David Peck Gets Thousands of Emails in His Hotmail Account During Gmail Disruption

David S. Peck began receiving thousands of emails in his hotmail account when Gmail and Google+ went down temporarily earlier on Friday.

Peck was getting the emails due to a glitch detailed by Tech Crunch.

The glitch took users to a compose page with Peck’s hotmail address in the window for who the email gets sent to.

“I’ve been getting thousands of no-subject, blank emails,” Peck told TechCrunch. “500 of them come every hour, I can’t stop them.”

“They’re coming so fast, I want to stop them. I deleted everything last night and woke up this morning and had 1,900 new emails” he says. “Only two of them were emails I cared about.”

Google later brought Gmail and Google+ back online, but hasn’t revealed the cause of the disruption, which impacted thousands across the globe.

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