Deniece Millet Cornejo: Woman Who Accused Vhong Navarro of Attempted Rape

January 26, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Deniece Millet Cornejo has been named as the 22-year-old student who accused Vhong Navarro of attempted rape.

The highly controversial situation ended in Navarro being beaten and needing surgery while recovering in the hospital.

Cornejo said in a police report that she fought off unwanted sexual advances from the “It’s Showtime” host. According to the report, two of her friends somehow heard the struggle and made a so-called “citizen’s arrest” of Navarro, taking him down to the police station.

But Navarro says that he was held at gunpoint after he arrived at Cornejo’s condo in Fort Bonifacio, and threatened. He said he was made to admit to trying to rape the young student in a video recording. The men who threatened him and his family then said that if he paid them an undisclosed amount of money, the video wouldn’t be released to the media.

Navarro never paid the money so the video was leaked.

Now there are two sides to the story with Cornejo and her friends alleging that Navarro attempted sexual assault while Navarro says that he feared for the lives of himself and his family under threats.

Cornejo has been identified by Filipino blogs and media outlets as a model and part-time television actress.

The broadcaster GMA released a statement denying any link between Cornejo and the network’s chairman.

“This is to clarify that the complainant involved in the Vhong Navarro incident is not related to GMA Chairman and CEO Atty. Felipe L. Gozon,” it said.

However, Cornejo’s Facebook says that she is the grand niece of Gozon.

Cornejo said via Facebook that “Everyone wants nothing but honesty yet caught lying most of the time. truth hurts and no matter how painful it is, face it with dignity.”

A source told the Philippine Inquirer that Navarro said that Cornejo was forced to make up the complaint by her boyfriend, who was mad that Cornejo and Navarro were (allegedly) having a relationship.


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