrors would risk breaking off.

Despite this, the mirrors will be easily removable by owners of the Cybertruck.

Fans are hopeful Musk will reveal more information soon. Ever since reveal, no new pictures or information has been released from Tesla, even after the company modified the Cybertruck website, removing all available options.

By Benzinga EV Insights