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Earthquakes Hit Tibet & Xinjiang; Floods Bring Food Crisis; China’s Internet Police Operations Exposed

As floods continue in southern and central China, in the north, China is facing droughts. And this, combined with locusts, is furthering the risk of food shortages. Many areas currently being hit by floods and droughts are among China’s top regions for growing grains. For rice farmers, Chinese state reports say harvests are plentiful, but local interviews and reporting show they had almost no harvest in the early season, and substantially reduced harvests in the mid and late seasons.

Meanwhile, on July 21 earthquakes hit in Tibet and Xinjiang. There was a 4.1 magnitude earthquake in Bomi County of Linzhi City of Tibet; and a 3.6 magnitude earthquake in Yutian County of Xinjiang. This was followed by another 4.1 earthquake, also in Bomi county of Tibet.

And a former member of China’s internet police has come forward to reveal state censorship operations on major Chinese social media applications. The individual, Liu Lipeng, spoke with The Epoch Times about his former work, after immigrating to California.

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