Watch This Curious Deer Sniff and Lick Father and Son Hunters With No Fear

April 9, 2019 Updated: May 20, 2019

What started out as a father and son day in the woods, actually turned out to be surprisingly much more interesting than that! Here is an encounter captured on video of a deer who is apparently overcome with curiosity. He can’t help but to come over and inspect this boy in the video. You can hear the man in the video tell the boy to be still as he wants this amazing moment to last. But the boy can’t help but return the curiosity. Slowly, the son tries to get a good glimpse of the creature, trying not to scare it away.

After closely inspecting the son, the deer saunters over to the man. Intrigued by the man, it can’t help it self. He licks the man repeatedly on the leg and shoe. Not sure of who or what these two humans are, he continues to lick him. Even his camera. The deer eventually decides to move on, although it seemed as though he didn’t want to leave! They were able to catch a great side view of its majestic profile before it wandered off. The Father and son will cherish this moment for the rest of their lives. So what started out as a father and son trip to the woods turned into much more. As they get an up close and personal encounter of this young deer.

Credit: Newsflare