Destiny Cheats, Secrets, Gold Chests: Dead Ghosts Locations Guide; Tower, Earth, Mars, and Venus (With Videos)

By Larry Ong, Epoch Times
September 21, 2014 6:37 pm Last Updated: September 24, 2014 2:02 am

Trying to hunt down all Dead Ghosts locations in Destiny? 

See our guide to access all the Gold Chest locations.

There are 62 Dead Ghosts in total in the game. 

Players who “revive” a Dead Ghost will get some XP, see their Super Ability meter replenished, and get an increase in Grimoire score. 

Reviving 50 Dead Ghosts will earn the player the “Ghost Hunter” achievement. 

Check out the various Dead Ghost locations below, with an accompanying video. 

Tower Dead Ghosts

Ghost 1: When you spawn, go up the stairs on your left to the second level. Check out the small passage with lights and crates near the overlook, and Ghost 1 can be found on top of the crates along the wall. 

Ghost 2: Head to Tower North. Get out of the passage, look to your left down the steps for a bridge that leads to another tower. Enter the structure with the big circular spinning device, head up the stairs on your left and the second Ghost is in the library nook

Ghost 3: Go to the Hall of Guardians. Enter the large room at the end of the hall with the table, and move to your right as you pass through the arch. Head to the corner with a desk and some crates, and Ghost 3 is sitting on the desk. 

Ghost 4: Walk through the massive doors that only open during an Iron Crucible event up the stairs and straight forward from the spawn point, and search the balcony railings for the last Ghost in the Tower. 

Earth Dead Ghosts

Ghost 1: From your spawn point in the Steppes, walk forward and head inside the smaller structure to the left of the main building. The first Ghost on Earth is located under a desk near a fallen chair.

Ghost 2: Go along the left path toward the Mothyards. After some traveling, you should find a concrete-lined ditch with over-grown plants. Look carefully near the covered pipes, and Ghost 2 should be found inside the tall brush. 

Ghost 3: There is a crashed plane near a rock wall in the Mothyards. Use the wing pointed upward as a ramp into the cave above. Inside the cave, look along the left wall behind a rock and shrubs for Ghost 3. 

Ghost 4: Between the Mothyards and the Forgotten Shore, keep to your left in the twisting valley path. You should spot a cave with water trickling over it. Go inside, look to the right, and Ghost 4 is sitting in a crack in the wall. 

Ghost 5: Enter the Lunar Complex and navigate through rooms in the dark after going upstairs through the entrance. Keep to the right wall, and you will eventually come across box-like machines. Ghost 5 is on top of them. 

Ghost 6: At Skywatch, keep to the right wall and go up the snow-covered stairs to a crashed helicopter. There should be a room beneath the helipad. Get there by taking a path through a hole in the side wall. Ghost 6 can be found near a bunch of desks in a corner. 

Ghost 7: Enter Terrestrial Complex, and head downstairs to the lowest floor. There should be a Dead Ghost at the bottom of an open locker on the right side of the wall. 

Ghost 8: At the Forgotten shores, look for a wrecked boat on the right side of the shores near the cliffs. The Dead Ghost is in the main cabin by the wheel. 

Ghost 9: Head to the objective bunker from the shipwreck. Go in, and travel down to the basement. Ghost 9 can be found under the metal stairs. It is highly recommended that you clear out the enemies in the area before collecting the Dead Ghost.

Ghost 10: At the Grottos, head along a dirt path just next to the water to the left of the first two enemies you meet. Keep along the path, and you will eventually find a Dead Ghost to the left of a large pipe with broken bars. 

Ghost 11: Head to the Divide, and follow the right ledge onto the structure’s rooftops. Ghost 11 is located on the billboards scaffolding. 

Ghost 12: From the Divide entrance, locate a partially constructed pipe near the concrete wall. Go straight forward, look near some dirt and shrubbery, and revive the Dead Ghost. 

Ghost 13: Enter the Breach through the huge tunnel of fans. Once inside, jump over the railing and search under the catwalks in the first room. Ghost 13 should be found sitting on the concrete below a series of tubes. 

