Does Blood Type Determine Personality?

By Jasmina.Davis
June 17, 2014 Updated: June 17, 2014

In many Asian countries, there is a belief that blood type has a correlation to personality. In Japan, communities sometimes consider blood type when hiring employees to make sure there would be harmony among the staff. Just to get an idea, we can take a look at the world distribution of blood types to understand the percentages of people with a particular blood type. Below are the personalities of people according to their particular blood type.

World’s Blood Type Distribution Today:

  • O Type Blood 44%
  • A Type Blood 40%
  • B Type Blood 11%
  • AB Type Blood 5%

Type A: “Farmers”

Strengths: Harmonious, organized, peaceful, patient, introverted, and punctual.

Weaknesses: Stubborn, uptight, obsessive,  and have inabilities to relax.

  • Are loyal and tend to be secretive and hesitant to share their feelings.
  • Perfectionists and can work well with others.

Type B: “Nomads”

Strengths: Considerate, observe social rules, creative, optimistic, and flexible.

Weaknesses: Their independent insistence sometimes goes too far.

  • Like to do things in their own way.
  • Non-stereotyped thinkers who are often not conscious of circumstances.
  • Don’t care about social roles and adapt easily to any situation.

Type AB: “Humanists”

Strengths: Cool, controlled, critical, rational, and analytical.

Weaknesses: Blunt, indecisive, and unpredictable.

  • Are said to be controlled more by their heads than by their hearts.
  • Can put people at ease, handle money, and work well with mediators.
  • Sometimes are considered two-faced and may be untrustworthy.
  • Hope to harmonize with society although they feel distant from it.

Type O: “Warriors”

Strengths: Purpose-oriented, outgoing, expressive, passionate, loyal, trendsetters, and self-confident.

Weaknesses: Pertain to vanity, jealousy, and are competitive.

  • Usually are leaders who keep striving to achieve their goals.
  • Know how to take chances.
  • May bore others when trying to find a way to success.

So, do you think you’ve made your match? 

(*Images of “Blood Type”  via Shutterstock.)