Elderly Couple Dies Holding Hands After 56 Years of Blissful Marriage

March 15, 2019 Updated: March 20, 2019

“We all have this long line of love we just treasure,” said the Webbs’ bereaved daughter Ann. “No one should ever settle.”

All three of Will and Judy Webb’s daughters passionately agree on this matter. In 56 long and happy years of marriage, their parents were always together, from the moment they met until the moment they passed away, hours apart, hand in hand.

Momma and Daddy

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Will and Judy spent their childhoods in Detroit, Michigan, and friendship bloomed between the pair as teenagers. “At 14 they met and were friends,” their daughter Marybeth shared, speaking to Fox 2. It turns out that later in their teenage years, each became engaged to somebody else, before mutually separating. “They were both single when he went to the Army,” Marybeth continued. Judy, having nobody to write to since the dissolution of her engagement, started writing to Will in Korea.

The couple’s correspondence nurtured a deep connection.

Happy Veterans Day to all our vets past and present! Your sacrifice is appreciated always!

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After an emotional reunion, the infatuated pair married on Feb. 16, 1963. They moved to Melvindale and started their family, enjoying the deep satisfaction of married life and wholesome family values. “They always had their arms on each other,” remembered Lori, the couple’s third daughter. “If she was away five minutes, he would say, ‘Where’s mama, have you seen mama?'”

The inseparable couple enjoyed decades of closeness, laughter, and good health, right up until Judy was summoned for surgery and experienced unforeseen complications. “She ended up coding from it,” Lori shared, remembering the moment that the whole family believed they might be losing their beloved wife and mother. “My father watched it and broke.”

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Will, helpless in the face of Judy’s medical emergency, was forced to return home alone while doctors fought to save his wife. But the empty house and the stress of Judy’s failing health were too much for the 77-year-old. In the morning, his daughters found him, collapsed. He was rushed to hospital, but not the same hospital as his wife. The couple were separated for the first time in over five decades.

What happened next confounded both doctors and the Webbs’ three daughters: Will and Judy’s wavering health began to mirror one another’s. “She would get a fever from her infection; he would get a fever,” Marybeth explained. “She ended up with encephalopathy as a complication from the antibiotic she was on; he ended up with encephalopathy.”

Still in love after all these years. Yeah!!!!

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Eventually, both Will and Judy were taken into intensive care. They were fighting hard, but their separation was taking its toll.

Daughter Ann accompanied her father to the hospice. “I put him in hospice and let God take it from there,” she recalled. Judy’s health, by then, was in rapid decline. The Webbs’ daughters decided that they couldn’t keep their parents apart any longer. They needed one another. Ann and her sisters agreed without contest: “We said, ‘We can’t do this, they can’t die without one another.’”

Their daughters say they were always together in life and now death – holding hands when they died within hours of each…

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On March 2, 2019, the heartfelt decision was made to reunite the ailing couple, and that decision was reaffirmed the moment Judy was brought into her husband’s room. “He looked over and saw her,” Ann shared, “and said ‘Mama!’ And that was like the last thing he said.” The Webbs’ daughters pushed their parents’ hospital beds together, close enough for the loving couple to hold hands. They were back exactly where they should always have been: together.

“They were holding hands when my dad took his last breath,” Lori shared. Judy, noticing Will’s quiet passing, rubbed his hand lovingly. Just a few hours later, Judy took her last breath and joined her husband.

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The Webbs’ three daughters were heartbroken at the dual loss of both their parents at the same time, but wish to honor their extraordinary closeness and unique connection. “If you have someone you truly love, you should fight for it,” Ann asserted. “They fought for their love every day.”

Marybeth added that she and her sisters will be forever grateful for one thing: “They will never have to suffer the loss of each other.”