Donald Trump Ahead in 11 of the 16 GOP Primaries Over the Next Two Weeks

February 22, 2016 Updated: February 22, 2016

Donald Trump is on a roll after winning New Hampshire and South Carolina, and appears poised to take the majority of the states scheduled to vote in primaries or caucuses in the next two weeks.

Trump is enjoying healthy leads—most by double-digits—in Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Vermont, and Virginia. That’s 11 of the 16 states that are scheduled to vote soon.

Trump has been gaining momentum and threatening to put the race away for good.

With most of the other contenders dropping out and senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio struggling, Trump has been gaining momentum and threatening to put the race away for good.

Twelve states are scheduled to vote on March 1, or Super Tuesday, (not including the nonbinding North Dakota or Colorado”, with five other states voting on March 5.

In two of the states that Trump is not leading, Ted Cruz is ahead. But in many of the others, Trump’s not necessarily behind—the polling is.

In Texas, Cruz is at the top with 30 points, five ahead of Trump and 18 ahead of Rubio, according to KTVT-CBS 11.

In Arkansas, Cruz is at the top with 27 points, up four points over both Trump and Rubio, who are tied for second, according to a Talk Business/Hendrix College poll. 

In Maine, a poll from October 2015 had Trump on top with 23 percent, followed by Carson with 13 points.

In most other states, there haven’t been polls done in months or even years.

Colorado is a unique case because it decided to cancel its Republican caucus vote to protest the GOP requiring a state’s delegates to support the candidate that wins the vote. No poll appears to have taken place there since November 2015, which Ben Carson led by five points.

In Kentucky, the last poll—in summer 2015—had Rand Paul on top, but he has since dropped out. Jeb Bush, who also dropped out, was second, and Trump was third.

And in Wyoming, no poll has been done since July 2013, according to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle. The top three choices—Paul, Chris Christie, and Bush—have all since dropped out. 

Trump is also ahead in many states voting later in the year, including New York, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and in most national polls. He has earned 61 delegates so far, to Cruz’s 11 and Rubio’s 10.

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