Early Morning 4.4-Magnitude Earthquake Jolts California Bay Area Awake

January 4, 2018 Updated: January 4, 2018

An early morning, 4.4-magnitude earthquake centered in Berkeley, California, rattled the California Bay Area on Thursday morning, jolting residents awake.

The earthquake hit before 3 a.m. local time, said the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake was centered in Berkeley and had a depth of 8 miles.

People as far as San Jose reported feeling the quake.

Local Tom Newton, who lives in Albany, California, told KRON4: “It was a nice jolt. What surprised us was the duration; it seemed to go on a little too long. You know, that feeling when it stops being kind of fun and now you’re worried? We looked around the house and were quite surprised that nothing was knocked off the walls or off shelves and onto floor.”

“My cat was laying across my chest and shaking all of a sudden then I felt a rolling shaking! At first, I thought did my upstairs neighbor fall off the bed! Good early morning!” exclaimed another local.

“I live in Hayward and was woken by what felt like something hitting my house. I thought a car hit my house. I got up and checked outside and there was nothing,” added another, Robert Hilton.

“My house shook with trembler rolling from south to north, two or three sharp jumping jolts towards the west as it rolled directly along the fault line in my area,” another person told KRON4 from Richmond.

The quake set Twitter and social media ablaze with reports.


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