Dad Sets Trap for Teen Daughter’s Stalker, Hidden Cameras Capture Everything

August 8, 2019 Updated: August 14, 2019

Using parental control software, a diligent Oklahoma father discovered to his horror that an alleged sexual predator was after his 15-year-old daughter. He notified the police. However, fearing the worst, he set up a sting to catch the stalker himself.

In his very own backyard.

A Del City father took matters into his own hands when he found out his 15-year-old daughter was exchanging sexually explicit photos with a 33-year-old man. Tiffany Liou KWTV #News9

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Parental control app FamilyTime was created as a safeguard against this kind of nightmare. It was FamilyTime that alerted this father from Del City, Oklahoma, to the alarming activity on his 15-year-old daughter’s cellphone.

According to News On 6, the dad noticed that his daughter had downloaded an unauthorized app and was messaging a 33-year-old man. The man wanted to meet her.

The dad, who wishes to remain anonymous, filed a police report and shared the explicit messages he had unearthed, reports CBS This Morning, but to no immediate avail; the police couldn’t act until the suspected sexual predator actually showed up.

The worried dad, unwilling to wait, took matters into his own hands. Facebook messages and indecent photos that had been sent to his daughter suggested that the stalker planned to visit within hours; the father hatched a plan. Enlisting the help of his wife and cousins, the man set a cunning trap in his very own backyard.

Illustration – Unsplash | Daria Nepriakhina

According to KSWO, the family posed as the teen and invited the 33-year-old to come to a tent set up in their backyard. The tent was in full view of a hidden camera. Inside the tent, a grown woman took the place of the 15-year-old that the unsuspecting deviant was expecting.

At approximately 12:30 a.m., Jeremy Dewayne Gibson arrived. Creeping toward the tent, he had no idea what he was in for. As his hand reached for the tent zip, the family, ready and waiting, tackled him to the ground.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Lost_in_the_Midwest

“Just before he enters the tent, the father and three family members tackle him and zip tie his hands and feet,” Major Jody Suit with the Del City Police Department told KSWO. “[They] hold him until the police get there.”

They didn’t leave a single mark on Gibson’s body; Major Suit called the operation “almost professional.”

“Did you have any trepidation that somebody might get hurt in all this?” CBS news reporter David Begnaud asked the father, after Gibson had been turned in to the police. “The thought did cross my mind,” the protective dad admitted, “but the situation outweighed those thoughts.”

“I told him that he stepped into the wrong back yard,” the dad continued, “and he messed with the wrong little girl!”

FAMILY REVENGE: Check out this home surveillance video from Del City showing an entire family take down a suspected child predator. Police say 33-year-old Jeremy Gibson pursued a 15-year-old girl online and when he went to have sex with her in her backyard, her family pounced. It turns out, the girl's dad found the explicit messages using a parental control app…and that's when he set up the trap so he could catch Gibson before he acted on his desires. The girl was inside the home and had no clue what was happening in her backyard. Gibson claims he wasn't going to have sex with the girl, he just wanted to "show her the error of her ways."

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He also suspected, with conviction, that Gibson knew full well his daughter was only 15 years old. As to whether the father believed his teen knew what she was getting into, he replied: “I don’t think she did; I do think she does now.”

Major Suit was keen to remind citizens that the police department “never encourages people to take the law into their own hands. That’s what we’re paid to take risks for,” he added. The police, having adopted legal control of Gibson’s misdemeanor, charged Gibson with one count of “using technology to engage in sexual communication with a minor.”

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A parental control app and the quick thinking of one very diligent dad might well have saved a young girl from a very traumatizing experience. Share this story, and keep each other safe.