David Bowie’s Will Leaves Most of $100 Million Estate to His Family

February 1, 2016 Updated: February 7, 2016

In his will, David Bowie left most of his estimated $100 million estate to his family, comprised of his wife Iman Abdulmajid Jones, their daughter Alexandria, and his adult son from a previous marriage, Duncan.

The 20-page will, filed in 2004 in Manhattan, is titled “Last Will and Testament of David R. Jones,” Bowie’s legal name, the New York Times reports.

Bowie left his house in SoHo—two penthouses he combined after purchasing them for $4 million in 1999—to Iman, who also received half of the rest of his estate.

Their daughter, Alexandria Zahra Jones, will receive 25 percent of his remaining assets in the form a trust held for her until she’s 18 and a mountain retreat in upstate New York.

Bowie’s 44-year-old son from a previous marriage, film director Duncan Jones, will receive the remaining 25 percent.

Bowie also set aside $2 million for his longtime personal assistant Corinne Schwab, and $1 million to Marion Skene, who was Duncan’s nanny.

Meanwhile, Bowie wanted his ashes scattered in Bali “in accordance with the Buddhist rituals.”  The 20-page document was filed under his legal name David Robert Jones.

The chameleon-like star transformed the sound—and the look—of rock with his audacious creativity and his sexually ambiguous makeup and costumes. His hits included “Space Oddity,” “Golden Years,” “Heroes” and “Let’s Dance.” He had cancer about 18 months before he died Jan. 10. He was 69.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.