Duggars’ 19 Kids and Counting: Jill Duggar Discusses Pregnancy; As Michelle Duggar Has ‘Mixed Emotions’ About Jill and Jessa Leaving Home

September 4, 2014 Updated: September 6, 2014

The Duggar’s show 19 Kids and Counting recently restarted on TLC and fans are wondering about the latest news regarding the family.

Because of the show, there’s two sets of timelines when it comes to the Duggar family–one that’s seen on the show, and one in real life. The show is behind by about half a year because filming takes a while to complete.

The show is focused this time around on the two new couples in the family–Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard and Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald. The family is preparing for Jill’s wedding while Jessa and Ben move toward engagement.

In real life, Jill and Derick are now married and expecting their first child while Jessa and Ben are engaged.

Jill recently discussed the pregnancy with OK Magazine, saying that she already feels pregnant.

“It’s going well. I’m really grateful and both Derick and I are really excited to be parents and yeah, we’re just enjoying every season of life right now,” she said.

Jill also said that, like her parents, she and Derick were not using birth control.

“We weren’t preventing anything and we were just waiting on God’s timing. It’s just a really neat surprise,” she said, adding that the couple plans on finding out the gender when possible.

Meanwhile, mother Michelle Duggar said in a recent blog post that she has “mixed emotions” about Jill and Jessa getting married and leaving the family home.

“You get the joy of watching a loving relationship unfold. Jill and Derick, and Jessa and Ben, are becoming best friends and really getting to know each other in such a sweet way. When the right one comes along, it’s so exciting, shocking and surprising all at the same time!” she said.

“Our entire lives, we’ve worked toward this, prayed about it, and encouraged our children to really just focus on becoming the person that God wants them to be. We’ve always urged our children to wait for the one that God has for them, and not to make compromises in their life in any way.

“On the other side is the sadness that everything is changing at home. It’s good, not bad, yet change is sometimes hard. The other day the Seewald family was visiting, and Ben and Jessa were getting ready to leave with them. As Jessa and Ben were getting in the Seewald car my little Jordyn, who is five, realized what was happening and she just started to cry and cry. She was worried that Jessa was leaving for good. I had to comfort her and reassure her that Jessa wasn’t married yet, just going for a visit.

“I took some time to talk with Jordyn and remind her that when Jessa and Ben get married, we get even more great adventures. Not only will Jessa get married, but we get Ben and the fun of spending time with them together. I reminded her that Josh and Anna got married, too, and how much she loves playing with Mackynzie, Michael and Marcus. We’ll be adding that much more love and that much more fun to our family.

“Jim Bob is so excited, too, for Derick and Jill, and for Ben and Jessa. When he talks about the girls getting married, he gets a little teary-eyed; it’s a big deal for a dad to let go of his girls. He’s handing them over, but he’s handing them over to some really great guys. Change can be difficult for all of us, but it is such a good reason to have change. It’s a joyful time.”

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