Apparent ISIS Defector Says Terrorist Group Uses Fake Blood in Some of Its Propaganda Videos

February 25, 2016 Updated: February 25, 2016

A video which shows what appears to be an ISIS defector says that the terrorist group is using soft drink in its propaganda to fake blood.

The defector also claims that footage of battles used in the propaganda videos are faked.

The Vimto soft drink. (Atamari/Wikimedia Commons)
The Vimto soft drink. (Atamari/Wikimedia Commons)

According to the BBC, the video was released by Hidayah Media, which is affiliated with the terrorist group al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula. The video, which also shows other defectors, appears to be aimed at undermining the rival terrorist group.

Propaganda videos spread through social media have been a key part in ISIS’s strategy to convert thousands of young men from around the world to travel to Syria and join the group’s self proclaimed caliphate.

The BBC reports that the defector in the video was enlisted to take part in the fake battle scenes.

It also says that ISIS fighters themselves were used to pretend to be dead and were doused in the soft drink Vimto, pretending it was blood.

Vimto is a sugary grape flavored drink originally from the UK, but has become popular in some parts of the middle east as well.

The terrorist group has been widely mocked on social media over its alleged use of the soft drink.

One such tweet shows a photoshopped image depicting an ISIS spokesman, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, as a delivery man carrying a box of Vimto.