Detailed 2014-15 Injury Report for Oklahoma City Thunder and New Orleans Pelicans

March 22, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

A huge factor in the NBA playoff races has been injuries, to end of the bench players to superstars. This factor has especially impacted the Oklahoma City Thunder and New Orleans Pelicans, which are battling for the eighth spot in the Western Conference.

The Thunder have had to survive various points of the season without Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and Serge Ibaka, among others. The Pelicans have had to do without Jrue Holiday, Anthony Davis, and Tyreke Evans, among others.

This turbulence has been referenced in many articles and comments but not been quantified exactly as of yet.

See a full detailed injury report for each team below. 

Oklahoma City Thunder

Player: Kevin Durant
Games Missed: 42
Injury: Right foot irritation, soreness following surgery

Player: Mitch McGary
Games Missed: 40 (not including D-league crossover time)
Injury: Left foot fracture, left tibia inflammation

Player: Russell Westbrook
Games Missed: 15
Injury: Right hand fracture, facial fracture

Player: Perry Jones
Games Missed: 14 (not including DNP-CD)
Injury: Right knee contusion

Player: Steven Adams
Games Missed: 12
Injury: Right hand fracture

Player: Andre Roberson
Games Missed: 8
Injury: Left foot sprain

Player: Anthony Morrow
Games Missed: 7
Injury: Sprained left MCL

Player: Serge Ibaka 
Games Missed: 5
Injury: Right knee soreness

Player: Jeremy Lamb
Games Missed: 5 (not including DNP-CD)
Injury: Back 

Player:  Reggie Jackson
Games Missed: 3
Injury: Right wrist

Player: Enes Kanter
Games Missed: 1
Injury: Rolled left ankle

Player: Nick Collison
Games Missed: 0; will miss at least 10 days of action
Injury: Left ankle sprain

New Orleans Pelicans

Player: Jrue Holiday
Games Missed: 32
Injury: Right ankle stress reaction

Player: Eric Gordon
Games Missed: 21
Injury: Left shoulder torn labrum

Player: Ryan Anderson
Games Missed: 17
Injury: MCL issue with right knee

Player: Anthony Davis
Games Missed: 14
Injury: Right shoulder strain, rolled left ankle


Player: Omer Asik 
Games Missed: 5
Injury: Lower back, right calf strain

Player: Tyreke Evans
Games Missed: 2
Injury: Left ankle sprain


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