Election Fraud Protester: ‘I’ll Never Surrender’

November 28, 2020 Updated: November 28, 2020

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Joanie Bruckner says it’s hard to figure out what’s true these days, but when it comes to allegations of election fraud, the recent public hearing in Pennsylvania brought forth plenty of evidence.

“I think we’re deeply divided and I blame it on the media, because of the constant drumbeat of anti-Trump, hatred, and misconstruing and twisting of what he said, I’m a person who researches out what somebody said and not just listens to the soundbites that the news media put out. I try to get context to what’s happening, and news media doesn’t do that, they put things out in those three, five second sound bites and they twist the truth. What we Americans want is the truth, not what’s being controlled. We’re being spoon-fed by our media and that’s not right,” Bruckner said at a Stop the Steal rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Nov. 28, 2020. Thousands have been protesting against election fraud every Saturday since Election Day.

“I’m here because I love my country and I believe something is not right about this election. I think votes were cancelled out, falsified, it’s just hard to believe that someone who stayed in their basement and never campaigned could get the kind of voting that he got in this election, something just doesn’t smell right,” she said.

Epoch Times Photo
Tom Donahoe attended a Stop the Steal rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Nov. 28, 2020. (NTD Television)

Tom Donahoe joined the rally because he said future generations depend on Americans’ actions now.

“My children’s future depends on it; it’s not just about Donald Trump, it’s about America, it’s about the freedom of our voice, the freedom to express ourselves in whatever means possible, it’s about the freedom not to wear a mask, the freedom to go where you want to be, because this is not a socialist country, not yet. And if we don’t do something, if we don’t get them off the couches now … if we don’t do something now we won’t have the chance in the future, that’s why I’m here,” he said.

He was there to protest election fraud as well as socialist policies and the communist infiltration into the country’s institutions.

“I think it’s an attempted takeover, it’s going over to the socialist party pretty quickly,” he said. “You see it in DC, they’re pushing for socialist policies, they want control and you see them testing it with the masks, seeing what we will and won’t do, when we will listen about where we can go shopping, where will we go shopping, that we can’t go see our friends, families, whatever, when they [legislators] go do it themselves.”

“This is not right,” he said. “Stop trying to control us, I’ll never surrender and I’ll go down fighting, and I think a lot of people here will as well, because we deserve our freedoms, our freedoms don’t come from you, our freedoms, they come from God and no one else.”

Donahoe said this past election and recent evidence of fraud has shown we need to overhaul out voting system, so something like this can never happen again.

“People have been asking for the evidence and now it’s out there,” he said.