Ghost 14: Right at the end of the Breach, there will be an area with a fluorescent light tube. The Dead Ghost is in the ceiling a few steps ahead from the main hallway. 

Ghost 15: At the combat area in the Rocketyard, jump up to the rooftop along the left wall and look up at the ceiling unit to locate Ghost 15.

Ghost 16: Enter the Refinery, and locate a small room with a Russian logo above the entrance. The Dead Ghost can be found on a shelf. 

Ghost 17: At the Blast, head inside a garage just behind the walker. Go up the stairs, and locate the Dead Ghost on the bench. 

Moon Dead Ghosts

Ghost 1: From the spawn area at Archer’s Line, head up the hill and you will see a large pipe with two white stripes and a yellow stripe. Leap up on the structure near the pipes for the Dead Ghost. 

Ghost 2: Look for a shattered dome near the first Ghost location. Head there, and to the right side of the structure, look down into the crack and leap down onto a ledge to get Ghost 2. 

Ghost 3: At the Anchor of Light area, find the main building with a giant satellite dish. Climb and jump up the girders to locate the Dead Ghost on one of the supporting beams. 

Ghost 4: At the Hall of Wisdom, go beyond the large room with the glowing chandelier. The Dead Ghost is located off to the side on a ledge next to a large crater. 

Ghost 5: At the Circle of Bones area, follow the right hand side, go down a hallway, and locate a “U” shaped window. Jump onto its ledge, and double jump to an area behind it. Follow the railing on the side and you will eventually find the Dead Ghost. 

Ghost 6: In the Hellmouth area, there is a small camp to the right side. Go into the first building to claim the Dead Ghost. 

Ghost 7: Upon entering the Gatehouse, turn left and go up the ledge for the Ghost 7. 

Ghost 8: In the Shrine of Oryx mission, locate a “tube” in the final area where enemies spawn to attack you. In the “tube” room, the Dead Ghost can be found on the right side on top of a pile of rubbish. 

Ghost 9: At the Temple of Crota during the Chamber of Night mission, head to the lowest level of the temple. You should come to a large structure, and if you follow the waypoint down some more stairs, you should see another similar structure. Upon entering the room, you should locate a small platform hanging high up. Use the environment to your advantage, and leap your way up to the ledge for the Dead Ghost. 


Mars Dead Ghosts

Ghost 1: When in the Barrens, follow the path toward the metal cave entrance to the Hollows where Vex and Cabal are fighting. Enter the first circular building you come across and look for a crate in the sand for Ghost 1. 

Ghost 2: In the Scablands, go to the giant gate at the top of the hill. Go under it, and keep along the back wall to the left. Ghost 2 is located on the metal ledge. 

Ghost 3: From the Scablands, take the road and head to Firebase Rubicon. Keep to the left until you reach a cave. There is a tree inside the cave, and you can spot the Ghost near the roots. 

Ghost 4: Get to the Iron Line from Firebase Rubicon. Upon reaching a giant gate, go to the left and jump up on to the blue pipes. Leap onto the platform and double jump over to the small ledge on the nearby pole. Keep on going up to the metal platform in the rock ceiling above, and discover the Dead Ghost there. 

Ghost 5: Enter Trenchworks, and dash forward while sticking close of the right hand side of the area. Jump onto the rock to the left of the big flood light, and the Ghost can be found up ahead. 

Ghost 6: In the Legion’s Keep, and before you start the boss battle in The Garden’s Spire mission, go over to the stone pillar. THe Dead Ghost is located in the room underneath the pillar. 

Ghost 7: Enter the Drift and head to two trees on the left. Jump up onto the left tree to locate the ghost on its branches. 

Ghost 8: At Buried City, hop onto the roof of the Transit Station building in the center of the city. Head to the right and pick up Ghost 8 behind the billboard. 

Ghost 9: Going underground into Freehold Station, enter a pitch black room and search for the column with the TV. The Dead Ghost is on top of the TV. 

