Dragon Age Inquisition: Developers Discuss Weapons, Arcane Warrior, Finishing Moves, and New Combat Skill

The Dragon Age: Inquisition Bioware developers took some time recently to answer questions from fans.

Mark Darrah and Daniel Kading responded to some game related queries.

When asked if the Arcane Warrior will return, Darrah said, “Something similar will exist, but we’ll get to that a bit later on.”

Weapons in the game will be class-restricted like in Dragon Age II rather than like in Dragon Age: Origins, when weapons were interchangeable.

However, Kading notes that “our animators provided some beautiful variant attack styles within each melee weapon set.”

“For instance, rogues perform different attacks depending on whether they’re armed with single- or double-bladed daggers.”

Another feature that Bioware are not bringing from Dragon Age: Origins to Dragon Age: Inquisitions is finishing moves.

Kading says: “No finishing blows; however, many of our damaging abilities are built to have a “good” way to use them, and a “better” way to use them. Mighty Blow is a massive overhead strike available to two-handed warriors that deals damage and knocks a foe to the ground—but if you use it on a foe already on the ground, it deals triple damage.”

There will also be a “fun” new combat skill in Inquisition.

“Only Varric, and possibly your Inquisitor, gain access to this ability, which lets you place a gadget on the ground; if you get into trouble later, you can instantly relocate to that position,” said Kading.

“If you upgrade it, you’ll also be set back to the level of health you had upon placing the gadget, and—if you are standing close to an enemy—you’ll kidnap the enemy back with you. By combining this with stealth, and placing traps or mage glyphs under the marker, many hijinks can ensue.”