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Durham Could Help Rebalance Our Two-Tiered Justice System If He Has the Courage and Political Will | Truth Over News

Former Attorney General William Barr is currently on a media tour after releasing his new book, and he appears to be backing the theory that John Durham’s special counsel investigation is targeting individuals who “flogged”—or pushed—the fake Russiagate scandal into the public sphere.

But Barr’s comments also raise an unsettling question. Who, exactly, did Barr mean by people who flogged the scandal? Has Durham actually set his sights on those who are truly responsible: the public officials who legitimized and amplified the false narrative created by those associated with Hillary Clinton’s campaign—including the FBI, CIA, and members of the intelligence community?

Or is Durham’s investigation simply limited to lower rung players like Sussmann, Fusion GPS owners Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, and Christopher Steele—who were doing the Clinton campaign’s bidding?

Welcome to Truth over News with Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke.

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