Ghost 10: Head to Tharsis Junction. In the second area, look for a big gate, and walk all the way left from the gate to find the Dead Ghost. 

Ghost 11: At the Hollows, go into a building with the “CB” logo on the front. Hop onto boxes to help yourself up to a level above where the Dead Ghost is located. 

Ghost 12: Get to the Dust Palace, and go to the second floor. Use boxes to help yourself up onto the third floor, and jump onto the window ledges and hop from ledge to ledge to get to the Ghost. 

Ghost 13: In the Overwatch area, enter a room with the name “Clovis Bray” labeled above the door. Head left at the top of the stairs, and look for the Ghost at the desk with the computers.

Ghost 14: A the Giant’s Pass, locate a single tree at the back end of the area. The ghost will be there among the roots. 

Ghost 15: At the Valley of the Kings, go pass a giant portal on the left and go down the path. On reaching the cliff, locate the Ghost lying on one of the ledges on the right. 

Ghost 16: Before ending the Exclusion Zone mission, jump on top of the outpost and leap up on the rocks. Ghost 16 is found on one of the lower rocks on the left. 

Ghost 17: At the Upper Garden, turn around and start jumping up the rocks. Leap to the ledges and you will eventually find the Dead Ghost. 

Ghost 18: In the Black Garden mission, climb up a set of stairs, turn to the right, and keep walking in this direction. Before reaching the edge of the path, look down and there will be a stone to jump down to. Turn the corner to find the Dead Ghost. 

Venus Dead Ghosts

Ghost 1: At the Headlands, hope onto your Sparrow and go down the dirt path on the right. Upon reaching the pools of water, go to the one with rock formations sticking out of the water for the first Ghost. 

Ghost 2: Head over to the Shattered Coast, and in an area with rusted cars, search inside the one just before the torn building for the Dead Ghost. 

Ghost 3: Moving on to the Ishtar Academy area, double jump to the right of the giant white beam of light, and head up to the third floor. Look to the bookcases on the left for Ghost 3. 

Ghost 4: Over at Ishtar Cliffs, go to a swamp area, turn left, and you should see a tree. The Dead Ghost can be found near the rocks. 

Ghost 5: Immediately after entering the Waking Ruins, go to the dilapidated structure in the center and locate the lone tree. Jump onto the wall next to the tree and start jumping to the right to get onto the roof of the building. Keep on jumping all the way up to the highest part of the building for the Dead Ghost. 

Ghost 6: At the Campus 9 area, look for a rock formation behind the building with the satellite. Jump onto the corner of the wall in order to get to a spot where you can then jump to get to the Ghost on the left. 

Ghost 7: At Ishtar Commons, look for a red tarp above you after exiting the building. The Ghost can be found on the glass section of the next building under the red tarp. 

Ghost 8: Still at Ishtar Commons, go back to the start point of the area and take the path on the left. A Dead Ghost will be located inside one of the small rooms on the left. 

Ghost 9: In the Hall of Whispers, climb the stairs that lead to a blue building. Take the shorter flight of stairs to your right and you you eventually reach a tree near the balcony. Look for the Dead Ghost on one of the branches. 

Ghost 10: Get to the Ember Caves from the Headlands area, and look for a cave opening on the right side of the area. The Dead Ghost is in the cave. 

Ghost 11: In the Winter’s Lair cavern, walk along the left wall and you will reach a cave. Locate the Dead Ghost at the back near the purple crystal shards. 

Ghost 12: In an area called the Endless Steps, look ahead to spot a giant white beam of light. Go to the light and utilize the structures near it to leap up. Jump all the way up the flat wall to reach the Ghost at the top. 

Ghost 13: While playing the Nexus Strike mission, head to N/Gen Branch. Take out all the enemies, go up the stairs, and locate a small machine on the left for the Dead Ghost. 

Ghost 14: Still on the Nexus Strike mission, head to Dig Site 4. Go to the room with the large tank, locate the office room, and there’s a Dead Ghost sitting inside a sink.