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Elegant, Tranquil, Fantastic, and Beautiful Chinese Pipa Music | Musical Moments

“Ancient Melody of Yingzhou” is an important pipa score in modern times. It combines the strength and majesty of the northern school pipa with the graceful softness of the southern school pipa, forming an elegant, tranquil, fantastic, and beautiful music style.


The “Ancient Melody of Yingzhou” performed by Vivian Liu consists of the following three ditties:

00:00–2:11 “The Little Lofty Moon” shows the tranquil scenery with the bright moon in the sky.

02:14–3:12 “Fish Playing in the Water” shows the lively scene of fish chasing and playing in the water.

03:15–4:44 “Magpies Fight for Plum Blossom in Winter” shows the scene of Han magpies vying for plum blossoms to announce spring.


Title: Ancient Melody of Yingzhou

Pipa performance: Vivian Liu

Mixing: Igor Jankovski

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