Dog Found with Swollen Muzzle Taped Shut in 2015 Is Now a Mascot for Animal Cruelty

March 20, 2019 Updated: March 26, 2019

On May 27, 2015, the world was deeply shocked by images of a chocolate-brown bull terrier-mix with a swollen muzzle bound by electrical tape. Caitlyn’s former owner had taped her mouth shut to stop her from barking. With the dog unable to eat or drink, Caitlyn’s rescuers predicted that she had endured this torture for up to 48 hours.

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Caitlyn had experienced the very darkest side of human cruelty. The Charleston Animal Society took her in, and donations flooded in from far and wide to help finance Caitlyn’s jaw reconstruction surgery. Today, the sweet dog who so thoroughly earned her place in a loving, permanent home has found exactly that. And the man who adopted her has been by her side from the very beginning.

Ted Corvey worked for the Charleston County prosecution against Caitlyn’s abuser, William Leonard Dodson, in what was one of the most horrific cases of animal cruelty he had ever seen. Corvey’s first meeting with Caitlyn is etched in his memory forever. Sporting a broken jaw, and understandably skittish, Caitlyn was hesitant but just wanted to be loved. “I really formed a good connection with her,” Corvey recalled, speaking to ABCNews4, “so that got me really emotionally invested in the case. From there, we just started preparing it for trial.”

Caitlyn the dog thanks Assistant Solicitor Ted Corvey for sticking with her case for almost two years and for getting the maximum sentence for her abuser! #JusticeforCaitlyn #IamCaitlyn #adoptatcas

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Dodson pleaded guilty in August of 2015. “I was thrilled,” Corvey revealed, “because I was pretty nervous about heading into trial the next week.” Corvey had nothing to worry about: Dodson was sentenced to five years behind bars for animal abuse. Judge Dennis’s decision was made quickly, and with overwhelming conviction. “I’m not trying to be mean,” the judge said in court, “but I wish I could give you more.”

Caitlyn will wear a significant scar on her muzzle for the rest of her life, a reminder of the abuse she endured. By the time the tape was removed by her rescuers, her muzzle had tripled in size due to swelling. The incredible Dr. Henri Bianucci and the staff of Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant managed to save Caitlyn’s tongue and restored the functionality of her damaged mouth.

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Caitlyn was cared for by a series of loving foster families to aid in her rehabilitation, but was officially adopted by the former prosecutor and his wife five months after her initial rescue. Today, she is thriving. “She’s super sweet and very playful,” Corvey shared. “My wife and I are just very lucky to have her. After night one it was an obvious fit, and we knew she was never gonna go.”

The Corveys are no strangers to dog ownership, and it turns out that good-natured Caitlyn has joined quite the pack: she lives with puggle-mix Lucy and Dachshund-mix Sully and will never have to live in fear again.

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Corvey, having seen Caitlyn’s story through from her initial rescue through to her happy homing, commented that the brave dog’s story provoked a huge response from outraged citizens and animal welfare advocates from all four corners of the globe. “The most amazing thing from my involvement was the amount of calls that flooded our office,” Corvey revealed, “even months and years after the case had been going on.”

Whilst championing the cause for abolishing animal cruelty, Caitlyn has also become something of a local celebrity. “People recognize her pretty often,” Corvey laughed. “It will start with, ‘ooh I wonder if that’s Caitlyn,’ and then they come over and ask.” Dubbed an “Ambassadog,” Caitlyn has featured in newspapers, magazines, websites, and TV shows as a mascot for improving animal welfare.

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William Dodson was sentenced to five years in jail for animal cruelty, the maximum sentence for his crime. However, the offender is currently already serving 15 years in federal prison on unrelated gun and drug charges.

Corvey hopes that Caitlyn’s story will continue to inspire. Not only is the brave dog a true survivor, but she’s a mascot for the tireless fight against animal cruelty.