Deer’s Head Stuck in a Light Globe for Nearly Two Days

By Sherley Boursiquot, Epoch Times
May 6, 2016 Updated: May 6, 2016

A deer got its head stuck in a light globe on May 3 in Centereach, N.Y., in Long Island

The state’s department of Environmental Conservation (ECO) said one of its officers, Jeff Hull, was called to investigate the incident that occurred in Suffolk County.  

The deer apparently had had its head stuck since the previous night. 

Hull came to the rescue and removed the lighting fixture—but it wasn’t easy—he even got bruised from trying to remove the light globe. 

“On his first attempt, the wet globe slipped out of his hands, and the deer ran into a nearby downed tree, causing it to fall,” the department wrote on Facebook. “On his second attempt, ECO Hull flung his coat over the globe, bear hugging it with both arms as the deer kicked and struggled to break free. The deer managed to slip out of the globe and ran off into the woods.”

 (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation via AP)
(New York State Department of Environmental Conservation via AP)